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  1. It is the same lens - it's in the title of the video! I don't not know what "more movement" means. I will not walk with the camera - that produces unwatchable video. I tried it. Has nothing to do with "wobble." IBIS/OIS cannot deal with walking on any camera. I panned up and down. Besides wlaking with teh camera, which I will not post and is awful, what movement do you need to see? If just 3 seconds of one shot has wobble that you can see, it cannot be IBIS-induced wobble. It's just my inabiulity to either pan smoothly or hold the camera still enough. Last, this lens at 16mm sucks -
  2. This has some pans, horizontal and vertical. 4K DCI, almost all shots at 16mm, with one crop shot at 35mm (so 1.5X). I again do not see any evidence that there is something peculiarly wrong with the IBIS/OIS of this R5/lens wide-angle combination. At 16mm, the lens is, however, highly distorted - when one pans the distortion creates odd effects, but they are not wobbles and it is a lens optical fault.
  3. I will try some panning/following. But in advance, whether IBIS on any camera should be on for panning is debatable. IBIS resists camera movement, thus it may try to counter any movement, including purposive movement like pans. Many videographers recommend turning IBIS off for pans. And this has nothing to with the R5, just the nature of IBIS, and technique. I do not do much panning (I find pans to be ugly in any video/movie unless done sparingly and by pro's). Following people is a good use, but that is not something I normally do with a 16mm lens! Btw, the 16-35mm lens (EF or RF) is qui
  4. I am going to post my own Wobble test! I used the Canon EF 16-35mm L lens (and EOS adapter), with IBIS and OIS handheld, almost all at 16mm and using 4K DCI HQ so the full width of the sensor is used. It is uploading now. Static images, of course. But it seems to perform just as well as the 24-105mm, 35mm, 50mm lenses I have used. But, you can see for yourself. So, don't leave yet...
  5. Thanks. But, exactly - fail! That does not meet my standards for steady handheld video walking while shooting (forget the wheelie stuff). It is impressive, though. And you are right, he does not have the technique as the up-and-down is visible when he walks. Of course, stabilizing a tiny sensor, as in the cellphone, is much, much easier than stabilizing a full-frame sensor! Anyway, I trust you know what you are doing and need good stabilization. Let's hope that Canon fixes the glitch for the specific lenses you want to use. It is obviously not a total failure if the R5 provides the
  6. I don't believe it - walking while shooting with or without IBIS that is smooth, so show us. I have plenty of experience walking while shooting with gimbals, and without. Ninja walk and all that. I agree that technique makes a big difference for walking while shooting, even with a gimbal. And even with a gimbal without technique, it is not smooth. So only with IBIS - not possible. But I am willing to be convinced. And all of the video that I posted is handheld, and steady. Just not moving with the camera, all static, like tripod but without one (which also takes technique.) Proper IBIS, b
  7. You cannot walk with any camera using IBIS and get acceptable stability. Your standards are low if you think so. If the wobble exists below 20mm for static shots, then there is a problem. But the problem is for specific lenses. But in any case you will never be able to walk or run or creep with a camera using IBIS and get results that rival a gimbal or would be acceptable to professionals. If you use a gimbal, none of this matters.
  8. No, I used IBIS and no wobble. I am not trying to sell you on this. You can see from my video the handheld stabilization is amazingly good. You made the claim on wobble, I am just guessing what the cause is if it exists. But, let's be clear - IBIS and OIS are for removing shake. They do not smooth while walking with the camera by professional standards for any camera - it works great for handheld static shots, as I have shown. If you move with the camera, you must use a gimbal - that certainly includes your iPhone. Whether IBIS helps or hinders gimbal stabilization is actually not clear f
  9. If you want to move with the camera, then you certainly need a gimbal, and you do not need IBIS or OIS, so no wobble induced by the camera or lens, if it exists. Even panning really does not need camera stabilization. Is it alleged that wobble occurs without IS?
  10. Wobbling is certainly if not most apparent and annoying, if it exists, for static shots. I can't help out below 24.
  11. Wobbling is certainly if not most apparent and annoying, if it exists, for static shots. I can't help out below 24.
  12. Overheating and the time limit are both now irrelevant if the R5 is combined with the Ninja V+. I think the IBIS wobble was confined to an EF lens with IS, the EF 16-35 L. I don't see it in videos I have shot, with an RF lens with IS.
  13. Point? How about points! The R5 has 8K RAW, it has lower rolling shutter, it has better AF, it has better stabilization, and it has better 4K, in HQ mode (sampled from 8K). With overheating solved using the Ninja V+, it seems there is no contest. Am I missing something?
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