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  1. Fair point about the price. I paid $20 or something for mine. That said, I adore it and prefer it over any shoulder rig I've seen for smaller cameras. (Nothing against a weighted shoulder rig, but building something that large out seems to defeat the purpose of a small camera to me.) But YMMV. Lenses with IS and/or a loupe are good options too.
  2. https://www.cowboystudio.com/product_p/shoulder support.htm
  3. I forget where I found these: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mrqsresrq5gtt7e/AAD8UC4K2fFJkcW-B_zFtkM0a?dl=0 It looks great, but not sure how much better it is than 6K HEVC on the S1.
  4. You had a P6K at some point, right? How did you like that compared with the S1, fp, Alexa, etc. I'm looking for a smaller camera/Alexa b camera and Black Magic has really consistent color camera-to-camera it seems so it would be easier for my workflow than the S1 and S1Alex (which works, just not as flexible as shooting braw and using ACES would be for me).
  5. I'm more thinking about color rendering. The Venice has enough dynamic range for me as-is. A7S3 is so close but the color is just not quite right and it's annoying. P6K has great color to my eye and internal raw but lacks other things.
  6. I like the 6K image from the S1 a lot. But I have noticed it doesn't have the best color. Back in 2015 or so, the Varicam35 had the best looking color rendering short of Arri. EVA1 is better than the S1H too. GH5 probably is too though. I like the A7S3 but the skin tones are too red. However it matches the Venice better than the S1H matches the Varicam. But the Venice is incredible. The image is too sharp for my taste but the color rendering, tonality, rolling shutter, etc. is Alexa-level or better. You lose a tiny bit of highlight detail but the Venice is an incredible camera overall. And I DID NOT like the F55. (But I did like the F35....) What's going on? There must be a big difference between cameras on the sensor level. Why does Black Magic have great color on both the P4K and P6K? Maybe they picked the right sensors? These are all small complains. The S1 and A7S3 are EXCELLENT. All of these options are incredible. But it feel like Sony and Black Magic could make a $4k cinema camera that's as good as the Alexa LF or Venice. Understandably, they probably don't really want to.
  7. I don't think it's intentional. Even the P4K and P6K and Venice and A7S3III don't match perfectly.
  8. The HEVC codec is pretty good. Take a look at ProRes raw footage from the S5/S1(H) and compare it with HEVC. It's got less texture (less noise), but it's not really a world apart. But then compare with clips from the P4K and P6K. Black Magic has color in a better starting place. Maybe it's because Black Magic has the luxury of making Resolve. Maybe it is the codec after all. But the P6K is the first camera where I can take a braw clip, bring it into Nuke, run it through ACES, render and not know if it was shot on an Alexa or P6K. (And with highlight recovery, the dynamic range is even pretty comparable.) ProRes should be a big step up on the S5IIX. But I don't need it. HEVC is pretty good. The bigger problem I have is I'm just not in love with the S1's color. I also don't HATE the S1's color. And I don't LOVE the A7SIII's color (too much red in the skin) or even Canon's (too much magenta in the skin). Of course everyone is biased toward what they're used to. But the Alexa, Venice, and P6K look great. (And have greener skin tones.) The A9II looks great to me too? Starting to get the impression that sensors have an inherent look. The Varicam35 had great color, too. So did the C300 Mk1 for that matter. 😕
  9. You can download a camera original here in HEVC I think. Adobe has had issues with HEVC and macro blocking in the past; OSX had different issues with gamma shifting. This is old firmware, too, so color might have changed: The S1's color does not match the Varicam or EVA1 very well. Then again, the A7S3 does not quite match the Venice either as skin tones are quite red. Imo the HEVC codec is actually pretty good. Panasonic has always had impressive internal processing. First to 4K I think with the GH series, first to 6K downscaled to 4K in a prosumer camera that actually looked good with the EVA1. And the S1 doing 6K is impressive to me too. It's an amazing camera. BUT it's also the only camera I've ever worked with where a white surface can look magenta on one side and cyan in the other? There is just this "thin" quality to the color and high contrast look to the mid tones at times. The color and tonality tend to feel a little thin, and it's hard to describe, and probably possible to fix in post.
  10. Here's the lite version again: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bvq3mw4lnek50ps/5DtoRGB Lite.app.zip?dl=0
  11. I'll take a look, I should have it backed up somewhere.
  12. I was trying to shoot something under moonlight. I think I should get almost enough coverage for 2.35:1 and an equivalent of f0.90 based on some photos I saw (and can no longer find) on Flickr of someone with a 85mm f1.2 and speedbooster on an A7. But there are f0.95 lenses that cover full frame fully with modern coatings. Anyway, this was a failed experiment lol.
  13. Thanks, it's no problem getting the lens off the adapter. The adapter just won't mount on the body. I noticed the set screws on the mount seem to be a bit stripped. Starting to think someone returned it because they had the same problem I have. 😕 This was probably kind of a misguided plan in the first place probably when there are f0.95 lenses available for rent that actually do cover full frame.... but I saw this for 40% off and had to try it.
  14. It just arrived today but the speedbooster won't mount on my camera. The mount is an L mount for sure. Any idea how to make this work? There's an "on off" ring around it but I'm not sure what rotating that does. I doubt it'll work out anyway (doubt there will be enough coverage) but I'm really curious to give it a try and it was on sale (open box) so I had to give it a go!
  15. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1682916-REG/metabones_mbspfd_l_bm1_canon_fd_fl_lens_to.html Someone on Flickr was doing this with an A7 and I think an off-brand speed booster. But I should probably just get (rent) a 50mm f0.95 of some sort.
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