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  1. leslie


    i read that the hezanons are nice lenses and bought one on further investigation found out they dont mount easily to the ef mount/ or at all
  2. leslie


    whats with the hexanon i thought they had really short focal flange lengths and didn't adapt to a lot of cameras ?
  3. leslie

    What is the best microphone for Canon?

    pretty sure their made that way to crap on the ground. i delivered a calf couple of years ago their heavier than you think. now if you do go putting nappies on a cow change em regularly otherwise that crap will back up and then you be in real trouble 😲
  4. leslie

    el nikkor 63 enlarger lens

    ok so i have had the el nikkor 63mm enlarger lens for over a week now. been waiting for the m39 to m42 adapter to arrive. i also had 3 m42 extension tubes already as per tito's video review . well the m39mm adapter got here yesterday been playing with it today and all the other bits as well. watched tito's video several times then tried to do the same with my camera and lens and no joy. i have a canon 60d, tito set up his on a canon 5d mk3. considering we both use m39 to m42 ring adapter then a m42 to ef adapter i would expect set up to be similar. when i use the shortest extension tube i have to screw it all the way out and it actually falls off the camera before i achieve infinity focus. if i use the next size up extension tube then i go close to acheiving focus however it doesn't quite screw in far enough. i'm thinking there's plenty of metal on the mid size extension tube and i can screw the m39 in quite a long way into the mid size extension tube so i think i can grind some metal off the end to achieve focus it shouldn't be more than 1 mm or maybe two mm i'm judging it by eye at the moment. i am mostly curious as to why my setup is going to end up different to tito's considering both cameras are ef mount. do you guys think the issue is the difference between the full frame of the 5d and the crop from the 60 d ? the only other thing i can think of is the my extension tubes are different lengths to tito's perhaps well that's about it for now i will have to post some photos shortly
  5. leslie

    Airport X-ray can affect DSLRs and bring hot pixels?

    i think if there was an issue with xray detectors and digital we would of heard about by now. plenty of people travel everyday through airports with cameras , reporters and news crew would have noticed issues long ago. mr reid travels abit i think, as our fount of knowledge i cant imagine him not reporting a problem if there was one. not sure if its possible to get hand searched these days perhaps you could make some inquiries with your airport
  6. no idea what you lot are getting worked up about oscar's (Astronotus ocellatus) is a species of fish from the cichlid family known under a variety of common names there is some similarity between oscars and humans as you can see 1) some always have their mouth open. 2) some are dazzling to look at others not so dazzling 3 ) take either out of their natural environment and they flop around and gasp for air. 😜
  7. now look who is being judgemental how do you know its a he ?
  8. leslie

    Bane voice

    of no particular audio importance probably just throwing some ideas out there you could try the local electronics mall for a darth vader voice thingy i have an idea they can be adjusted somewhat. i also have noticed some popular songs seem to have the vocals that turn into musical notes some how, no idea how its done. i remember a pink floyd song where the lead singer had some sort of wind pipe instrument taped to his mic which did some weird things to his voice as he sang. probably all abit extreme for your requirements but thats all i can offer. anyone one with some experience with those musical looping machines ? they do some interesting things as well. ironman... er ironfilms should be your goto man here his knowledge should be vast edit: by the way if your going to start wearing masks, i dont want to meet up with you in any dark alleys late at night 😲
  9. define spam link please. i must be particularly slow this morning as i'm thinking a valid link to an ebay item is in its self kinda harmless, out of the possibilities that exist. if it was some sort of scam surely ebay would have done something to close or block accounts by now ? i have yet to see something in the for sale section that interests me, so by my definition i could say its all spam if i was being belligerent. tompeter seems to post a couple ads a week, not sure what his short, middle or long game is. but it doesn't bother me much, its not my storage, data or bandwith that's being consumed if i suddenly saw ten or more ads a day from tompeter then i'd be sending a private message to mr reid about doing some (house cleaning) other than that i am kinda of indifferent to it all, like the rest of us i guess
  10. the barber school tip is a good idea, however for me, i would have to drive quite a long way out of my way to get a free hair cut. i'm thinking the cost of petrol and time to drive there would out weigh the savings. for others closer to a big city that's probably great i browsed the for sale section, derived the first page, tompeter has 13 ads since january with a minimum 35 views up to 114 views, so there is definitely some interest there. whether any of that sells i have no idea. most adds seem to be camera and body deals which doesn't interest me personally, however if the bmp4k takes much longer i may be in the market for something 🤔 now if tompeter genuinely wants to help the community, well he could find me an iscorama pre 36 for $2000 i'd definitely buy that off his ebay link through paypal of course heck i'd even drop him a few extra $ for his time 😀
  11. leslie

    When Will Camera Companies Make HDR Video Like This?

    respectfully i have to disagree. while it is a nice image it looks too real, looks more like its been modeled in 3d software and rendered with a raytracer my eyes don't see in hdr, a whole movie like that would be sensory overload and i would probably require surgery for cataracts or something afterwards while it may be useful in some instances it would be overdone, just like with all the slomo stuff thats getting around at the moment...perhaps its just me... time will no doubt tell.
  12. any idea if that would work ok on a bm p4k which is m4/3 ? if it did i could be tempted edit : i mean would it vignette or not ? as i am rather curious. more edit : found a review Tito Ferradans seems to like it and it should be ok on a m4/3 so if the other dude doesn't want it. i would be interested. by the way do you have another image of the back element that sixth image looks kinds bland
  13. leslie

    Cleaning vintage lenses

    chalk should be ok and while we are at it lets make it coloured chalk. and because the new bmp4k has better low light, lets have flares too, not anamorphic flares but real magnesium burn your eyeballs out kind of flares. you can at your discretion use an anamorphic lens but it has to be 2x 😀
  14. leslie

    Cleaning vintage lenses

    i'm not sure there's any advantage to cleaning a bunch of lenses a time.you run the risk of disassembled parts everywhere, which would lead to most of those lenses never going back together again, well thats how it would happen with me anyway 🙄 unless your in a clean room by the time you have one lens back together you'd have to clean the others all over again. what happens if your interrupted ? and have to drop the wife off at the maternity ward, more cleaning and oh dear god where was i up too 😲 plus having a bunch of lenses to do at once could be a more daunting proposition than originally anticipated and its too late after you have opened a couple. i'm thinking slow and steady and eventually the tortoise will win the race. i know this because i have a canon fd 35-70 sitting on my bench. i believe who ever had it before me did something to it before i had it as the rear cap wouldn't lock on like my other fd's i have. me being adventurous and thinking how hard can it be ? had the screws off it in no time a slight twist and something went sprooiing as it came apart. do you think that thing will go back together before this side off hell freezing over ?. i guess when i am feeling adventurous again i'll have another look at it 😀 my only consolation is it was a cheap lens so im not too upset/ but i think i learned another lesson