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  1. I’m would also prefer my camera to not have IBIS but it’s not a massive dealbreaker if it has it.
  2. Id love to hear your thoughts on the Voigt, ive been eyeing up the 40mm & 28mm EF pancakes as travel lenses on the P6k
  3. Totally agree, you can get decent images now by just using the Contrast and Saturation slider. I usually colour manage but for people who like grading from scratch, it feels much more natural! Im really hoping they update the cameras to gen5
  4. Yeah I was subtly trying to make that point. The other 3 I mentioned overstated between 1.2-2 stops, Red does by over 4+ stops.
  5. I completely agree! Nowadays any modern camera have much more than you need.
  6. Thanks for your thoughts! I wouldn't take the curves on those charts as accurate, I just brought the 1st stop on the Komodo to match the Pocket to demonstrate the difference accurately. I also wouldn't go as far as a full stop improvement but you could totally argue more than the 0.4 I suggest, I chose to side with caution because the Komodo seems noisier. But again, these charts aren't 100% accurate, Im sure that when someone more knowledgeable than me gets to testing we will get better results.
  7. Wow what a lens... and what a review. Thats some quality content right there. If I was still shooting M43, the voigts would be very tempting!
  8. I found a Xyla chart test of the Komodo on the FB user group. Thought i'd download the R3D and put it in a timeline to compare against Cinema 5D's test of the Pocket 6K. I'm no expert, and obviously these tests came from different sources, but it gives a fairly accurate result of what to expect. Id like to get hold of the BRAW still to compare them slightly more closely. Left is Pocket 6K. Right is Komodo. Cinema 5D rated the Pocket 6K at 11.8. (Blackmagic Claim 13) I would put Komodo at 12.2 (Approx) (RED claim 16.5+) Cinema 5D rated the S1H as 12.7 (Panasonic claim 14
  9. I much prefer not having IBIS in a camera. It actively turns me away from a purchase. If i'm going to shoot handheld, its because I want the shot to be handheld and have the associated movement. On to the Komodo. It's actually a camera that somewhat tempts me. To me the main selling point of this camera is the GS. Motion on the camera looks great. I also like the form factor, It would be cool to have a EVF that makes use of the top monitor. It looks very well built too. Red IQ isn't much of an upgrade on the competition. Red DR is very similar to cameras like the S1H & P6K, just meas
  10. The Micro is really due an update. Especially with the Z-Cam/Komodo using the same form factor and being quite popular. It would make sense that they use their new sensor technology in upcoming cameras. I read somewhere that a MFT crop of that 12K sensor is 8K. It would be cool if they could use the full S35 12K sensor but limited to 8k full sensor recording.
  11. I hope not, id much prefer the 6k sensor in the micro body.
  12. Just an update as I received my replacement unit, it was longer going through CVP because they had to wait for a replacement unit to be in stock (they are hard to get hold of in the UK at the moment COVID related?) so I would advice going straight through BM in the future. The replacement unit has once again different internal packaging, similar to the original but made out of foam. My previous unit was significantly different, most the accessories came in white boxes. Either way neither had any packaging related issues. After testing the camera, this unit seems to have significantly les
  13. This looks like a great camera image and specs wise! Fixes all the issues I used to have with the A7s ii. It would be a great to pair with the fantastic zeiss loxia lenses.
  14. A lot of people starting to get stormtroopers, I think we will start to get some decent footage soon. It's a bit disappointing to see that no RF lenses will work at launch.
  15. https://tilta.com/2020/07/tiltaing-camera-cage-for-canon-r5/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=canon&mc_cid=a126d63240&mc_eid=7e584396d7 Looks like tilta are literally strapping a fan to the back
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