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  1. Well that blows, I think I may seriously cancel my preorder now, I want log! Damnit, and I just sold my D750 for this, this gear acquisition syndrome is a bitch.
  2. ouch. But the thing is, it's not really "the same in photo"- shooting still photography is a whole other beast than shooting video, in many ways. AF is great for stills because it's one static image. AF for video is irractic, having to choose 24 times a second what to focus on. I'm sure it will at some point get good enough, but there's a reason why focus pullers still exist, why AF isn't used for movies or television show.
  3. In terms of subject isolation, the lens would, in fact, still be a f1.2 FF equivalent, no? Well the GH4 was $1700 when it came out, so assuming the GH5 will be the same, it is significantly more. And if you're like me and could care less about 4k60, don't want something as big as the GH4, its definitely worth the savings. Thats like saying, "Why buy that Toyota? For a little more than double the money you could get the Lexus". Having already bought the GX85, I'm not waiting (with my D750 in tow- another reason I can't spend $1700+ on a second camera). You should be shooting your video in manual. AF for video is for grandparents shooting clips of their grandkids on their iPhones.
  4. He said he would do a follow up to cover image quality. The IQ is easily as good as the GH4.
  5. Great article. Great camera (Got mine last week). So glad to, once again, have a camera that gets me this excited to shoot with.
  6. Yeah, I guess it does, the camera is pretty damn impressive. Also, that lens, the 42.5mm, does have Panasonic's 'POWER OIS', vs the older "MEGA OIS"- so that combined with the camera's stabilization seems to be pretty killer.
  7. GX85 using the Panny 42.5 f/1.7, a little wobbly but considering its a 85mm equivalent, pretty good. Now I just need to remember to white balance...
  8. Crappy lighting and limited movement, this may be nominated for worst initial footage, but it's all I have at this point. Shot with the kit lens.
  9. Well, the lack of a tiltable screen on the X-Pro2 has been more of an annoyance than I'd hoped, especially for video. 4k, while not huge to me (or my 2011 Macbook Pro, which is choking on 4k files at the moment) is a plus, and mostly, of course, the stabilization. I've loved the photos I've gotten from the X-Pro2, as well as the excitement I get from using it, but the video has been average looking to me, nothing special- and with my only lens, the Fuji 35 2.0, not particularly steady. Maybe if Fuji were to unlock 4k in the camera to fix all the moire I'd reconsider, but I just have a feeling they won't; there's probably more than they've let on, like heat issues.
  10. Picked up a GX85 today at Best Buy- they've had them in stock all week! I saw it on their website a few days ago, but assumed it was an error until I called the store and they told me they had two in stock; their website just gave me an error when I tried to order online for pickup. I'm liking it so far, I think I'm going to return my X-Pro2 I got the other week, I need a proper video camera. I haven't had much of a chance to shoot yet, but I'll post the clips that I have in a bit.
  11. Got it- didn't realize such an adaptor existed; yeah, when you said rangefinder, I'm thinking you are talking about an optical viewfinder add-on.
  12. I didn't realize this until you mentioned it- sure enough its there. But it seems that it doesn't have to only be in Movie mode to work, the photo settings just have to be set to JPG vs raw. So for me, I use the 3 memory modes as my movie modes- one for 4k, one for 120fps, and one for 24p HD- each is based off of manual mode, and for any one of those I can change my settings to JPG instead of raw (if I don't plan on shooting stills while filming, which I don't). And then I have the option of the 2x zoom. It really is the same as just shooting 4k and cropping in in post, but still a nice option to have.
  13. Sorry, I'm still a bit of a noob, but I'm intrigued by this statement, even though I don't totally understand it; what do you mean by this quote? I know what fly-by-the-wire focus is, but how does rangefinder fit in here?
  14. I agree, but I think it's more the color grading than anything else, minus the last few shots.
  15. After reading Andrew's newest post about the Mark IV, I went back to check my rx100 and sure enough he's right, I've got my numbers all wrong here- my old A7s started at ISO3200 for sLog2, and the RX100 starts at ISO1600... so my video above is at ISO1600. sLog2 by default is noisier than others, but not necessarily in a bad way.
  16. It has only one ND setting, that being on/off; the ND filter is rated for 3 stops, though, if thats what you mean. At 1600, there may be some noise, but nothing that seems unreasonable or surprising; I mean, at 1600, you're already getting pretty high up there in ISO. Coming from my old A7s which started at 1600 in sLog, starting here at 800 is much more manageable. My video above was ISO800 I'm sure, with ND filter on, probably shot at a higher shutter speed, like 1/250 or something, not the usual 1/50 that I would've preferred. Still has rolling shutter when shooting 4k (as you can see in my video in some spots), but at 1080 rolling shutter really is absent.
  17. http://www.dxomark.com/Reviews/Sony-Cyber-shot-DSC-RX100-IV-sensor-review-Performance-stacked-in-favor Score is up 3 points from previous RX100's to a 70- on par with the Canon 7D II and orig 5D. I love my MarkIV, glad to see it being recognized for the awesome sensor that it has.
  18. well, of course, if you're shooting video professionally you would never want to use DMF anyway.
  19. Not RX10mII, but RX100mkIV instead, here are some clips I recorded this weekend. SLOG2, 24/120/240fps, mostly 1080 but a couple 4k clips downscaled Also, haven't had any overheating issues with mine as of yet, though I rarely ever get close to five minute clips.
  20. ​Yeah, opinions do change fast at this place. But so does technology, so what are you going to do? I'm biased because I have a new A7s here with me, Andrew may be biased because he has a new 1D C there with him. Plus I just dislike Canon with a passion, so bias +1. I need to stop writing and focus on actually using my camera now.
  21. ​well, this is one- http://www.cinema5d.com/dynamic-range-sony-a7s-vs-arri-amira-canon-c300-5d-mark-iii-1dc-panasonic-gh4/
  22. By all comparison reviews I've read, the A7s has almost 3 stops more in dynamic range compared to the 1D C, so hearing how the 1D C dynamic range is like that of Blackmagic raw is a little hard to swallow.
  23. How is 8-bit 4k downscaled to 1080p when it comes to post, like lifting shadows and whatnot? Does h265 help in this regard over h264? Or will it still be at a disadvantage to something like true ProRes? This camera is damn tempting. Surely Metabones can come up with some sort of solution for the flange issue?
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