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  1. I am not saying it in a bad way. My z-cam, panasonic, blackmagic, and fuji's colors are all very different than Canon. Ergonomics are different too.
  2. I'd be willing to do this. The R5 does have amazing image quality, at least in RAW. Hopefully they give CLOG2 and 3 in a firmware update soon.
  3. The A7s3 is improved over the R3 but I don’t know I feel like you won’t be happy with it. The Sony A7s3 IQ is amazing but the colors are still Sony. I think you’d be happier with the R5 or R6. There are workarounds for the record limits and there’s always 1080p
  4. I am a little confused on why it doesn't have 10 bit 422 recording. You'd think a smaller sensor would be capable considering we have stuff like the Sigma FP doing full frame RAW internally. Also what's with camera companie's obsession with not being able to dial back sharpening?
  5. RVLVR Labs also makes a grip, maybe its more to your taste. I think the A7s3 is close to being a perfect camera and best hybrid. The reason I wouldn't get one for video is the noise reduction. It can't be turned off all the way which leaves you with a very digital looking image IMO. I guess film grain could help with it and I suppose after youtube compression any quality we are chasing is lost anyways.
  6. latitude looks really impressive in RAW, just as good as the Pana S1.
  7. I would think at least with non variable ND's it would be easy enough to remove. Shoot with your different fixed ND's against a white card and measure how much the WB and Tint is off. Wouldn't that work? Not trying to take away from the usefulness of END though. I am eagerly awaiting getting Z-cam's END module. I also agree client perception matters a lot.
  8. Once all the custom buttons are set I find the controls efficient. For focus I have one of the custom buttons set to punch in and I usually use that. But yeah the HDMI signal isn't very sharp. The best solution for media is a Cfast to SSD module. ZITAY CCtech makes them for around $100. The SSD's used are about $100 for 1tb. You can also record through the USB-C but its less reliable as the port is more finicky. I find the Cfast to SSD module foolproof as there is no point of contact where it could come loose and mess up the recording. Although Z-cam now has built in software to require
  9. Alexa>anything else aside from Film of course. Its super odd to me that no one has been able to match the Alexa since the classic came out 10 years ago. I guess 10 years isn't a long time.
  10. I mean you kind of can. I've used 5 different light brands Aputure, Clar, Godox, and a couple others which names slip my mind. All bowens mount. I've used 4 different brands of bowens mounts accessories across these lights too. Only one of the lights I remember having a difficult time with one of the attachments, but it still went on. Yes its probably most convenient to get all the same brand but if you wanna save cash its not the end of the world mixing and matching. I mean worse comes to worse you can always return a mount for another brand. But my point was you'll be able to find a spo
  11. Aren't they both bowens mount? You can get a spotlight(fresnel lens) for any bowens mount light. I am personally going to get the CLAR Illumi Max 500. Its on sale right now for $700. I have their 300w model and its nice.
  12. Alex with emotive color. He has a thread on here about his lut for the GH5. https://www.emotivecolor.com/ Been a game changer for me in terms of color. So much nicer than the stock Panasonic 709. I've been limiting my camera choices to the ones he has luts for LOL. Aside from actually getting an Arri. Only one I could afford atm would be the Classic and its just too heavy and cumbersome for what I am used to. He does have a lut package for the A7s3, although the FX6 color is slightly different.
  13. Yeah they practically make a lot of sense. I think the downsides of the not so quick menu's and layout will be countered by the positives. One may not need to change from 24 to 120fps in 10 seconds depending on your clientele. BTW I just send my E2 S6 to the guy who does the Alexa LUTs so now I'll be able to match my S6 to my Pana S1, once he finishes the Lut.
  14. It seems like a lot of sensors that don't list having dual native ISO actually do. XT3 seems cleaner at 3200 than 1600, which would make sense considering it uses a similar sensor to the BMP6K.
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