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  1. Yeah I thought the same thing... it might be a year or two however.
  2. Okay the P4K should have better lowlight than the P6K despite being a smaller sensor. like you said the GH5&GH5S have almost the same sensor size but one is much better. Where are you getting this information anyway?
  3. No, A larger sensor doesn't give you better low light performance... but I don't think its worth arguing with you. And untrue: I don't think P6K is a step down. If I didn't already have a camera, it might be the one I would choose
  4. This is incorrect. A larger sensor doesn't mean better low light. There is no such thing as the full frame look.
  5. JordanWright


    enjoy it, my favourite lens by far! using the P4K & XL I can usually get away with 28mm on the wide end.
  6. I thought Netflix just go around to festivals buying a lot of the content regardless of what its shot with for there 'Netflix Original's'
  7. tbh I've never seen any macro blocking in blue skies on the 4k.
  8. Its just the Canon RF-EF ND adapter.
  9. I bet RED wish they released that Komodo they've been teasing a bit earlier
  10. well... got to say I didn't expect that! Its in that dangerous price range where its cheap enough to consider trading in a Pocket 4k & Speedbooster.
  11. I know I'm dreaming on some of these but I'm hoping for: - Anamorphic mode for the Pocket - New VA monitors that can control the BM Cameras - A small EVF designed for the Pocket - BRAW announced for the older BM Cameras They'll probably announce shipping date for the Battery Grip also
  12. JordanWright


    I saw one on eBay for £150 but someone beat me too it! should have pulled the trigger right away
  13. I find the best results when I expose correctly with the Pocket 4k. I also almost always stay at 400.
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