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  1. Hello, just a few of new with my Mate 30 Pro 5G!
  2. It was a joke and the proof is the new Xperia 5 II is sporting a real 120Hz display... SONY
  3. Well, as tech-addicted I would say... absolutely yes, full-frame at all but I am following one of best Italian channel of photography and recently they spoken about that. The video is with the Italian language, but activate the subtitles and enjoy, it is really interesting (Subject: Why I am not using Full-Frame Cameras):
  4. Happy Sunday and my pictures...
  5. This camera has been created to make dreams, still dreams... Andrew as usual you are the best (period). Can make a coverage on the BW of that camera? I am wondering that because I found a photographer on Flickr with a 50s and really... it is simply out of any imagination. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ This is a crop from one of his photo:
  6. I continue to shoot with no domain eheh
  7. Hello dears, I found on DigitalCameraWorld an interesting article related the some leaks about the new flagship for Pentax: https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/au/news/new-pentax-is-the-most-advanced-aps-c-flagship-model-available-today
  8. I continue to read and see youtube video about and I am wondering... Why Canon is still waiting to reply? The strange is that... https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/au/news/canon-eos-r5-outsells-everything-in-japan How that is it possible?
  9. It is the way and get a F1.4! You will make dreams! (check my thread in the forum).
  10. It is also very quiet the position of all the other brands... Sony in the beginning did some marks before to launch the A7SIII (then we know what's the real) but organisation or group as Consumer Reports/Union are so quiet?
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