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  1. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    Took the new 12 mm lens and gimbal up to the local lookout. The 12mm seems to balance nicely on the little m2 gimbal. Quite happy with how it's all working out.
  2. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    Hmm an issue uploading images
  3. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    Picked the the olympus 12mm f2 on Friday arvo. Took some photos similar to the previous 15mm bodycap lens photos I had taken. The first is the 15mm f8 the second the 12mm f2. Not the same flower of course but it should provide for some comparisons. I had it set up for a time-lapse tonight. However a shower of rain prompted a quick recovery.
  4. I work in a factory running cnc machines and lately a waterjet. I dabble in video for a hobby. I got laid off, not long after covid hit here in aus and nearly everything got shut down. Spent about six- eight months off work. Ended up withdrawing 20k out of my super, as allowed by the government at the time. Paid the mortgage off and bought a 3 year old Mitsubishi outlander. Some might say I haven't had it too tough, and I can't say that I blame them for thinking that. Here in Australia we haven't experienced the death rates in other countries. Whether that's due to the government in
  5. Mostly weight constraints,camera is about 400 grams. With the little crane m2 gimbal. It maxes out at 720 grams or so. Which allows me 310 grams or slightly more for a lens. The flip side is being mft the olympus lens should work on the p4k as well. I did try some laowa rectilinear lenses in store however the weight was a deal breaker for me at this point.
  6. I looked at the olympus site last week was surprised that they still have mirror lenses listed for sale. For my purposes, I think only the bodycap lenses and the 12mm, 17mm and 25mm would work on the gimbal I bought. If I lean in any direction it will probably be those three, time will tell however
  7. thats almost like stealing it. let me know if you find a 9 mm bodycap lens at the same price. we could do a group buy
  8. You haven't even rigged it up at all. That's disappointing very disappointing. Not to mention not a life jacket in sight.
  9. Actually ended up buying the olympus 12mm f2. Gave it a bit of a test run in the shop, poked it out the window took a few shots. Looking forward to picking it up in a week or two. I think it weighs about 130 grams so still inside the weight constraints.
  10. i noticed it, but hadn't given it much thought as i was mostly trying to keep the flowers to around 300mm away. It usually lives on the camera, as it takes up no room and weighs next to nothing. Considering how thin that lens is its hard to imagine them stuffing too many optics in there, but your right it does a better job than one would expect.
  11. i confess up front i like flowers... m10 mark ii with the 15mm body cap lens between wind gusts this afternoon. I thought the 15mm did pretty well. i have the focus peaking set to the fn3 button. The 15mm has a little lever that allows for some control between 300mm and infinity combined with the peaking on the olympus, it allows for a small measure of control. Apart from resizing the jpegs are straight from the camera. not much vignetting either i think maybe noone was full frame ?
  12. I personally kinda feel its getting a bit trollish to drag comments/ jokes from one thread to another unrelated thread. I'm sure no real intent was meant. But like workplace accidents, jokes can go horribly wrong pretty quick as well. Its usually me thats ringing for the ambo's. I'm all for safety, but the issue can be getting other people to think in the first place. getting back on topic i have a couple of photos with the gimbal and 15mm olympus body cap lens, cant quite get the olympus and the 15mm lens far enough forward to balance properly, however i can get it to balance with
  13. i read this and thought bloody hell, he's taken up abseiling or not paying for his accommodation remember try not to feed the trolls btw i liked your sunset
  14. i have the 15mm f8 oly on my new e-m10 mark two, if i could find the 9mm bodycap lens at a reasonable price i'd probably buy it too. i'd hesitate to call it my sharpest lens but it does ok. For a go shoot project its probably ideal. I did lash out today and layby a 12mm f2 olympus lens which will be the most modern lens in my bag of lenses. Took the camera on a 4 hour round trip to the big smoke and tried the lens in store. it should work well with the mark 2 on the little crane m2 gimbal. Not the most fun thing perhaps but i am enjoying the little m2 gimbal i bought. i can throw e
  15. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    finally had some action happening at the bird feeder. Its been some time since i built a bird feeder and placed it at the end of the garden. Some locals finally showed some interest this afternoon so i got out the with the bm p4k and the canon 500 mirror lens Pretty warm day today with a gentle breeze, i think the mirror lens tends to compress things quite a bit. which isn't that surprising. I got a bit of heat shimmer happening, that may be the mirror lens exaggerating things, i'm not quite sure. i'll have to try it again in the morning see it that makes a difference. the birds had a re
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