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  1. Fun fact: Your smartphone is millions of times more powerful than all of NASA’s combined computing in 1969 (which were good enough to guide a spaceship to the moon and back).
  2. There is a spring loaded hook at the bottom of the center post where a weight could be suspended.
  3. Not long ago such box and contents had been typical for most budget cameras. - Vitaliy Kiselev
  4. +2 extra feet of dynamic range is impressive!
  5. @Yannick Willox The grade is pretty awful. I've never seen such bad skin tones with the GH5 in all my life.
  6. @Mattias Burling I'll be banned shortly, but want you to know I appreciate your comments.
  7. Strangely enough, the a7 III still pummels the EOS R and Nikon Z7 over at both Amazon and B&H.
  8. We already saw this garbage video, which, as @Deadcode rightfully observes, is incompetent and clearly favors the P4K (though the grading of both sucks ass).
  9. I see what you did just there. Kai ‘ninja-edited’ his video the moment after you finished watching it - a video uploaded over a month ago, with some half-dozen contemporaneous comments about the awful rolling shutter! Are we also to believe that Kai added those half-dozen remarks in the comments section of his video just seconds after you hastily skipped through it? Let's get real, Andrew - do you really expect us to believe that Kai edited his review just because of your stinking blog? What gives you the divine authority to decide for each and every living human being which shortcomings are the least forgivable anyhow? Your shitty YouTube channel? #bringiton #i'llbeingoodcompany
  10. Haven’t you ever heard of ninja sensor swapping?
  11. Maybe this just happens to me, but every time I buy a camera, it’s obsolete in six months.
  12. Is the card v60? I read somewhere that if the card doesn’t have a v30, v60 or v90 rating, it can’t guarantee sustained read and write speeds. I could be mistaken though. Edit: just looked it up. v30.
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