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  1. Is it me or is the camera system a little wonky? Like I would assume settings wouldn’t carry over from Stills to Cine, or vice versus, but if you set AF to manual In CINE mode, then switch over to stills, I’m still MF. Same for ISO, program mode. I’d hope these things would’ve stay specific to either mode, to make it easier to switch back and forth.
  2. Its not great, but if anyone wants this, here's a short 4K 12-bit DNG sequence I shot tonight- https://www.dropbox.com/s/3blhq57dr1ql866/A001_014.zip?dl=0
  3. Adorama says my camera ships tomorrow, looking forward to playing with it on Wed.
  4. Thanks for this- I think I will stick to the SSD recording, that 8-bit noise is no joke compared to the 12-bit.
  5. Next Sigma engineers meeting- "Can someone go get the company card, lets buy out Slimraw, get this thing inside the camera for the next firmware".
  6. The S1’s AF does much better in this video than I would have expected.
  7. Today’s the day! Except neither of my orders from BH or Adorama have shipped, and no reports of anyone else’s orders having been shipped so far. Hope this isn’t a Blackmagic-type deal where they mail out two cameras just so they can say they met their delivery date.
  8. Don't believe so, and its the same hand grip (HG-11) that Sigma sells for the camera, just fatter now.
  9. Modified Sigma's smaller grip to allow it to hold a T5; haven't printed it yet so not so sure how comfortable it is.
  10. Even if we are including the interpolated data in this statement? If you throw 8-bits into a 12-bit container, couldn't the results (including the newly created data) be an improvement over the original if the interpolation is really good?
  11. Here's something of a review, with samples- https://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/sigma_fp_review/hands_on The videos look like crap, but again, pretty sure its the photographer. Wish they'd shot it in raw. Also, this- There was clearly some sort of event today or yesterday, so guessing more footage and reviews will start to trickle out any day now.
  12. And don’t forget the potentially crappy focus it may have with that contrast-based system they’re keeping around.
  13. I get the feeling that no one has been allowed to shoot with it yet. I figured all the hands-on reviews would drop the day preorders opened, but it’s been silent. Maybe they’re still working on the firmware, but I don’t know, seems suspect.
  14. Getting kind of annoying that, still, no one has any hands on experience or footage to show of this thing. Starting to think that me having 3D prints to hold, actually makes me more of an authority on this thing than anyone else, which is sad.
  15. I guess, and yeah I saw that the crop mention was in the stills section, but their shit is all over the place so I don't necessarily trust their copywriters. It still doesn't really make sense to me though, because a 1.5x crop on 6,000x4,000 isn't 3840x2560 for stills.
  16. I’m confused- we’re saying (and I just looked at the spec sheet too), it is indeed a 1.5x crop for all video modes, yeah? It’s not just for aps-c lenses. I mean, in hindsight, of course it couldn’t be full frame, without crop, unless we had a 16:9 sensor, which we don’t.
  17. I’m pretty excited at least, gonna 3D print some accessories tonight
  18. Might as well hit buy and cancel next week if footage comes out and looks bad, that’s my plan at least, wanted to get in line early last night.
  19. Well to be fair, there’s no such thing as the correct shutter speed, or rather, the correct shutter speed is the one that helps get the right exposure. I know what you’re getting at, 180 degrees, but I shoot higher shutter speeds sometimes, I rarely have ND filters on me, plus they might have set it high to fight rolling shutter. Either way, most videos from the camera company itself never look that good, I’ll give my verdict once I see some real footage from real people.
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