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  1. The footage looks like this off the camera or is it an artifact from rendering or uploading to youtube?
  2. No I think the F3 image is nicer, unless you need 4k.
  3. Yeah I don't know about down sampling in post but I have heard getting say 4k from 6k is essential for getting an image without moire. I don't know if that is true or why or how it works. The GH5 didn't have an OLPF filter yet was free from any moire problems. I really dislike moire but its often avoidable by simply reframing, though its not always possible especially with run and gun work.
  4. Can't downsample in 4k highspeed unfortunately. I do wonder if simply downsampling will reduce moire. I know I have heard to get a moire free image you need to downsample from a higher resolution, but I am not sure if there is more to it than that. I fondly remember the GH5 being completely moire free.
  5. Ah shoot, I thought they both had global, never mind. I believe the F55 also does 2k 444 internal, but I can't find specs to confirm that atm. Would definitely swing for an F3 over the F5. I think the FS7 is probably a good option over the F5 as the prices are similar.
  6. I could see that maybe in the 10k price range. They'd need a C500 MK3 with the DGO sensor too.
  7. The R5 sensor should definitely make it into a more video oriented body. Canon C80
  8. Kinda thinking of buying a used S1H when I get the cash to avoid this issue. Yeah they are applied automatically in FCP. After more testing I think the RAW conversion to vlog is pretty identical to the internal after some small adjustments.
  9. I haven't used dual recording but for regular recording I use a Sandisk extreme 150MB/s V30 card.
  10. It was $600 for the camera(after taxes) and $580 for the Pix E5 plus two 256gb ssds. Still a pretty good deal IMO. I bought a bunch of cables and other accessories to help kit it out. Hoping to put together fairly ergonomic rig with it powered off of a single V mount battery. My other option was getting an Alexa Classic. But the F3 is 1/3rd the weight, 1/4 the power draw, and has internal ND's. It doesn't have the Alexa's dynamic range but I think the color science is just as good. It will be my personal project camera and for clients who don't ask for 4k, which is most of my clients honestly. I actually looked at the F5 as well. I think its a really cool option with 4k 60p 422 and a global shutter. 3200 iso also seems pretty nice on it. I think Sony dropped the ball with their color science after the F35 and F3 though.
  11. I thought it was always unlimited. But yes in 4k there is no record limit unless its 4k 60p where it's 30 mins.
  12. Where is the info about this 24 MP sensor you speak of?
  13. Just picked one up for $600 on eBay also got a Pix E5 recorder. I am still a bit confused as to whether you can record 10 bit 60p off the Pix E5. Waiting on everything to come. I am trying to kit it out now so I can start using it immediately.
  14. I just got my hands on a Ninja V. I did a test shooting towards a window. Today is a bright sunny day so the light is very heavy outside. I exposed to retain the highlights and then pushed the ISO from 640 to 6400 to bring up the shadows. While it's very noisy I don't see any banding or fixed noise pattern. The noise seems free from any artificial noise reduction, would probably clean up nicely in neat video. Below is normally exposed, while trying to retain the highlights a bit. It retains a lot of highlight detail while remaining noise free in the midtones and shadows. Overall RAW from the S1 off the Ninja V is amazing. The one thing I'd like is a curves tab in the RAW control panel in FCP. Outside of adjusting ISO you can't push and pull the shadows and highlights much as it doesn't seem to be modifying the RAW data. The only hindrance on the S1 is moire from the lack of anti aliasing filter. I'd also note the RAW to VLOG conversion is not giving the same colors as VLOG off the S1 internal files.
  15. Sony's END is fantastic if you've ever used it. Its really disappointing that no other camera manufacturer has developed E-ND. I am not sure you'd be happy with the FS5 image though. Outside of the grips and shitty screen I've never heard of any issues with the EVA1. It definitely looks like a toy though which doesn't help. If you need a camera with timecode and SDI, I think it's one of the best options on the used market. If you don't the Pocket 6k pro trumps it in most departments and is cheaper.
  16. FS7 can be had for a little over 3k used. The Pocket 6k pro is $2500. The C70 is around $5000, though I've seen it closer to 4k used once.
  17. Damn, a lot of sound guys I know say noises like that aren't a big deal and can be removed pretty easily in post. Whats your thoughts on that? I am sure it depends greatly on how close the lights are to said mic. Is it a smart idea to go back to hot lights/HMI's for small space indoor stuff?
  18. Yeah honestly I've never really noticed rolling shutter outside of flash photography at weddings. The one time I've noticed it is shooting out of a moving car, stuff can get slanted
  19. A fast readout is an expectation these days at least for me. Yes not global shutter but fast enough where it's not noticeable is somewhat important. Its becoming a reality with the RED Komodo and FX6/A7S3, I hope the trend continues.
  20. Might as well be a global shutter considering how fast the readout is.
  21. If you don't care for RAW that much it sounds like the FS7 suits you more. A full fame FOV is definitely nice to have. The whole future proofing thing is kind of BS in my opinion. 95% of content is throwaway. As long as your cameras shoots 4k 60p you are good to go for the current market and I'd think you'd be set for quite a long time as least in terms of resolution. The pocket 4k/6k was used for 3 narratives at Sundance, the URSA for 1. While RED wasn't used for any. Docs was a different story. Blackmagic cameras are going to be seen more and more often no doubt. I would still say Sony is probably a better brand in terms of being a recognizable camera package, maybe.
  22. FD lenses vary in quality depending on the lens. You'll run into the typical issues with vintage lenses, some of them being soft wide open, some having chromatic aberration issues. They all flare as well. If you like that look go for it. The color rendering is really nice and the flares are awesome too if you like that.
  23. A fuji would be great for travel/family stuff. If you want something even smaller I'd suggest the XT-30 as long as you don't need 10 bit. Fuji lenses are also nice and compact. In terms of video work I'd recommend staying in the same brand as camera matching is a pain that's just not worth it. Two XT3's would be a good idea if you are looking for a 4k workflow. 5D MK3 with magic lantern is about as nice of an image as you can get, aside from maybe a bit less dynamic range that newer cameras.
  24. More curious to just hear how you think the footage feels, rather than anything scientific.
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