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  1. can this camera write on standard fast compact flash (the ones that works on canon 7D, 5DM3)? thx
  2. Shirozina explained better please, so that video show fake stuff?
  3. I dont own I comment a video comparison posted last page
  4. the color/lights gradients are so bad compared to the highest dynamic range camera that even a child would point the finger on that, it's so evident. imho as consumers we can ask to the market to upgrade, evolve faster, to a higher dynamic range sensors on prosumer devices, it's too bad really that only very expansive cameras can solve it. I hope (cross fingers) next poket cinema camera will solve it #blackmagicdropthebombplease
  5. imho color/light gradient of bmpcc4k are horrible compared to the red gradients.
  6. hi, which camera create proxy video files? I mean whyle I shoot in raw the camera record another compressed copy of the files to use for edit proxy raw videos thx
  7. I wish this camera may create proxy videos...
  9. I think 1tb is not enough price still high
  10. new osmo (no pocket, no mobile), cheap, better stabilization than pochet, better low light, 10 bit
  11. thx, there is only Osmo 2 mobile version right (for smartphones)? not the stand-alone (with built in camera)?
  12. In conclusion have the old Osmo better stabilisation and low light?
  13. comfortable space inside that hdd XD, is it shot in full hd?
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