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  1. I much refer images I get from the P4K than the GH5. Both are fantastic cameras but the P4K has much better colours, skin tones and dr to my eye... saying that trust your own judgement!
  2. @tekeela Meike are also coming out with a 12mm at some point, could be a great addition! https://www.cinegearpro.co.uk/products/meike-12mm-t2-2-manual-focus-cinema-prime-lens. I would also hold off on buying the monopod right away! especially such an expensive one. You could try buying a cheap used manfrotto photo monopod on eBay to see if you the shooting style. When I do street stuff I prefer to just be handheld. Im lazy, the less stuff I have to carry the more often ill bring my camera! Also personally I find T2.2 more than enough for my requirements!
  3. @tekeelaI haven't tried the Meike lenses but they look great! It looks like they are cheaper Veydras! If you end up picking them up please share some footage! You could probably save quite a bit of $$ on the filters & Storage. IR isn't a problem you'll probably ever notice. Ive used the Tiffen Vari-ND at max and only ever noticed it once. I would also go with the 1TB over the 2TB. Im using the 500GB and get 73mins In BMRaw 3:1. DCI 4k 25p.
  4. I sent it back to Panasonic a while ago. They fixed it for free out of warranty. I think it did took about 2 weeks. They also fixed the ware to the grip that early models of the camera had.
  5. Im thinking a couple of these for power at the moment, they are tiny and can charge via Usb-C so no need to bring an additional charger https://www.prolightdirect.co.uk/product/50wh-nano-one-v-mount-battery/
  6. Ive never noticed any in my footage but I could be missing it.
  7. JordanWright


    Thanks! Yeah both from BRAW. to be honest I never shoot ProRes anymore unless I'm shooting an interview or something like that. Here are both without the grade... there not exactly the same frame but it should give an idea about the contrast!
  8. JordanWright


    Stills taken from video on the P4K... Loving Braw. The first is the Tok 28-70mm 2nd is the Helios 58mm.
  9. JordanWright


    It seems to just take the edge off the sharper image. However, i'm still looking for something a bit wider to compliment it. I don't have any better images with me at the moment but I do have this I took today. It was also using a Tiffen VND
  10. JordanWright


    Gotta be the Tok 28-70 2.6 for me... my only downside is the close focus isn't great.
  11. JordanWright

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Better than what RED promised. For just over £1000 I have a 4k raw cinema camera with 13 stops and a full post-production workflow that runs on my MacBook Pro. (obviously it requires some accessories but so does a RED)
  12. I really hope Tilta can make an additional accessory that is a replacement bottom piece to its p4k that can accommodate the new battery grip & the lens adapter support.
  13. JordanWright


    SLR Magic have recently released 18mm & 12mm MicroPrimes for m43.
  14. I've used a 2 Sigma 18-35s and neither was parfocal, far from it actually. My Tok 28-70 2.6 also isn't parfocal however it is significantly closer than the sigma zooms.
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