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  1. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    What exactly is the point of advertising that the Ninja Inferno is also able to serve as a portable editing solution if the required converter costs triple or quadruple what you paid for the recorder/monitor itself? But that’s exactly what Atomos is claiming. I was on the phone with Atomos technical support in Melbourne this afternoon and was told that the only compatible converters are the AJA I/o 4K and Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio 4K Extreme – devices which run around $3,000 USD – more than I paid for my 2017 27″ 5K iMac for crying out loud! And in Vietnam, the BMD Ultrastudio Extreme 3 with Thunderbolt 3 interface will set you back an astronomical $3,600.00. As if that weren’t bad enough, I want to begin shooting 4K 60p V-Log Lite right away, but Atomos distributors here in Vietnam don’t even carry full HDMI 2.0 cables. At this point, you might legitimately wonder why I’m so eager to jump on the HDR bandwagon when hardly anyone even owns an HDR television – and lately, I’ve been questioning my own sanity as well. The reason is that, even setting spectacular dynamic range aside, when viewed on YouTube, HDR video is incomparably cleaner and crisper looking than SDR. Shadow areas that are smudged and overwhelmed with macroblocking and artifacts when viewed in 4K are, if not immaculate, greatly improved when uploaded in HDR. Textures that were faint become palpable as a result of the insanely higher local contrast of a true HDR display. So much so, in fact, that I’d argue that the difference in apparent resolution is more appreciable than between 1080p and 4K.
  2. Sony A7R III announced with 4K HDR

    The way I understood it is that bit depth, or the number of 'shades' there are for each color channel, is what determines whether we see banding in an image. In 8 bit, there are 256 levels, in 10 bit, 1024 levels, which is why, when we push the image around in post, often (if not always!), the 10 bit image should hold up better. source
  3. Sony A7R III announced with 4K HDR

    But isn’t that example demonstrating the relationship between banding and bit depth, not bit rate?
  4. Sony A7R III announced with 4K HDR

    This is getting way off topic, but how is it that for all those years Panasonic was saying OIS was good enough or even better for video, when as it turns out, the m4/3 sensor was expressly designed with room for IBIS all along. So confusing!
  5. Sony A7R III announced with 4K HDR

    Top 5 issues for video shooters: https://youtu.be/Qu7EV3KEfVA

    Here’s a review from lenstip.

    @Jurjen Drenth Photography Looking over your portfolio, it appears to me as though you actually prefer super crisp images, though it's hard to tell, since on your website, it's difficult if not impossible to view any of your work full size - everything is postage stamp size for some reason. No blur. No bokeh. No playing around with depth of field. Whatever.
  8. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    @Axel Just asking really. I haven't used Resolve in ages, though I keep updating the one I've got. hehe
  9. @Mark Romero 2 super cute kid. you should spend more time with your family.
  10. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    Why is it then, that after jitter problems with the Zhiyun Crane, round-tripping between Resolve and FCP has been one of the most consulted posts in my blog for years?

    @Jurjen Drenth Photography Perhaps because Sigma offers lenses with unique parameters with solid build quality, great image quality, little chromatic aberration, fast, accurate and silent autofocus, low distortion and lack of problems with vignetting, all at a price that is substantially lower than that of the OEMs? Do you have a video you'd like to share?
  12. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    The thought has occurred to me too, believe me! On the other hand, in Apple's white paper, they do say that third party hardware is necessary for monitoring HDR, so I'm assuming something must work... Alexis Van Hurkman did not respond to my query around a month ago. Not a single AJA dealer of the half dozen I contacted here in Vietnam bothered to respond either. Hoping to hear back from Atomos soon. I've got the feeling that (1) not many are shooting and grading HLG for HDR delivery and (2) almost none of those editing HDR projects of any kind are using Final Cut Pro. Rant time? Why is it easier to find out the habitat of brain-eating amoeba and the symptoms of PMA than to find out what damned connector is needed for the Ninja?
  13. HDR on Youtube - next big thing? Requirements?

    I wrote Blackmagic Design and AJA last week, telling them I want to use the Ninja Inferno as a grading monitor. I haven’t heard back from Aja yet, but here’s the response I got from BMD: Hi Jon, Thank you for your mail . The list of capture devices that can output HDR are 1. UltraStudio 4k Extreme 3 2. UltraStudio 4k Extreme 3. DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G 4. DeckLink Mini Monitor 4K As far as I know, Final Cut Pro has stopped support for quite sometime . You may want to check with Apple on this . Louis Wang Manager, Professional Services Prices for the four models range from a whopping $3,000 to less than $200, and I was given no further information about their suitability. And FWIW, a local BMD reseller, Pixel Factory, recommended the Ultrastudio Mini Monitor, a device costing only $137.00! Naturally, when I asked whether I could bring my Ninja and MacBook to their shop to try it out, they said they're out of stock. hehe Maybe I've been going about it the wrong way. First, I tried contacting several authorities who've used the Ninja as a grading monitor, but either received no response, a vague reply or a link to AJA's webpage! So I just contacted Atomos. We'll see what they've got to say...
  14. Sony A7R III announced with 4K HDR