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  1. These are demonstrations of a number of aspects of the R7 as a video camera that posters here have asked about, without talk. Use with the Canon EF S 18-135mm with power zoom attachment (look for one long zoom at 0:18): HDR at night, with RF 16mm, f2.8: Tests of human face/eye tracking, excerpted from a music video (the most challenging bits):
  2. No, you cannot simultaneously use IBIS and lens OIS and employ gyro stabilization in post. This is because gyro stabilization reacts solely to camera movement. It cannot know how the lens is adjusting (OIS) or the sensor (IBIS) is adjusting to movement They cannot be coordinated as implemented now. In both Catalyst Browse and DaVinci Resolve, you simply cannot stabilize with gyro if the lens OIS or IBIS is on. The software will not even let you try.
  3. And, for those complaining about the limited dynamic range of the R7 (from viewing REC709 video!), here is the HDR version of the trumpets video (which, of course, you can only view in HDR with HDR-capable viewers): This video will show in transformed (by YouTube) REC709 (SDR) if not viewed on an HDR-capable device. The SDR version is not bad.
  4. No, the 180 degree rule does not work "fine" with gyro stabilization, as clearly stated by both BlackMagic, GoPro, and Sony and consistent with my extensive experience with gyro stabilization for all three camera brands. Blurring wreaks havoc with gyro stabilization. If done correctly, there is no way the warp stabilizer in DaVinci Resolve does better than gyro stabilization for the same camera. And, btw, gyro stabilization corrects rolling shutter. This is not too relevant for the R5, but it is for many cameras, including the BMPCC6K. For those who don't appreciate what gyro stabilization does, this 4K (shot in 6K) video shows the before and after of the walking and long telephoto shots (this does not prove that gyro stabilization is better than your preferred choice, however mistaken or not, but shows what it handles).
  5. Canon EF S 18-135 Nano IS lens. Lens stabilization turned OFF. Many shot at the long end (e.g, the flower shots). Shooting in 6K allows plenty of cropping and still a pristine 4K to render.
  6. IBIS and OIS in no way can deal with the shakiness of walking with the camera. But gyro stabilization alone can. Here is a gyro-stabilized 4K video shot with the BMPCC6K in 6K BRAW (no IBIS or OIS), which has handheld static shots and walking shots:
  7. The "example" R7 video posted above is obviously color graded with teal and orange, and in no way shows the "colors' of the R7 or the DR, or skin tones. Here is a video, shot in Clog3, in 4K 60p in crop mode, giving an almost 3X FF crop, using the cheap EF S 18-135mm kit lens. The "grade" is just the daVinci Studio transform from Clog3 and canon.cine color to REC709: And this tests the audio, same specs as above:
  8. markr041

    Sigma FP

    The Lumix L 24-105 f4 lens AF works well on the Sigma fp, and it is near parfocal (12bit RAW 4K videos):
  9. markr041

    Sigma FP

    I shot in 8bit 4K RAW by accident. How bad is it?
  10. I was shooting in the sun for 3 hours, getting about 30 minutes of 5K RAW video clips.
  11. 5K 60p RAW video using the Ninja V+:
  12. Here is a test video of the AF capabilities of the RF 70-200mm f4 L lens: tests of par focal zoom, focus pulls, focus shifts. In 8K: Mics are on, so you can hear if there is any stabilization or AF noise.
  13. 5k60p RAW is a crop of the sensor. 8k RAW to the Ninja V+ is 10 bit, while internally it is 12bit.
  14. I'll bite. I can shoot 12bit 8K DCI RAW internally with my R5. Why do I need this? And, no, I do not experience overheating problems (though I have to be mindful). And, right now one cannot record 8K on the Ninja V+ with the R5. There still needs to be a firmware update. So, no one can report the advantages, if any.
  15. I can beat that! I edit 8K 12bit RAW videos on my 8GB MacBook AIR M1:
  16. Both shot in 8K RAW. Edited in Mac Mini M1 using Resolve Studio.
  17. Just to be clear - you can use C1-C3 for video in the R5. And dual slot recording will be in the next R5 firmware update (now you can "only" shoot 8K RAW in the CFexpress slot while simultaneously recording 4K IPB H265 10bit 4K in the sd slot). And 8K RAW via HDMI also in the R5 firmware update.
  18. Apple M1 chip hardware decodes 10bit H265 4K or 8K 422, and the clips play smoothly in Resolve and Final Cut Pro. No Nvidea graphics card hardware decodes 10bit H265 422.
  19. Another outing in hot sun shooting 8K RAW:
  20. It is the same lens - it's in the title of the video! I don't not know what "more movement" means. I will not walk with the camera - that produces unwatchable video. I tried it. Has nothing to do with "wobble." IBIS/OIS cannot deal with walking on any camera. I panned up and down. Besides wlaking with teh camera, which I will not post and is awful, what movement do you need to see? If just 3 seconds of one shot has wobble that you can see, it cannot be IBIS-induced wobble. It's just my inabiulity to either pan smoothly or hold the camera still enough. Last, this lens at 16mm sucks - it is significantly distorted at the edges. That is a first-order problem. Wobble seems, loking at these results, trivial.
  21. This has some pans, horizontal and vertical. 4K DCI, almost all shots at 16mm, with one crop shot at 35mm (so 1.5X). I again do not see any evidence that there is something peculiarly wrong with the IBIS/OIS of this R5/lens wide-angle combination. At 16mm, the lens is, however, highly distorted - when one pans the distortion creates odd effects, but they are not wobbles and it is a lens optical fault.
  22. I will try some panning/following. But in advance, whether IBIS on any camera should be on for panning is debatable. IBIS resists camera movement, thus it may try to counter any movement, including purposive movement like pans. Many videographers recommend turning IBIS off for pans. And this has nothing to with the R5, just the nature of IBIS, and technique. I do not do much panning (I find pans to be ugly in any video/movie unless done sparingly and by pro's). Following people is a good use, but that is not something I normally do with a 16mm lens! Btw, the 16-35mm lens (EF or RF) is quite ungainly. It is a long, heavy lens that is in fact difficult to hold steady. It also looks like a telephoto lens and thus makes people very nervous in crowds, even though at 16mm no individual matters. They just think a long lens is pointed at them.
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