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  1. Thanks for the video link, Davide DB. Will check it out. Mark answered my question on YT how to get the Gopro into REC2020 wide gamut color space (for HDR). Here it is : I guess I have to type oMWIDE=2020 ?
  2. I might be wrong, but doesn`t the app mixes up LOGB and LOGO here or does LOGB really activates a small logo ?
  3. Great info, Davide DB 👍 👍 👍 Will go through all of this, just downloaded the app you mentioned. Thanks.
  4. Thank you, Davide DB. Unfortunately, when I point my GoPro to the QR code, I get the message "QRCode non-GoPro". Can it be that some codes only work with certain GoPro models like the 11 Mini ?
  5. Great video, Mark. Learning a lot from it. And thanks for pointing me to GoPro Labs, it`s a new world for me. What is the Labs code for REC2020 ?
  6. Thinking about buying a LG G4. Is the Cinema 4K app fully compatible with the LG device or should I rather consider another smartphone ? Thanks.
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