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  1. Micro HDMI connections, 1.07x crop in 4k video mode... ahhh 😄
  2. Oh! What a great idea! Thank you TBH, i was so focused on shotmatching, i did not realised these mistakes. We shot everything on the native ISOs, yet still a huge amount of noise were present which was very noticeable after the heavy grading, so I had to denoise it, than the image become mushy and very soft. I added some 35mm filmgrain to highlights and midtones but maybe I should add even more. The s1 footage really hates the denoiser and sharpening, the p4k was kind of okay with it. Thanks for y'all comments I'm grateful for your feedback.
  3. Hey, so I had the Lumix S1 and the P4K for a while and this project was great to test it. I love the image coming out from the S1 (shot everything to V-Log, 10bit), but the BMDraw held up so much better in the grading process. I believe we shot everything to 8:1 RAW, 60fps than conformed it to 24. All the band performances and non-slowmo stuff was shot with the S1 + Samyang VDSLR lenses, mostly 50mm, wide open at T1.5. All speedramped stuff was shot with the P4K. The ligting setup was fairly simple: Band performance: 2x Photo-R COB lights with softboxes + backlight Jury: Aputuer 300D + Lightdome + backlights Stage performances: 300D + fresnel (which I regret now a bit, maybe a softer light would be much better) + 2800K rimlights. We also used prisms to add some sweetness and surreal feel to the image. The whole video was shot in one place, in maybe 14 hours with a crew of 4 people (dir, dp, 1st ac, grip). I edited everything in Premiere Pro than spent weeks and months to grade it with lumetri. By the time I got familiar with resolve, so I exported everything to Resolve and graded it in maybe 2 days. Still not perfect, but still better than what I've got from premiere. Anyways, let me know what you think Don't get confused with the multilingual intro, turn on the subtitles please (we did everything to do a proper translation 😄 ). Cheers!
  4. here's mine from last august, but only 24p: https://blog.presstige.sk/post/187207698230/bmpcc-4k-raw-vs-panasonic-s1-v-log-i-just-did-a
  5. Be careful with grey market, sometimes they're great, sometimes they're pain in the ass. I ordered a fujinon lens in the end of january from eglobal, but after ofew weeks the lens was still "on it's way", so I reported it to paypal. 1 day before my paypal case got closed (and got my money back) they actually shipped the lens. By that time I have bought another one, so now I'm stuck with two 23mm lenses. Not sure about einfinity, but definately avoid eglobal.
  6. Please upload a framegrab so we try.
  7. Resolve's color transform tool is handy as well. My favourite LUT is Parker Walbecks LUT: https://lutify.me/parker-walbeck/ - Gives perfect skintones with V-log
  8. This happens because of different file systems, if you format your sd cards in the camera it won't happen. At least I'm good since last june. Anyways, I'm getting a fuji as a company for my S1 & BMPCC
  9. Get a Fuji XT-20, far more better colors than GH4.
  10. There are several problems. You should light your green screen to 40 IRE, this is too bright. Also there is a big spill on your glasses which requires some time to play with to get the desired results. Anyways, I applied a conversion LUT from V-log to Rec709, added contrast, crushed the blacks, so there is no noise when your hair moves, also added some warmth by pushing the WB. To enhance the greenscreen I just pulled the greens up at the HUE vs SAT curve. The ultrakey did the work with the default settings
  11. You can adjust the skin tone with adjustments after your chroma key is applied. Your key is not perfect, the key sometimes catches your glasses, than your hair. Share a few seconds with us and let's see if we can make a better key or not Cheers!
  12. V-log is great. I shot around 30 greenscreen videos with my GH5, here are some. Just make sure that the chroma is evenly lit.
  13. Hey Sage, might be a stupid question but how is your lut different from resolves color space transform plugin? I can see that you put enormous work and resource to this project and I pretty much love it, i'd just like to know if the final results are different or not Thanks a lot, cheers!
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