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  1. Perfect camera for vintage glass. You get the full 35mm field of view plus L mount. I am guessing it has the same dynamic range and capabilities as the S1H, which is fantastic, nearing RED Raptor quality. Only downside is the sucky rolling shutter.
  2. It will probably be more like 13 stops max, but will be interesting to see if I am wrong. It doesn't appear to be the GH6 sensor because it is 6k. Very interesting.
  3. Music videos have the most creative liberty. You can do a lot of funky stuff and it just doesn't matter a lot.
  4. It is that way for all forum communities. Facebook for instance has groups that are pretty popular and everyone goes there. Everything is definitely more watered down now. Facebook groups don't have the type of info this forum does. Less people buying cameras now doesn't help either. Not everyone needs DSLR when a phone does such a good job. I also discourage people from buying a ton of gear. From my experience it is just waste of money unless you are a making money on it. Even the people making money are usually spending too way to much on equipment that barely benefits them. It's one thing if gear is your hobby. However I have seen a lot of people that were artists and then become gear heads and lost sight of actually creating.
  5. This looks great man. Honestly if you exposed the subject any brighter I think it would look unnatural.
  6. thank you sir! this looks great!
  7. I also think the sensor matters a lot more than the codec. The Alexa looks great in Prores 422, but its still reading out at 14 bits and getting most of the dynamic range. One of the reasons I prefer prores to RAW is because you can downsample. This saves you data without losing much resolution. Downsampled 2k on the Alexa looks about as good as the full 3.2k resolution, but you use way less space. I have downsampled 6k to 2k on the S1H. The 2k side by side with 6k is almost indistinguishable unless you are really cropping in a lot. Shooting in 6k resolution is super data heavy. The last film I worked on we shot on the URSA 12K in 12k. Crazy data rates. I wish the Ursa 12k had an option to downsample from 12k to 4k prores. The in camera 4k RAW on the URSA 12K is noticeably less detailed than the 12k. Down sampled 12k Prores would look insanely sharp. Of course you can always shoot in whatever codec and transcode in post, but its just nice to get it in camera, throw it on your computer and it's ready to go.
  8. Honestly rent both and see what you think. There is a lot more to using a camera than simply looking at a dynamic range chart. I like the out of the box Canon looks more than Sony regardless of dynamic range. Plus there is ergonomics and all that to consider.
  9. The ones that don’t have clog2 kind of suck dynamic range wise. All Sony cams (mostly) have slog3 which can contain all the dynamic range the sensor can put out.
  10. Thanks! This was a Kodak 500T lut a DP friend of mine made using Dehancer.
  11. I think maybe they work better for weddings where you are sniping shots. I have to do focus pulls on dollys and such for take after take so more precision is required maybe.
  12. Sounds like a good setup. No auto IBIS focal length detection is a bummer but its not terrible like you said. I am getting out of using still lenses for video though, focus throw is just usually subpar. I did use the Helios 58mm for one scene on my last feature. Looked amazing but was annoying to work with.
  13. Yes at least this is how I shoot 35mm film stills. But what I was saying is once those decisions are made its kind of final. With digital its hard to mess up.
  14. Some stills from a feature film I just wrapped on yesterday. This is just with a lut applied no further adjustments or corrections.
  15. I am talking latitude. If you want to change your exposure you have to push or pull the film in the developing stage. Or maybe I am missing something?
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