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  1. Bigger battery means bigger camera tho
  2. Magic Lantern isn't undependable. 1080p 14 bit RAW is a staple. It's just an annoying workflow.
  3. You don't need tripods unless shooting on long lenses. Most wedding photographers are still using DSLR's with no IBIS and no tripods. OP didn't say he was shooting birds on 300mm lenses. I don't think he is gonna be shooting his child 3 blocks down the street. Fuji is my go to choice for family stuff. Small and nice looking images/video. Not great for narrative as there is no 12 bit option but for family stuff it's great.
  4. The FUJI is great for photos. Would definitely take it over a Sony. You can get a lens turbo focal reducer which I have found to be very nice for like $100. Only way I'd go Sony is for auto focus if you want that.
  5. Get a used XT-3. A 5D MK3 with magic lantern is great. It is 14 bit RAW. You won't get that kind of image out of anything but an Alexa or RED camera. The dynamic range isn't as good but it has a certain thickness and depth that you won't find in cheaper cameras. That said you'll enjoy the clean look out of the XT3 as well as the 4K recording up to 60p and very nice HD 120fps.
  6. @PPNS Making a film is really difficult and your frames are looking great. I am sure you didn't have a big crew possibly none at all and you probably weren't being paid much if anything. Don't be hard on yourself. Skill isn't the only factor in a film looking good trust me on that one.
  7. CLOG 3 has more contrast. There is also a cutoff in the shadows making it appear cleaner but also giving you less information in the shadows. There is also probably a bit less highlight retention. It's good if you want to just add a bit of contrast and saturation and call it a day. CLOG2 is a more conventional log where the full dynamic range of the sensor is maintained.
  8. The nice thing about RED is that tint and WB can be adjusted in post if you shoot RAW. I feel the Komodo is really close but I guess not quite the same. I'd be down to share some of the files if you are interested. Surprisingly it's not that uncommon to find an Alexa with a Pocket camera as the B cam. Not on super high end productions but on mid tier stuff. I am trying to see what matches best as a "cheaper" B cam. I was pretty happy with the Sigma FP but I need to post a comparison to see what others think as my eye isn't the best for color subtlety.
  9. True but what about the more cool bokeh and unique perspective. Everything is overkill these days though. My friend AC'ed a 10 second social media ad with the fx9 and after seeing it on instagram I concluded it could have been shot on a phone.
  10. A lot of times the Vari ND gets you the shot that a fixed wouldn't. The other option is to use a fixed ND that will give about the exposure you'll usually need outdoors and rely on the cameras latitude to fix the rest in post.
  11. The affordable RF, L and E mount anamorphics coming out are really making mirrorless cameras a great option. Although it really makes little sense to shoot anamorphic for content that will end up online. It is an artistic choice at that point.
  12. Bizarre world we live in. I imagine a near future where half of the content is just AI generated completely.
  13. I appreciate that @kye In the images I attached in the post I used the colorspace transform tool to change the REDlog to Log C and then applied the ARRI Rec709 lut. The ARRI image was just as is, plus the REC709 lut. Both were shot at 5600k. I added in a +5 green tint to the RED in post as it seemed to lack some warmth. I was told now it looks too green so maybe the warmth coming from the Alexa is not just a tint difference.
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