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  1. markr041

    Sigma FP

    The Lumix L 24-105 f4 lens AF works well on the Sigma fp, and it is near parfocal (12bit RAW 4K videos):
  2. markr041

    Sigma FP

    I shot in 8bit 4K RAW by accident. How bad is it?
  3. I was shooting in the sun for 3 hours, getting about 30 minutes of 5K RAW video clips.
  4. Here is a test video of the AF capabilities of the RF 70-200mm f4 L lens: tests of par focal zoom, focus pulls, focus shifts. In 8K: Mics are on, so you can hear if there is any stabilization or AF noise.
  5. 5k60p RAW is a crop of the sensor. 8k RAW to the Ninja V+ is 10 bit, while internally it is 12bit.
  6. I'll bite. I can shoot 12bit 8K DCI RAW internally with my R5. Why do I need this? And, no, I do not experience overheating problems (though I have to be mindful). And, right now one cannot record 8K on the Ninja V+ with the R5. There still needs to be a firmware update. So, no one can report the advantages, if any.
  7. I can beat that! I edit 8K 12bit RAW videos on my 8GB MacBook AIR M1:
  8. Both shot in 8K RAW. Edited in Mac Mini M1 using Resolve Studio.
  9. Just to be clear - you can use C1-C3 for video in the R5. And dual slot recording will be in the next R5 firmware update (now you can "only" shoot 8K RAW in the CFexpress slot while simultaneously recording 4K IPB H265 10bit 4K in the sd slot). And 8K RAW via HDMI also in the R5 firmware update.
  10. Apple M1 chip hardware decodes 10bit H265 4K or 8K 422, and the clips play smoothly in Resolve and Final Cut Pro. No Nvidea graphics card hardware decodes 10bit H265 422.
  11. Another outing in hot sun shooting 8K RAW:
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