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  1. funkyou86

    FS: Zhiyun Crane Plus, 299 euros

  2. Crane Plus up for sale. Used on 5 gigs, battery was charged twice. I was using it with the panasonic GH5. Unfortunately I was new to the gimbal world and I made some scratches on the bottom of the baseplate and on the arm, but otherwise 100% condition. I'm selling it because it can't take my rig with the ISCO cinemascope, have to switch for a heavier one. Shipping from Slovakia to the countries of EU, with DHL Parcel (19 euros).
  3. funkyou86

    Advice on eBay anamorphic lens listing (No advertising)

    Be very careful with that seller, they scammed me twice, but ebay deleted my comment from their wall, not sure why...
  4. Hey folks, do you have any DIY ideas or solutions for adapting a rangefinder or diopters to the Isco Blue star? I believe the front has a 85mm diameter. Cheers!
  5. Sick mate! 😄 I like the whole idea of the music video
  6. My sigma 18-35mm is for sale. Used for video production only with GH5 + GH4. The glass is clean, no scratches, used with UV filter only. Comes with the original box, lens hood and a pouch. Price: 550eur + 7 eur shipping. Shipping from SVK, to the countries of EU.
  7. - The lens is FOCUSTHROUGH! You only have to focus your taking lens!!! Say goodbye to double focusing! - Near excellent condition, has some dust particles but the glass and the inside is absolutely clean - This is a very rare oval shaped bokeh version (not the known square shaped one) - TRACK SHARP! - Gives you 1.33x stretch, which is ideal for 16:9 sensors - Blue JJ Abrams like, sci-fi flares - Small and light weight, only 186g & 7cm wide, 6cm long. - recommended for smaller sensors like Micro Four Thirds but works with APSC/S35mm sensors as well. - Minimum focus distance is 1-1.2 meters More info and pictures at the ebay listing: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/113032553785 Happy bidding!
  8. funkyou86

    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    I just tested it out, it really works. We'll see if it's good enough to use it on the set next weekend.
  9. Mate, why don't you finally start a kickstarter for mass production?
  10. Mint condition, used for couple of months, no visible signs of wear, comes in the original box. This is to adapt Canon EF lenses to MFT cameras. It's the updated II. version. Gives you 0.72x FOV and adds an extra stop of light. An awesome and affordable Metabones SB alternative, with the same image quality! Price: 105 GBP, free shipping to EU.
  11. Hey folks, my gear is for sale. All perfect condition, no visible signs of use. LUMIX GH5 with V-LOG - Bought from CVP in april of 2017. As a promotion I've got 5 year warranty, according to their website it is not transferable, anyway you'll get the original invoice. Comes in the original package. Mitakon Lens Turbo v2 - Canon EF to MFT - 0,72x Speedbooster - Aprox. 6 months old, clean glass, 100% condition Cage - Chineese cage, no scratches, brand new. Price: 1750 euros You can have my SIGMA 18-35mm f1.8 EF mount lens as well. Perfect condition, used with filters, no scratches on the glass. Price 550 euros. The lens is not sold separately (at the moment), you can have it with the camera or after the camera is sold. Thanks for understanding. If you're interested please use the Direct Messaging. Shipping with love from Slovakia to the countries of the European Union.
  12. funkyou86

    FS: Focus-trough ISCO Ultra-Anamorphic MC 2x

    Here's another test video for the non believers :D I also added some info about sharpness and min. focusing distances on the ebay listing: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112943036749 Cheers!
  13. funkyou86

    FS: Focus-trough ISCO Ultra-Anamorphic MC 2x

    I don't know the exact mechanics behind the mod, but it is optical I believe and was added in Germany via a collector. I don't see why is it such a big "news", it's not a new or ground breaking technology. Here's a very quick test, but I will make a longer and detailed one soon