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  1. Yeah, that's certainly true (not to take anything away from the GH5 though). The other thing is I don't want to have to buy (and carry around) two sets of lenses: one for FF and one for M43. I understand that using two different sensor sizes allows a single full frame lens to effectively become two different focal lengths depending on to which camera it is mounted, but I am not sure how much of a benefit that is. And if I add the cost of a decent speedbooster, it isn't all that much cheaper than a used S1 (going about $1700 with VLOG upgrade). I understand what you are saying, but I think I would probably WANT a speedbooster on a GH5... but then again, not sure. On the other hand... The original plan was that I would just put the B Cam on sticks and let it roll during interviews / corporate work / events. But I have an unruly teenage son and so now the misses wants me to start taking him along on gigs too so that he doesn't end up working in a gas station. I think he would be much more comfortable with a GH5 / G9 than with an S1 with heavy metal lenses on it.
  2. I like that idea. I might just wait.
  3. So what about 4K 60p? The S1 is 8-bit 60p internally. The GH5 is 8-bit 60p internally The X-T3 on the other hand is 10-bit 4:2:0 is 10-bit 4:2:0 better than 8-bit 4:2:2???
  4. What about something like the Black Magic Cinema Camera 2.5K in EF mount? They seem to go for around the $550 mark. How hard is it to use Cinema DNG in Resolve? I don't have a great computer (i7-6770 with 24 gigs or RAM) but I have a decent graphics card RTX 2060 with 8GB of VRAM. I heard that the BM cinema cameras are kind of a pain but if I am primarily going to use it on a tripod at a more or less stationary object and let it roll would that be ok? Maybe the M43 mount is better than the EF mount for adapting lenses though?
  5. Thanks for the replies, everyone. When I say cheap, I mean CHEAP!!! Like under $500 cheap. I looked on the site that starts with the name Fred and people sell a lot of their camera gear. It looks like a G9 starts about $800 or so, and a GH5 is about $1000 or so. If I have to pay another $100 for v log and then have to pay several hundred dollars for a speedbooster, it might make more sense just to get another used S1 since they sell for about $1700 with the VLOG upgrade. At least that is where my thinking is taking me.
  6. Let's suppose I spent nearly all of my budget on a Panasonic S1 Camera and the 24-105 f/4 lens, but I still need a B cam for interviews / talking head stuff. It would mostly be on sticks or a slider. Since money IS an object - an object that I don't have a lot of right now - I would probably use some manual lenses on it or something inexpensive. Would a GH4 be good? Someone locally is selling one for $250. I understand that the VLOG update is $99 for a GH4, but then it is only 8-bit, right? Will it be tough to match 8-bit VLOG with the 10-bit VLOG of an S1? Would I have to shoot both cameras in something like Cine D or Cine V or a different profile in order to match them? Is there an inexpensive speedbooster that would work with manual lenses like Canon FD, Minolta MD, or Pentax / Takumar lenses? Or maybe go for something like a Tamron or Sigma ASP-C 17-50 f/2.8 lens?
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