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  1. dont think many have lost out on the p4k as some people suspect. Im thinking most of us are pretty happy with it, no need to make a leap for a negligibly improved p6k boat, sailing from a port near never never land🙄 dare i say it, the p6k doesn't trounce the p4k as expected ? Not sure what bmd's thinking was to release two models so close together, probably caused more angst than anything but its water under the bridge now
  2. hunting waaAy left of field but how about a canon m like the one mr reid reviewed ? its cheap and i do realize thats a 2nd and new eco system to play with. However with magic lantern installed that would open up a bunch of possibilities. no idea if your lenses would mount to it via an adapter. It looks quite small and with ml it would give you timelapse and and all the extra functionality that ml brings to the game. Main issues would be batteries and the aforementioned issue with mounting your lenses perhaps. food for thought
  3. leslie


    i have seen two sites that state that canon wont be making any new ef lenses instead focusing on rf mount. https://petapixel.com/2020/01/08/canon-done-making-ef-lenses-unless-photographers-demand-more/ I presume they will still make ef lens for a while yet otherwise there is a bunch of guys probably going to be out of work. So with that in mind, do you think 2nd hand ef lens price may drop or go up ? Also is there a lens you would be tempted to buy before they go off the market ?
  4. gopro's can fulfill a niche, they have even been used in some feature films, i have 2 and i dont ride skateboards or surfboards. Like any equipment used within their limits and its all good. Youtube has certainly benefited from them, whether that's a good or bad thing, i'll leave that up to you to decide. I'm just a little bit saddened that you can be so condescending towards the little action camera.
  5. Someone please tell me, this didn't make it onto the list of lesser known youtube channels one should watch. If this doesn't drive home the importance of having at least one camera person or support person, i'm not sure what will. On the upside i guess he gets to keep all the revenue from this episode for himself ?
  6. mr reid has given them every opportunity to succeed, statistically sony have had 7 bites at the cherry and still lag behind in percentages. make of that, what you will ! theres a base of 30000 forum readers, 36 votes is embarrassing. It seem like bloody hard work to engage any of them in any sort of activity on the forum ? Maybe mr reid should have added a { i desperately want a cinema camera category } for the other 29964 others or perhaps their all out vlogging ?
  7. maybe they do and that could be a good option for some, I do buy alot of stuff of ebay. For the p4k i pre ordered and i wanted the warranty, just in case ? i am quite happy to buy of ebay i know they have a returns policy if its isnt as expected. At the time p4k's on ebay were quite pricey it was cheaper to buy from from a bmd reseller anyway, lol Plus i think ebay returns is ninety days ? ( not sure about that) verses 12 months for reseller warranty.
  8. coming from a laymans understanding of things, whether its raw or not, its just had enough done to it to get around the patent issue they were having at the time i think. I doubt they have deliberately set out to deceive people, marketing departments always seem optimistic about definitions and some of the terms they use no matter who you buy from ? i remember gopro were flogging protunes as raw or raw like with the gopro4. Anyone that knew anything could work out pretty quickly while protunes with some settings could look better, than the typical vivid/saturated settings, raw it wasn't. It was the 5 that actually came out with raw images, so bmd aren't the first company to claim raw when its not, probably not the last either. lemac the camera shop i bought my p4k from list the p4k for $1,990.00 or a $100 more now than when i bought it and the GH5S for $3,340.00. Same sensor apparently but priced quite differently. Is the gh5s a $1300 better camera ? don't know, don't care either. Once you own something, i find these comparisons become alot like white noise.
  9. dammit man, you have stuffed up the validity of the whole survey ??
  10. i'm a bit surprised the is no category for other black magic cameras, not to mention red or arri, perhaps they come under pro cinema cameras ?
  11. blur may encompass some of what bokeh is about but thats only half of the equation. Telling the dop to blur all that background shit out and well call it a wrap, seems a bit half assed to me. No matter what field of endevours your involved in, be it law, welding, film there is an aspect of technical jargon that needs to be learned so that everyone is on the same page. It kinda frustrates me that people want to master their craft, yet can hardly put an effort into the language side of things. I'm willing to bet good money, that if you have a good director he'll be able to articulate his thoughts, present them in a manner thats sits comfortably with all. that's not an english lesson, that's art. remember double points the next time you play scrabble ?
  12. not sure whether you have seen this or not but mattias burling did a comparison between a couple of speedboosters I bought the cheap villtrox nikon nf to mft adapter just so i could mount the tokina 28-70 in nikon mount to the p4k, later i bought the vilttox ef-m2 speedbooster with a cheap dumb adapter i can mount the nikon to the speedbooster or i can mount m42 lenses with another cheap adapter. The only thing i can add is that i find the thumbscrew tighteners on the tripod socket foot to be a bit wriggly, never seem to tighten sufficiently for me. Buying the ef mount would certainly add some flexibility for later
  13. wh3171 just posted a page of sports trivia with links to shoes sales i''d consider this as spam
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