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  1. i have been watching the neewer 1 meter slider with 6 bearings. It should be quite smooth i would imagine. my only concerns are by the time i add a taking lens anamorphic lens and its 15mm rail support weight might be getting up there, however with the carbon fiber tubes i could at least fill them up with two part epoxy should they start to flex which should help counteract any flex. The other issue is its jumped from $105 since i started watching it to $138. Not alot of money i know but then theres not a lot of it to throw around either at the moment.
  2. canon full frame with ml perhaps, just throwing it out there 😀 i was hoping the reflection would help , but nothing, nada, zip
  3. honestly i have no idea what you just said, but presumably its something to do with sound 😉 i think i have come up with a utube channel with the suitable clickbaity title of the dead lens society. Obviously its a play on a movie from some years ago. With takumars and canon fd lenses being quite popular and noone finding abit of a gem recently, i have to wonder how many other lenses are out there that can be useful on video, the trick being to find the lenses that least have one useful trait and exploit it and document it for posterity. I know that we want lenses to be great at everything. I am speculating out aloud now, I have to wonder if perhaps there is a niche for one shots lenses that say flare nicely or do one other thing well like the helioses with their swirly bokeh.
  4. nice, i really like the rose, that a real standout to me. A couple of the tokina 28-70 atx pros have almost a cult like following in some groups. Shouldn't be a surprise that tokina have some other gems as well i guess. Be interesting to see some video from it
  5. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    Well its been awhile, a couple of lenses have been added to the collection. The first being a russian lens an industar 61, 53 f2.8, nice exterior, great lenses but more play in it than the local kindergarten, which is rather disheartening. focusing turns really easily till it hits a rough patch in the middle. it was the only question i didn't ask the previous seller seeing it was pretty cheap it would probably cost more to send it back. So far it seems like it requires a different flange distance adapter to what i have already Things being a bit tight i haven't really worried about sorting it out just yet. The other lens is a vintage canon or fd mount, but its a bit of an odd one for the forum i think, and its still on its way from the usa. Postage was quite reasonable oddly enough coming from the usa, however the conversion rate left me high and dry. Looking on ebay it seems about $60-80 cheaper than some others i have seen, hopefully its a good deal. I have sworn of lenses till i can put some dollars together for a fvd16a for the elmoscope type 1. Got a confirmation email from rapido this morning that the fvd16a will fit. I'll just buy the front adapter / clamp thing as well, i have the rear mounting already sorted.
  6. I hear you, i really do. I have sworn off lenses, till i can save up for a single focus solution for the elmoscope.
  7. do people actually post wedding videos ? I have watched a few howto video weddings I could probably watch a friends wedding video but watching random peoples weddings seems abit peculiar, unless someone had linked to it and said, here watch this it has some awesome camera angles. Can't really afford new Products so i dont watch too many of them. If i was looking at buying something i'll watch a few vids to help make a decision after that i dont bother, except for resolve, have to google youtube when ever i fire up resolve to learn something new. I do however watch lots of lens reviews, mostly vintage stuff. I guess alot of it depends on your interests, personally i lean towards howto videos like cooking a good steak on a bbq or smoking meats and melting alloy cans although not at the same time, you know manly stuff 😉
  8. its not just about the camera. There are other reasons why one might participate.
  9. i'll go you halves we can do our own gh2 continental video challenge any other aussie / kiwi interested parties ?
  10. i'll refrain from commenting about your last statement, pretty sure most people will pick up on what your alluding too 😁 mr reid will have a store/ cart set soon up it seems, it would seem appropriate people could buy a $10 ticket through the store perhaps. considering it would be passed on i imagine the thread might go on for some period of time. Which may show some differences from areas of lockdown to less locked down. I do suggest the addition of a cheap gps be thrown into the box i'd like to see how many k's that thing clocks up. Could be the recipe for an interesting blog.
  11. this will be the start of the next video challenge, wait and see 😉
  12. thanks for the post heart0less. Without people experimenting where would we be ? I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise that the nikon wins out against the cheaper lens, not sure what the nikon lens costs. However that lens doesn't seem too bad on the nex to my untrained eyes at least.
  13. quite by accident i found this phillip reeve website on sunstars a few days ago, it may answer a few of your questions towards the end it covers filters as well https://phillipreeve.net/blog/best-lenses-for-sunstars/
  14. have you ever won an ebay option ? I have bid on lots of auctions, lenses mostly no surprise there i guess and no luck either 🙄. So looking at a vintage lens (late) last night i tossed two bids at it with 7 hours to go, i went to bed thinking someone will out bid me surely. Imagine my surprise when i get an email confirmation from ebay saying i had won. Then its like what the hell have i done and what did i buy 😲 What i will say is i now have a cheap lens for what it is. But its not so cheap with the aus dollar, postage and gst. I actually think gst on second hand goods should be like 5% not the %10 for new stuff but i digress and i'm now off to the bank. Its a somewhat unconventional lens for this forum i think and maybe a bit specialized so i'll keep it a secret and do a lens review when it turns up.
  15. nicer image in this second post, and you don't look like a deer caught in the headlights either, like those first photos
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