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  1. Yes. That's a relief. Not sure if it's worth $1100 extra though.
  2. Yes, that method is good too but you can only use it in After Effects. I don't trust Dynamic Link so I prefer Premiere, others probably want Resolve, the Distortion Unit does both.
  3. You can easily correct mumps in Premiere or Resolve. Getting Sapphire/Distortion Unit will cost you, but it works well.
  4. Sage, what's your take on the GH5s' colour science, how much it differs from the GH5? Are you planning to do an Alexa-matched profile for that too?
  5. Nah, what happened is the BMPCC has an extra glass in front of the sensor so they had a different optical formula when designing the dedicated SB for it. I had a regular 0.71x SB as well and when paired with the Pocket I had a very uneven sharpness across the frame. Probably it's the same low performance what Andrew is seeing on the GH5S since the 0.58x SB wasn't made for it.
  6. No, the press needs more time to make that "Hitler is not happy about the GH5S" video.
  7. Bit sad about the 150Mbps though. 480 Mbps equals 60MB/s, that would be well within the capabilities of the latest SD cards.
  8. Different sensors there, the one in the Pocket is somewhat better in DR (like half a stop) and has the ability to correct black sun spots on the fly.
  9. Huhh, if you are talking about distances and focal lengths then there must be something about sensor size.. Ahh, Kitty, bring me my smelling salts, this is getting too exciting!
  10. I know, Adobe's support is shite.. For me DNG is about flexibility. I either use Resolve to do a quick white balance and output 12bit DNxHD or get Raw4Pro out of the tool shed and make CineformRaw then quick adjustments in Firstlight metadata before CC but I don't blame anybody who prefers to keep things a bit quicker.
  11. Never to buy another camera again :P (My BMPCC does CinemaDNGs I feel like that's all I ever need.)
  12. FF: 35mm works very well, I had a 12mm Samyang which I sold (kinda regret it) that gave me the same FOV on the BMPCC. Moderate wide angle, still works for faces, easy to stabilize n' track. @UncleBobs: If you take your time to balance your gimbal and tweak the PIDs you shouldn't have any jitters @ FF: 35mm.
  13. None of these cameras are "end game". There's always room for improvement. Moaning isn't necessarily bad, it's like a very well publicised bug hunt, firmware fixes came out thanks to that. Being reasonable is important though. Don't be impossible. "Babies" are more like impulse buyers, they don't know what they actually get into. "Oh this needs rigging, oh there's noise if I underexpose" etc. Zero research.
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