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  1. Totally! I've had some lovely images from the FS7! If you prefer to operate from the shoulder then id get the FS7. I prefer handheld with a strap on the BM, it can be quite stable. I suppose it depends on preferences, most cameras nowadays get the job done too with basically negligible differences in the end product. Ergo and workflow preferences are more important than ever imo
  2. Ive used both but only owned the 6K Pro, thats the one I would go for! Could never get used to the FS7 ergos, the VF loupe would always fog up and the monitor isn't great without it. The BM is just simple to use and gets out of your way on a shoot. IQ is also better on the BM but you are giving up autofocus. I will say that the second duel ISO is a bit noisy I like to stick to 400. (I would expose for 200 with the brighter screen and gen5 as the monitor can be deceiving)
  3. great to hear you had a good experience! I was using the Tilta cage also, had a couple of there locked in cables go bad within a year. Understandably, i really have a hard time trusting there products; I also have had other Tilta products with QC issues such as the Cage itself, T5 holder screw and a bad DC-Weipu cable. support was also non existent. It’s a shame because there design and ideas were so good! Anyway I ended up purchasing 3 Tilta cables and 2 SSD holders within a year. Would have saved money to go with Cfast earlier... although my shoots rarely need over 500gb but I get the allure of 1TB drives for £100 as for the BM... I’ve found that when you get a good unit it’s rock solid!
  4. 100% Cfast all the way USBC is unreliable, introduces 3 points of failure
  5. +1 for Sigma Art lenses, they are great for a nutural image.
  6. Thats good to hear, I read BM were fixing the issue vis firmware anyway! My buttons are very responsive I don't have my regular to compare side by side but they seem to be unchanged for me.
  7. I’ll have to test this later and let you know, seems like we have beta firmware till the one grant announced.. so could be related to that?
  8. Yeah a lot of people on the BM forums have the same issue. I was just going to add +300k correction to my LUTs so is not a huge deal but it will be great to have a fix. I’m also not used to such a bright screen I often accidentally overexposed about a stop on the regular pockets, with the Pro (and gen5) I find exposing using the monitor more accurate.
  9. Sorry to spam the thread... had the camera for a few days now here’s some initial thoughts and tests. ND filters are great (obviously) haven’t noticed any IR pollution or colour shifts when using them yet. The biggest upgrade is the brightness of the monitor, totally usable on sunny days. I will say a lot of people have been reporting that there monitors have a blue tint and I can confirm that mine is about 300k cold. BM informed CVP that is a firmware update coming to fix this. There is another firmware bug where it is impossible to import or delete LUts Battery life is improved I get 1h continuous recording 6K Q5 to Cfast. (100% Screen Brightness) The body is slightly taller making it more comfortable to hold... there is finally a place for my pinky on the grip! It is also a bit heavier in the hand. other than that it’s basically a P6K, same IQ in a more ergonomic and feature packed body.
  10. Actually they are just in stock everywhere in the UK now lol
  11. Update: dispatched today arriving Monday... really wish I opted for Saturday delivery lol
  12. Let me know how those Patona batteries work out for you. Ive get a couple of Baxxtar and was considering either the BM or the Hawkwoods 590s
  13. Turns out they will be getting it in tomorrow instead so (in theory) it should be getting to me between Friday and Monday!
  14. Speaking of the camera getting here CVP here in the UK called me saying they are getting my unit in today.
  15. John Brawley just posted on Facebook with a video that he’s getting 72mins out of the included battery, that’s not bad at all. (Screen on 100%)
  16. Personally it doesn't change the way I hold the camera and sometimes the metal covers the grip making it uncomfortable. If you prefer to use a top handle though go for it!
  17. no problem I hope this is easier to understand! 'I don't like to use cages unless I need to add something to the camera, a monitor for example.
  18. My advice would be to wait until you know what to add on to your camera. best to keep it lightweight and simple until you have accessories you need to add. Ive always found cages get in the way a bit unless you need to build things onto the camera!
  19. Looks like a cool camera but Sony have sooooo many series of Alpha cameras now it’s really hard to keep up!
  20. Yeah thinking about it the P6K is S35 so 18mm works out to be a similar fov as a 28mm on the 5d! Yeah I think i've been watching too much Chivo (if thats possible) his films really changed my perspective to what looks 'normal' and 'natural' to me. Im going to hold of and use the 18-35 until it gets to the point where I really get the itch for something smaller or wider for now, but I think you are right wider is going to be better for me! Thought this was a fantastic way to market a camera. I think it would be cool to use the loupe and the base grip for a super8 style rig.
  21. @BTM_Pix 77mm filters are actually a positive for me, I’m using Nisi IRND 77mm fixed NDs at the moment (highly recommend over the Hoya ProNDs for the BMs) I’d be stepping up to use them on whatever I get. I use 80mm OD ring (with 77mm threads) on the 18-35 so I can use slip on caps. I’ve seen a 11-16 on eBay for sub £200 which is very tempting. side note: how do are you finding the FP?
  22. I’m also looking into the Zeiss 18mm 3.5... hmmm decisions!
  23. Yes good point, the original idea was to get lighter lol will look into the Canon 20mm, I used to be more of a 28mm guy aswell, but seem to find myself always wanting wider recently. Never browsed that store before thanks for the find!!!
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