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  1. Its a 4k / 6k cinema that can take photos, although i'm hesitant to call it a great photo camera. As an owner and user of a p4k, the dedicated photo button is an overly underwhelming experience. I get no joy from using it for taking photos. As much as a fan boy i am about the p4k, the dedicated photo button is just insipid. For me a photo doesn't seem to be taken until after i start to release pressure on the button and after a second i get a little icon on the screen informing me that yes a photo was taken. there seems to be a large disconnect between pressing the button and taking a photo which makes me wonder if i took a photo or not then i mess around checking to make sure, which isn't conducive to a good photo or video session . I have given it some thought and i 'm thinking i should just trust the camera and try to stop pressing the photo button through the bottom chassis of the p4k. Next time the races are on at carnell raceway i intend to take the camera and try some panning shots to see if the disconnect is as bad as it feels. Perhaps its just in my mind. Theres only one way to find out I'm thinking.
  2. kye, you need to desensitize your self. I'd suggest some car races first. lots of fans, lots of others with cameras, lots of noise, the smell of burning high octane fuel. whats not to like πŸ˜€ Better go before the price of fuel kills off these fun activities. don, not sure i agree with you. There been a couple movies made with an iphone now. Whether its easy or harder or even a good idea to make a movie an iphone, i dont know. All i know is it can be done. kudo's to you if you do manage to make a a movie regardless of camera i'm thinking.
  3. what about one of these ? not as bulky as the tube based steady cams or quite so obvious. If a slr balances on it your camera should do it easily. Plus probably less than $30 so its not a huge outlay if it goes pear shaped. I'm of the opinion that with the rise of youtube you see a lot more people waving cameras and phones around mostly phones but i see the occasional camera, also seen a few of those dji osmo things as well. I also think if you feel self conscious then it will show. maybe throw on some hi vis and a press shirt... you know face your fears πŸ˜€ another thing i notice if people are around then they will look, however if their any where near the front of the camera they look everywhere but the camera If its any sort of event sporting or whatever there going to be other with cameras and or phones, i like to think i look like a serious amateur. well thats what i tell myself anyway πŸ™„ Only issue i face i guess is pulling the drone out, That can be quite polarizing. Theres a 50/50 chance of running into someone named karen 😨
  4. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    okay, a quick update gen 5 colour science, no problemo. I did have an issue installing bozzie's lut for the p4k, however i'm putting it down to an old slow sd card, once i copied bozzies lut onto the t5 it installed onto the p4k no problems.
  5. from a completely unscientific background, i'd give it to aces and leeming although i thought you could probably swap leeming and aces without too much drama. Again more of an unsceintific observation. Inside the others were ok. I should probably add cinematools c was my least favourite.
  6. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    Well it’s been ages since I have posted anything. Found this at the supermarket today while shopping. Very nearly bought it, if it had been a 100 iso I would have. Had a germ of an idea bouncing around upstairs for awhile now. Have had the magic 2 pro out a couple of times in the last two weeks. Webrunners post about the iPhone LiDAR and the p4k has me inspired to do something, not entirely sure what yet.
  7. I vaguely remember you saying you did stint as a wiz kid. No intent of giving btm_pix a run for his money ? It’s never too late you know 😎
  8. Yer i should have said an iphone with lidar. although in reality it seems only last two iterations of phones thats that have it then. Seen some apps that make use of it for measuring and mapping i think. But since i cant see a need for it i'm loathe to install any apps onto my phone unless i use it frequently. Its kinda ironic ( to me at least ) just how much homework you need to do, to keep a handle on things in an effort to save some dollars regardless of hobby πŸ™„ with a pk4 you'd think i'd be all over it except i'm not πŸ˜”
  9. doesn't seem to connect with blutooth on version 6.9.1 on the pk4 now downloading version 7.9.1 for the bmp4k πŸ™„ Its a cheap option only if you already have a late model iphone and electronic lens. Although iphone 13 ultras aren't exactly cheap either. Lucky i have one lying around... knew it would come in handy one day.... So for a whole bunch of lenses that i own, i would be better off with @BTM_Pix lidar setup and focus motors. While not cheaper per se , its at the moment probably one of the few options if you travel the path of vintage lenses. Thinking aloud, it seems to me theres a bit of a fork in the road with lidar you can go down the path with a p4k, vintage lenses and btm_pix's product and focus motors ( and autofocus lenses as well ) or grab a iphone that has the lidar sensor and use lenses with auto focus. Neither is a particularly cheap path if your starting from scratch, if i'm honest but it is what it is. Not that i'm saying this stuff is expensive, its certainly cheaper than 5 years ago and you can do a lot of amazing things with it today. I guess its a bit of, if it were really easy or cheap everyone would be doing it. Plus anything that gets me inspired to grab the p4k for a change is probably a good thing. Plus its nice to see some action down in this particular forum πŸ™‚
  10. I was once stalked by an emu. true story. A mate and i were out camping on a another mates property. We'd ventured out for a morning walk and quite enjoyable it was until we heard this deep booming call. It was quite an ominous sound not the kinda sound you can easily forget and straight away you knew it was big. It was bushy but it opened up every ten meters or so. These birds are fast, fast as a horse. So it was pretty much, backs against the trees while we kept moving forward after about 5 mins we found a nest with green eggs in it. Never touched the eggs. Took a few photos and kept moving forward, All the time this bird kept calling out, letting us know it was there, after a ten minutes or so the sound died out and we breathed a little easier. Not once did either of us see it. I will say my mate is a very good hunter, if he couldn't see it then it didn't want to be seen, I wouldn't say i was scared, i would say it was one of those times where every sense seemed condensed / focused, even time seemed to slow, not sure how the mind does it but it seems as vivid now as 25 years ago.
  11. i should also add I nearly upgraded from the 60d to the 70d for the bigger buffer and ml but after a google search, i chose to spend my money elsewhere. read into that what you will.
  12. my mate had this exact same problem. Except He bought his new. it was used for both photo and video. he's since passed away and it was handed down to his youngest daughter. She was really bummed when it died and was told the price of fixing it.
  13. c'mon Emanuel... surely you'd help out a fellow cinematographer 😲
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