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  1. I know, I hate this, now questioning whether I should return x-t3 while I can and get a second hand x-h1.
  2. https://www.fujirumors.com/future-fujifilm-x-h1-firmware-update-to-improve-tilting-and-panning-ibis-performance/ It's as if Fuji is reading our little forum here.
  3. You're always talking about remote apps, what is the fascination? My gear acquisition syndrome has taken me through countless cameras over the years and I've never found a time when I used any camera's wifi app for anything other than transferring jpgs to my phone.
  4. Why? It's remarkably good as it stands.
  5. Sorry, I didn't mean to hi-jack the x-t3 topic with x-h1 comments. I believe it was either the 23mm f2 or 35mm f2. Here is the only clip I have from my time with the camera, around the :15 sec mark I think you can see the jerkiness when panning.
  6. Really? You don't get jerkiness if panning or moving side to side? Walking forward or standing still I found it to be great, but any movement left or right caused the sensor to keep jerking back into position. Well thats disappointing, I was hoping someone would say a firmware had come out to improve or was on the way, not that I'm imagining things. I see- https://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-x-h1-firmware-update-will-improve-ibis-in-2018/
  7. I feel like I've said this way too many times here, and people probably think I'm just trolling bc no one ever responds to it- when I spent a week with the X-H1, I found the ibis to be almost unusable for video, unless you are standing completely still, way to jerky otherwise. Has this changed, or is this not your experience with it? I would possibly return my X-T3 and go with the X-H1 if I thought the stabilization had improved (I'm coming from past GH5 ownership so I'm spoiled in the stabilization department and prefer good stabilization over 10bit if I had to choose), esp since, knowing Fuji, the X-H1 may get some of the X-T3's features at some point through firmware.
  8. These photos look great. For my X-T3 I recently got both the 7artisans 35f1.2 and a Lens Turbo II (to hold my old FD 50f1.4); one of them is staying, one of them is going back. I'm liking the FD on it, but the 7artisans is so damn small, the size difference is really appealing.
  9. This was posted earlier in the thread, but if you look at his test of FLog converted to Eterna vs Eterna straight out of the camera, the FLog retained way more detail in the highlights, which makes sense. I don't know enough about DR mode to know if it wouldve made a difference here.
  10. Here you go, as I warned, its boring. Also was manually focusing, so I was a little slow at it. [email protected] 1600iso f2.8 18-55OIS DCI 24fps 400mbps All-Intra 2.41GB https://www.dropbox.com/s/fb5hwk4bwyowqsp/DSCF1944.MOV?dl=0
  11. I can upload something right now, but it'll be from inside my office and possibly quite boring. Also, what do you mean by "confirm that this is also in the final release?" Playback being nuts? Thats means its stuttering?
  12. So what's the verdict then, it is or isn't a Samsung sensor? I own the camera now and still don't know.
  13. I'm hesitant to post because I know I screwed up quite a few shots here either white balance-wise or grading wise, but nonetheless here are my first two days with the camera and the kit lens.
  14. I have my X-T3, and think the video AF is great, at least with my 18-55. I mean I wouldn't use it if I was shooting a short film, but for everyday use (chasing my kids around), I think it's excellent, better than my old A6300 and light years ahead of my GH5. I'm thinking maybe CyclingBen was referring specifically to that pancake lens in terms of inadequate video AF? Well bless you then, I absolutely look forward to the day when I have the self control to keep a camera more then 8 months, much less two years or one and a half years. Hopefully age will affect me the same way, because it's exhausting now. (Or I need to figure out a way to become wealthy enough to afford more than one camera at a time). ((Anyone looking to buy an excellent condition RX1Rm2 to help me pay off this X-T3?))
  15. Well considering there were two years between the X-T2 and X-T3, you've got another year and a half of waiting for the X-H2 or two more for the X-T4.
  16. AF and bigger sensor, if either thing matters to you. Otherwise its not purely for video, but better if you need both a stills & video camera.
  17. This is off-topic somewhat, as its photo-related and not video-related, but I got my X-T3 today, and I can't for the life of me wrap my head around the 'Sports Finder Mode'/30fps burst/MS vs ES. If I set the shutter type to MS, I can turn on Sports Finder Mode (SFM from here on out), and I DO see the crop lines on-screen, but the max burst rate is still 11fps. What's the point in this scenario? Just to crop the photo? If I set the shutter type to ES, I can turn on SFM only if burst mode is set to 11fps. If I set the burst mode to 30fps, SFM is off and greyed out, and the live view crops in 1.25x (rather than showing full view with crop lines like in MS). So SFM mode only works at 11fps, whats the point? 30fps ES also crops in, but isn't considered SFM. Also, if you want more than 11fps, you have to manually set the shutter to ES, M+E doesn't do the trick. The manual doesn't really explain anything other than say there's the 1.25x crop. Can anyone out there with their camera explain to me, I'm probably just being an idiot.
  18. How is that even possible, I literally cancelled my Adorama pre-order this morning and ordered from BHPhoto instead. This morning. And it'll be here tomorrow. Silver kit with grip. Sounds like it/they have at least shipped if you have tracking? Did you not get overnight delivery?
  19. And over at Fujirumors, in reporting that Fuji has just released the FLog Lut for the X-T3, a user who tried said this- “the LUTs for X-T3 are brand new and contain different values compared to X-T2/X-H1 versions, it’s safe to assume that Fuji used a different sensor colorimetry in X-T3. If you apply X-T3 LUTs on X-T2/X-H1 F-log footage, the image shows a subtle but visible green bias, compared to the correct LUTs.” Not sure if this also supports the idea of a different sensor (Samsung) or if this is always the case when comparing one sensor to another, regardless of the maker?
  20. I'm also curious, as I'm going from a GH5 to this, and knowing that I'll be losing the GH5's awesome IBIS, I went ahead and got a Feiyu gimbal for the Fuji. This will most likely mean having to rely on the camera's continuous AF as I doubt I'll be able to manually pull focus on it while gimbal'd-up. So curious to see how it does.
  21. Yes, yes I did. Yes, thats why I originally went with them, but I don't know, maybe I ordered too late in their queue, didn't seem like my order was going to happen today with them.
  22. Ohh, well mine still said 'Backordered' a few minutes ago, so I went and chatted with BHPhoto instead and they assured me that if I order this morning I could have it by tomorrow, so I cancelled Adorama and went with them.
  23. I know, but technically it's the 20th now in NY (they closed the 18th-19th) so the holiday is over. I'm just being impatient, I'm sure they will be shipping out cameras in a few hours.
  24. Well I haven't gotten any shipment notices from Adorama yet, so we'll see.
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