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  1. If you can find one talented persons work, which you like, then i would suggest in the background,, is a lot of blood, sweat and tears over a number of years to get to that look. Canons do have nice colour. A lot of people like canon colours, then there are others who like sony, and the other brands. My point being is personally, i don't think you can go wrong with any of the latest makes of camera. Its more about the finessing that you need to apply after the image / footage is taken to get a result you like. Lots of people out there are happy to throw on a lut and call it a day. If your not happy with colours sooc Then you, my friend have definitely fallen down a rabbits warren. There is no one perfect camera that does everything spectacularly. If there was then there would only be one camera brand. You do your research and pick the camera that does most of what you need it to do and then compromise in other areas. I would suggest before you throw any money around get the free version of resolve. With resolve and some free luts and whatever log files, canon has on your camera. Start exploring, learn resolve and throw all sorts of footage at it from your camera while your learning. exhaust every option you can pursue in finding a look you like before spending too much money. It will be time well spent and helps to define the look your after. There is a chance your look may even come back to a lens choice or filter perhaps. There's a bit of a learning curve to resolve, but that can be said of everything. There are truckloads of tutorials available on youtube for resolve. There are probably more than a few ways to skin a cat in resolve ( metaphorically speaking of course ). Like kye said there are basic steps to follow. Once your comfortable you can probably tailor your workflow to suit your look for a minimum of effort. However you first need to expend some effort to realize the look your after.
  2. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    Bit of an update, the glue i used on my modified letus has let go. next thing to do will be clean it up and i'm thinking of throwing it under the mill again shave a bit more depth of the back of it as there's quite a vignette with the anamorphic attached to the gopro 9. Its not so bad if i use linear or narrow field of view however its cuts into the photo quite severely on wide or superwide I think i'll take a few photos, now and after for posterity. I do have a canadian maple which has coloured up nicely this autumn. Camera of choice was the iphone 13 pro. Jpg straight from camera with a tiny amount of tweaking. Not bad for a phone.
  3. are these the isco's that need an allen key on the front of the lens for adjustment ? because thats a total pita. i vaguely remember looking at one, years ago and thinking as desperate as i was for an anamorphic, i could wait for something better to come along.
  4. Buy a smartphone and be amazed then... the days of tech only doing one thing even if it does that one thing well, are going the way of the dinosaur. Sad that most camera manufactures are still stuck with such a narrow mindset. When i throw my money around it has to on something that is able to do more than one trick. Been a lot of talk on this forum weighing up the pros and cons of various cameras. Consensus seems to be buy one with the most features you can use. Should be no different for hardware. A $495 media player isnt that practical for me. If it had a usb interface and could of worked with resolve, it would of been more useful. Maybe a bunch of vloggers will buy this to have as a showpony on their desk, who knows ? I'm slightly interested to see if anyone on the forum buys one of these and how they use it, however for me its a bit off a miss, i'll be saving my money for something else.
  5. Seems like a lost opportunity then. If it cant double up and tie into resolve its about as useful as tits on a bull. Expensive media player even if it does have the option to record. But thats just my 2 cents worth. πŸ™„
  6. hey @kye how do you reckon this new video player compares to your bm control panel you already have ?
  7. oh by the way iphone 13 fanboy here πŸ˜‰ not too fussed on extra lenses, i would like to add the moment anamorphic that adds the golden flares and a case. I think you need the case anyway for the moment anamorphic. Other than that a case does add extra protection and its alot of money tied up in that little box. I'm already on my second set of gorilla glass protectors or whatever their called.πŸ™„
  8. their up to 13 although i have seen some talk / pr stuff about the 14. Not that it really interests me. being a pc windows fellow, apple seems to make you jump through a few more steps or its damn near impossible to get at those raw photos or videos on the iphone. Its pretty annoying however it doesn't frustrate me enough to get a apple laptop. There is software that will connect the pc an iphone and lets you see those files. i downloaded the free 30 day version but have yet to pony up for the paid version.
  9. Ok since i joined the 4k fan club with a 4k tv and associated 4k dvd player not to mention the 4k cinema camera i have, ( that doesn't get as much use i as i thought, well not so far anyway ) and the shift in forum focus. I was wondering if its worthwhile having a thread cataloging the better "cinematic" movies out there. That would be worth having in a collection. Where i live its pointless trying to watch a full length mover over the internet. Some of you may get excellent connection speeds where you live and thats great, but for me its easier to wait for it to come on dvd and then purchase it. Which brings us to another issue the price, a new release 4k or uhd is $ 40 australian where i am, bluray is $29 and plain old dvd is $20 usually. I could add, we probably get gouged here but there's not alot of options. Ideally i'd like to filter out the dross and save a few dollars which is where you fine people come in. Feel Free to add to the list and advance any movie that you feel adds a worthwhile cinematic contribution. Lets keep the spoilers to a minimum, However a paragraph explaining your thoughts would be beneficial First off i'd like to start of with Dune or the 2022 take on it anyway. I'd describe it as "epic", worthy of that description in every sense of the word. Next i feel the need to add would be blade runner and blade runner 2049 both visually extraordinary and worthy of addition. The last i'll add is a bit of an oddity as its a collection of timelapses. Tom lowe was the 2010 astronomy photographer of the year. His timescapes dvd is visually extraordinary and worthy of addition.
  10. my mate did something very similar except of the gold coast seaway. He's braver than me. We both had our drones out getting some footage of the sun setting one afternoon. He sent it a long way out in a tailwind to catch some surfers, then realized coming back in was a lot slower and we were watching the battery level dropping and then the beeping started, was a close thing soon as he had it over the beach he dropped it onto the sand. Never seen him sweat before. lol
  11. they are a great bit of kit. I'd be very surprised if your air 2 couldn't handle a bit of wind. Although you'll probably hear the motors working to compensate, they are surprisingly good. The trick is not to send them too far down wind otherwise you might have a bit of an unplanned walk in front of you.
  12. i think the best drone is the one i already have... i cant really justify the expense of new equipment every year.
  13. laowa are making their own anamorphic lens. it will be dropping soon on kickstarter. Apparently may as well get the money up front like everyone else does these days. interestingly (well for me anyway ) is an orange flare. its a pl mount at the moment but should be available in other mounts soonish from the website 1.33x Rear Anamorphic Adapter $999.00 – $1,800.00 When pairing with the OOOM, Laowa 1.33X Rear Anamorphic Adapter allows expanding your filming canvas to a 2.35:1 cinematic widescreen ratio in a 16:9 sensor while retaining its image resolution. It adds special characters in bokeh and flares on ordinary spherical lenses to become more cinematic. * A half stop light impact on the lens after the anamorphic adapter is applied. * This anamorphic rear adapter doesn’t feature any oval bokeh or expanded horizontal field of view like front anamorphic lenses does. no expanded fov seems like bit of a problem. Half of the appeal of an anamorphic is the expanded view you get, right ?
  14. vintage lens, vintage codec ? is that your thinking ? By the way i have a suitable gritty shed, i could find some overalls and an axe to grind, shot in glorious 4k if that helps. @Andrew Reid there's also potential for another level of drama with the obsessive /compulsive camera fondler meets single white female. and this
  15. I have to wonder if he's made a cameo in the latest ghostbusters maybe ?
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