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  1. I’m curious to know which SSDs will work with the camera; I know Sigma said only the Samsung T5’s greater than 250gb’s would be officially supported at this point, but I’m sure others can work.
  2. Having some experience with raspberry pi's, out of curiosity, how exactly were you able to use one to create an HDMI-in enabled EVF?
  3. And also, at least when I plugged the camera into my laptop as a webcam, you can’t record internally (or even open the menu). So yeah, it’s not an option at this point. Honestly, I’d be ok with Sigma just implementing a feature that flips the screen vertically, so a mirror at 45 degrees could be used for looking down on the camera, Rolleiflex style. That’s how I tend to shoot 99% of the time with articulated screens anyway.
  4. Took me a while to figure this one out, damn iOS isn’t going to allow these apps any time soon.
  5. the z cam uses the USB-C connection to an iPhone, along with an iOS app, to allow the phone to work as a monitor; considering the FP can connect to a computer via USB and used as a webcam, wonder if this could be made to work the same way with a sigma iOS app. Of course no more ssd recording then I suppose
  6. I don’t know, a lot of well received cameras don’t have them, the Pocket 4K being one. I haven’t seen any footage of mine from the FP that concerns me.
  7. Really? And battery level works with them? I’ll have to try them out then, are we talking BP-51’s or BLC-12’s?
  8. Just need a firmware update that allows Wasabi (or any other 3rd party) batteries and it'll be good to go.
  9. So when @paulinventome says "the 8bit DNGs have a linearisation table attached to them", am I misunderstanding what that means?
  10. No, I'm pretty positive that's correct, especially looking at the sequential numbers of the file names, I definitely went up the line, 8-bit, 10, 12 in order. EDIT- Yeah, I checked via raw digger, they are correct.
  11. Ok here are two shots, both CINE mode, one uncropped, one APS-C cropped. aps_crop_A001_005_20191106_000012.DNG non_crop_A001_006_20191106_000001.DNG OK, here you go, 8bit , 10bit, 12bit all from CINE mode and a 14bit still- sorry it wasn't on a tripod so the camera moved slightly still-SDIM0189.DNG 12bit-A001_007_20191106_000006.DNG 10bit-A001_006_20191106_000005.DNG 8bit-A001_005_20191106_000004.DNG We really need that firmware update for shooting to SSD- I exchanged my 500GB T5 for the 1GB version in hopes it might fix the issue, but no, a handful of CDNG clips are still coming in with frames misplaced in the sequence, and I don't have the patience anymore to go through them and try to correct the order.
  12. I'm not sure how to test other than by doing this, but here are two DNG's, the first is a frame from CINE mode, a 4K DNG sequence (A001_002_20191105_000001.DNG), the second was taken in STILLS mode as a single DNG (SDIM0188.DNG). Obviously the frame from STILLS mode is larger, but if you scale up the CDNG file, you'll see the framing matches, so no cropping (other than the vertical cropping to make it 16:9). A001_002_20191105_000001.DNG SDIM0188.DNG
  13. Can’t afford that $300 Sigma loupe so making my own. A newer version is printing now that will be collapsible (also sanded and painted so not bright yellow)
  14. Yeah, I totally could, it’s just that being able to ditch the SSD hanging off the side of the camera is the main pull for the 8-bit raw; if I have the SSD attached, I feel like I might as well go ahead and shoot 12-bit.
  15. This isn't going to sell the camera to anyone, but I will say, having completely written off the 8-bit raw before I even got the camera, I was intrigued by the article here to give it a go, and while you can't push the grade like you can with the 12-bit, having the benefit of being able to adjust the white balance after the fact is really great, and I'm totally sold on using the 8-bit. Just sucks that a fast UHS-II card with a fraction of the capacity is more expensive than a 500gb T5. (Or half-glass full, awesome that a T5 is cheaper than a fast UHS-II card with a fraction of the capacity!) Shot with the Sigma MC-21and the Canon thrifty fifty (which is a horrible combination btw, the slowest focusing I've ever seen, they're both going back). Works great in manual. Looking forward to some stabilized L-Mounts.
  16. Can anyone help figure this out? So after doing some research, I read that the battery the FP uses is the same as a Panasonic battery, I guess the same one the GH2 used? SO I bought two Wasabi BLC-12 batteries. When I put them in the camera, the camera turns on, but I was getting this weird indicator for the battery, which a lighting bolt over it, as though it were charging. So I looked it up in the manual, and it shows the attached screenshot, "Camera is operating on household power or an external battery." How is that possibly since the camera isn't supposed to be able to run while charging? Or is that only the case when actually charging via USB? So is it seeing this battery as though it were an external cord, and therefore I'll never actually get an idea of what the battery charge is?
  17. I guess you could get one of those intel PC sticks, install slimRaw on it, and then write a script that runs whenever you attach an SSD to it to automatically start the compression process. Doesn’t sound so smooth when I write it out though.
  18. I'm sure they didn't do those thing you mention because it can't handle it, just like almost every other camera out there. You're disappointed that a $1900 Fullframe camera that shoots raw video can't do 6k raw at 50fps??
  19. Well the more I edited, the more clips I found like that- maybe it was a one-off error. I finally figured out the pattern, every frame that ended in a 2 (ex. 0042) needed to go back 8 frames, so renamed to 0034 (well, renamed to 0033b, then do a batch renaming of the whole folder once they are all renamed so that everything is sequential), and so on down the list. A pain in the ass for sure, I can't imagine they won't fix it though. Scared to shoot raw on my SSD at the moment though. Another weird thing- Sigma said that the first two frames of SSD sequences would be messed up for now, but I started seeing the second frame in each sequence was actually a frame from the previous sequence. Its all very odd.
  20. I'm also going to keep reminding myself that this is firmware 1.0, bc as I'm going through and editing what I shot this morning, I'm getting a bunch of DNG clips where, maybe every 10 frames, a frame is off by like 10 frames, so the whole clips keeps jumping all over the place. Fixable by combing through frame by frame and renaming them all, but a serious pain in the ass.
  21. Also the first frame of each sequence is scaled up, but Sigma acknowledged this in their recent press release- https://www.sigma-global.com/en/news/2019/10/24/2318/ But Andrew, am I doing something wrong here, I am correct in saying that switching from CINE to STILL carries over whatever Focus/ISO/Program mode setting you already have set in the prev mode? I just came from shooting my kids Halloween school parade, and it was tricky to switch back and forth between video and stills; I would use the MF/AF switch on the lens to switch, use the CINE/STILL to switch the actual mode, then the Mode button to choose A for stills or C1 for video, so three steps really. And if I hadn't already setup C1, I would've also been having to set ISO. I really wish everything was separate so you could just switch modes solely with the CINE/STILL switch, I'm spoiled with my E-M1m2 setup.
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