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  1. But the whole thing about this camera I thought it was about be able to shoot HQ RAW video on the budget. A guy told me that the approved media storages are damn expensive. There is no way to buy cheap storage that works very well for this camera?
  2. Which limitations does the blackmagic pocket cinema camera 4k and 6k have on basic SSD? I mean those “cheap” SSD we can find on amazon made for computers. Does the cameras (both 4K and 6k) record at any bitrate and format on those commercial PC SSD? thx
  3. Thx for reply. Which is it the best workflow for creating proxy after shooting footage today?
  4. Read here https://www.manualslib.com/manual/994675/Canon-Eos-C300-Mark-Ii.html?page=111 Nobody here use camera proxy workflow instead than process all the footage to create proxy after shooting? Isn’t it a huge waste of time?
  5. Hi, which cameras give us the simultaneous recording of proxy clips? And are those clips useful to smooth the edit workflow for people who use proxy to edit large files as raw format for example? Or do you need to manually create proxy files anyway when you have to start editing? Thx
  6. thx for help I solven in another way I opened the same exact xml in Adobe audition and this problem were not there.... mah
  7. Hi I opened a Premiere project made by someone else. There is this audio clip, I do not know why it doesn't sound. It's completely muted, and there are weird oblique lines on the clip that I don't know the meaning. How to enable that clip to make it sound please?
  8. thx, do you mean that the MixPre 10T can't make safety backup tracks? For my experience with limiters on the recorder I used I can notice when the limiter is pushin in. but with a safety track is all another story. I really wish to hear an example urgh
  9. thx, is preamp noise level of the Zoom F6 > of the Zoom F8n? which is better?
  10. Hello, I need to buy a new audio recorder can you suggest something with those features please? 1) It’s important I can custom names the files before starting recording, for example the name of the ciak scene, I mean all the info useful for people which will make the post production 2) I need to record 5 tracks with phantom power 3) I need full support for ambisonic audio 4) All the tracks must have a safety backup track recorded to tot. -db to prevent clipping 5) Very good low noise levels, way much better than another model I already own called Zoom H6 but is not enough. The new one must be so good that I can record room tones (I really need to record good quality room tones for work also). 6) Full timecode support 7) I need to send an audio monitor wireless to the script clerk Low battery consume or offering good solutions for it I prefere a recent model if possible Thx!!!
  11. I went to this link I found in the news to take the firmware for free https://promotions.panasonic.co.uk/promotions/promotions/view_terms/299 but it ask me a redeem code. where can I find this code please?
  12. Thx so much @Anaconda_ I'll check it out!
  13. Hi, I have a Premiere project for a documentary. It's a long one about 130min. The video edit is done, I mean I have the final edit, but I need to insert the boompole audio in the the project. There are tons of audio files in a folder that I need to sincronise and I do not know where to start. The only way I know is to manually syncronise each video clip by searching for the ciak volume click, so I need to enlarge every clip to find the ciack, manually synch than adjust the video clip as the original in the edit. This process may require a week but I have no time because I need to work at the audio edit (sound design and final mix). I have a short deadline. So does exist a plugin built in premiere, or an external third party plug in that see the boompole audio folder and syncronise everythig for me? thx a lot I'm really grateful if you may help me
  14. this is really funny spot lol
  15. to clarify better what I'm looking for, I'm already a member of that acrivist group. I wish to shoot mini interview with them about our topics. that's why I'm looking for a special style to emulate, I can direct those interview calmly (select location, and every aspect). do you have any syle to suggest me considering this?
  16. thx for help. I do know how to do it technically, and I do know the topic of the activism, but I miss the style, the narrative stucture, many of the thinks that Kye was suggesting me to observ in the works made by other people. I'm looking for something cool to emulate about everything from framing to edit, narrative, sound.... all condensed in a mini interview format.
  17. hi thx for help, your comment seems similar but unfortunately I didn't understand what did you wants to suggest me. I don't uderstand how something that passionate and interest me can be a start for a project. can you give me an example please?
  18. which ones do you mean? I wish to make some interview for non profit use. activism for human rights
  19. hi, I wish to make short interviews about activistm topics. can you give some example/nice ideas please?
  20. can this camera write on standard fast compact flash (the ones that works on canon 7D, 5DM3)? thx
  21. Shirozina explained better please, so that video show fake stuff?
  22. I dont own I comment a video comparison posted last page
  23. the color/lights gradients are so bad compared to the highest dynamic range camera that even a child would point the finger on that, it's so evident. imho as consumers we can ask to the market to upgrade, evolve faster, to a higher dynamic range sensors on prosumer devices, it's too bad really that only very expansive cameras can solve it. I hope (cross fingers) next poket cinema camera will solve it #blackmagicdropthebombplease
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