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  1. Yeah no way it'll be internal. That would be nice though. Panasonic should develop their own RAWlite or some kind of battery grip type recorder.
  2. That's pretty amazing, I am going to have to pick a Ninja V up soon. Too bad the latency sucks.
  3. I personally think the ability to shoot in dim situations with deeper DOF is nice.
  4. The F2 lenses are nice I just never found them to be great with continuous auto focus for video. I'd probably go with Viltrox if I was going the Fuji path again.
  5. Viltrox seem to be great at tracking but for subjects moving in and out of frame you have abrupt focus transitions. The Fuji F2 line up is pretty good but there are a lot of random focus hunting issues. The 18-55 is actually the best lens I've used auto focus wise. Doesn't seem to hunt and tracks well. I've heard the OG Fuji 1.4 lenses are actually quite good, they just aren't as fast as newer lenses and are also a bit noisy.
  6. The URSA G2 version works with Gen 4 and Gen 5 color science. So it will work on the URSA mini pro G1. It will also work on the older URSA mini 4.6k, as long as you shoot in RAW so you can set it to Gen 4 color science. The Zcam M4 sensor is quite a bit different so the S6 lut is going to not be very accurate on the M4. I usually over expose 1 or 2 stops and bring it down in post using the Exposure correction luts.
  7. Z-cam was an example because they are a smaller company. BRAW is the best fake RAW format out there due to its ability to work in an NLE. Although its still great having internal RAW on the Z-cam. Transcode to prores 444 and you have a ton of information in an easy to work with codec. Huge files though. I'd assume Panasonic hasn't done it as the cost/reward isn't good enough. Any kind of 12 bit or prores 444 would be welcome as internal recording though.
  8. They should just create a compressed RAW codec. Z-cam did it why can't Panasonic.
  9. TomTheDP

    S1H ii

    This would be an instant buy. Hope its true! I have no use for 8k but 4k 180p absolutely. Internal ND's also absolutely. Hopefully its a 10 stop ND. Thats considering this is in anyway true lol. Panasonic has the best image in the sub 10k category IMO.
  10. I'll probably buy if it has S1 like dynamic range. 4k 120p is a great addition. Low light will probably suck. If it has a good 3200 iso I am definitely down.
  11. Interesting, what about for HD or 24p 4k?
  12. If Fuji didn’t have record limits I’d buy one again. They are great stills cams and the video is good enough to be a B cam to my S1. My complaints with Fuji is their processing is more artificial compared to Panasonic full frame. The IBIS isn’t as good. And they have the damn record limits even in HD.
  13. They have the best full frame camera on the market right now though. Which is why I’m sticking with them.
  14. Bizarre release if it's the same sensor. It needs to be a real banger like the GH5 was back in the day.
  15. Yeah I wish he had a wider variety of cameras. I sent him my Z-cam, which I no longer own a while back. He's still working on getting out the LUT for it. Understandable as its a tedious process and I doubt he makes a lot from it. I definitely get the push past 2k for VFX, however a lot of stuff is using minimal VFX and they are still shooting on 4k or 6k cameras like the LF. I meant the OG Alexa mini not the Mini LF, when I said it will lose demand in 10 years, like the Alexa Classic has. I am not sure where the Alexa LF will be in 10 years, it will definitely produce gor
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