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  1. Here is a GoPro Hero9 Shot in 5K Linear Mode + Horizon levelling. Note that Linear mode crops and horizon-leveling + stabilization crops even more. So do not expect 5K resolution. This was shot in 5K and rendered in 4K: This was shot in 5K Wide with stabilization high only and rendered in 5K:
  2. No, sorry. The lens cover comes off, not the lens. On the Hero8 the lens cover could not be removed.
  3. I have the EF S 55-250mm, the EF 24-105mm f4 L lens and the EF S 18-135mm lens. The 18-135mm has much better stabilization and a better range for use on a crop sensor camera than the 24-105. The EF S 18-135mm in fact has a "nano" motor, which is supposed to have the best features of STM and USM, so it is both quiet and fast for AF (better than either STM or USM). It is a unique lens, and you can also make it a variable-power zoom lens, with a Canon attachment (small). That seems ideal for shooting sports action. As a benchmark the 55-250mm STM also has better stabilization than the 24-105 L le
  4. First, a mechanical shutter is irrelevant for video. And second, the fp does come with a cold shoe attachment. Why is a *hot* shoe important for video? So, yes, the fp is really a video camera. And this new Sony is much inferior in that dimension, unless you insist on continuous autofocus...
  5. No, the Sigma fp is clearly the tiniest cinema camera on the market, and it is full frame besides shooting DNG RAW internally.
  6. While we are on the wish list for lenses from Sigma: One of the key advantages of the Sigma fp is it is small. A disadvantage is it lacks in-body stabilization. But, most Sigma lenses are big, as was said, and most also lack stabilization. To use the fp handheld for video, small lenses with OIS are needed. Right now, one really has to use Canon lenses for that.
  7. First, it is silly to say that any aspect ratio, sensor size, etc. is necessary, so let's not waste time saying FF is not necessary. Of course it is not necessary. And one cannot generalize whether FF is "needed" or "important" either - depends on what look you want. So, debating what is needed is a waste of time too. Second, the Sigma fp is a cinema camera, and it shoots full frame and APS-C. No need to switch cameras. to choose S35 or FF. One may not like the camera for other reasons, so there is the Sony Venice... In any case, having a FF cinema camera that has the option of crop
  8. While we are on the wish-list route, I vote for 4K60/50P. Slow motion is important, and used in many creative videos and film. 60P is also good for fast moving subject, sports, action etc. Z Cam, new Sony, Panasonic, Blackmagic all have this option for either RAW or at least 10bit color. Sigma fp lags behind in this dimension of video capabilities. And, btw, the FullHD 120P in the Sigma fp sucks, RAW or not. Everyone agrees. So, not line-skipping, pixel-binning 4K60P.
  9. Maybe I am missing something, but with a full-frame camera you have the choice of shooting in APS-C or full-frame with a full-frame lens, right (true for the sigma fp and the Nikon Z6, for examples)? Then you can choose the look, lens and capabilities depending on the scene. Some movies change aspect ratios, why not FF and crop aesthetics too?
  10. Ok, here is an uploaded 6K test video, which you can view up to 5K (2880P). Looks good to me on my 4K and 1080 screens compared to the original, which has a600 Mbps bitrate!, or any video in terms of color and resolution. This was shot in BRAW with no additional sharpening.
  11. I shoot with the fp almost exclusively wigh Canon lenses. All work fine (IS, AF), but some perform better than others - faster AF. Performance is similar on Canon bodies, except no AFC in video mode with the Sigma adapter. Ask me about specific Canon lenses, as I have a bunch, and I can tell you about my experience (I shoot only RAW video).
  12. The Sigma fp has an APS-C mode you can choose already. And you can shoot RAW video in that mode. The camera works perfectly with any APS-C lens in video and stills. All options work in both FF and crop modes.
  13. I agree that talented people can produce excellent videos with any camera. But that is irrelevant to evaluating a camera's ability. And, sure one video is a data point. But not all "data points" are of equal value, as you then go on to suggest. A video shot in a setting with limited dynamic range, where the author has decided to discolor skin tones, where most of the frames are out of focus (very little detail to ingest), is not going to be a very valuable data point for evaluating a camera. What are the key issues for image quality? 1. dynamic range - so we need a setting with a bi
  14. I can easily tell the difference between 4K and 1080 on YouTube. I can even tell the difference between 2880P (5K) and 4K on YouTube, even on 1080 screens. I don't use Safari.
  15. Further Canon explanation from above video: "Hybrid IS combines the feedback from both the acceleration sensor and angular velocity sensor, moving the image stabilizer lens elements as needed. This effectively compensations for both rotational and linear camera shake."
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