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  1. hey i'm still learning but i might save that for next time your a braver man than me. i like my 60d too much to have chanced it in a comp. which turned out to be the right decision for me in hindsight
  2. i got a bit fixated on the losing camera bit, completely missed the fine print about entering just for the judges category. But thats life. I'm a bit surprised with the amount of entries or lack thereof, as i bid on 3 or 4 cameras but was out bid on everything. I was sure you guys must have been buying everything up for the competition. The old video camera segment of ebay must be quite abit more active than one would have thought. Too cut a long story short i ended up using a logitech c920 webcam with a letus anamorphic adapter taped to the front. My reasoning for using the letus was to help differentiate my entry from the others. i figure if speedboosters were allowed if you already had them an anamorphic should be ok as well. Not sure if anyone else shot anamorphicaly. Considering i went to the trouble of using the letus i did forget to get any footage of the lens flaring which was kinda dumb. Since my entry has proved surprisingly unlikely to win the point is moot i guess. I'm glad i entered i learned a whole bunch of things that i can apply to the next challenge. i am fairly confident i can increase my vote rate by at least a 100% next time round 😎 So dan the man pm me your address if you need a webcam for the odd late night online dalliance. Mind you, you can keep those tips,tricks and footage for your own personal gratuitousness ok 😉
  3. you killed it !! how much more technical can you be ? 😁 by the way was it a silver or black you sacrificed ? However you did get an honorable mention so i guess thats ok 😉
  4. leslie

    The D-Mount project

    if i could have found a gopro 3 or 4 black i would have bought it for the $200 challenge as well. Something to be aware of is the colour shift that happens with the gopros when you change lenses with the 3's and four's doesn't happen with the 5 well i thought it didn't happen with the 5 but this site says it does. basically you will get pink edges the only way to fix it is to a $50 (or used to be $50 download, its now $25, business must have slowed alot) to change the lens profile somehow. https://www.peauproductions.com/products/service-remove-gopro-lens-profile-no-pink-corners
  5. leslie

    The D-Mount project

    welcome to the club 😀 edit ..it would be interesting to see what the summer/winter ring and dull haze rings do. You might have found an intriguing in camera effect. since we are naming and shaming, i bought a carl zeiss for a bargain price expecting great things. In reality it was a lot less lens than i anticipated lol. that will teach me to do more research. I'm not sure what to do with it either. Thats a 63mm nikon enlarger lens beside it
  6. i liked webrunner, i will miss him... and no doubt he had a lot of experience that he tried to or could have imparted to the forum. Having said that he was about as tactful as a sledgehammer and it was his way or the highway. Personally i don't think that cuts it in this day and age. Sometimes a line has to be drawn in the sand a point to which someone will go to but no further. A camera forum is not a battlefield, and its not life or death either. if you cant distinguish between the two your probably missing the whole point of having a camera in the first place. mercer is american i believe I dont have hate for him 😉 in fact of the entire forum, he seems to be living the dream. We regularly get posts or updates on his progress what can you show us ?
  7. leslie

    iTunes Replacements

    android for me, not a fan of apple and the way they do things. seems to me if its not in their best interests its no good for you either, stuff that
  8. leslie


    that looks to be a fairly decent gouge. i guess theres some mount intolerance going on, or maybe a pin or guide is the wrong hardness, if thats the correct wording. Id be a bit proactive and fire of a email the respective manufacturers letting them know whats happening. it may or may not be an issue. if something breaks later on or the contact wears down sufficiently you may lose functionality and be with out a camera or lens which could be a real bummer. not sure where you got the lens are you able to take it back to the retailer for them to inspect ? at least then you have covered your bases if there is an issue and or things do go pear shaped later.
  9. maybe the sensors are from the same family ? so to speak which would make the colour and matching easier. if they had gone with mft we could throw a speed booster on it quite easily. i have to wonder what kind of beast that would be 😃 Seeing as bm only make cameras you have to think they would make it easy to fit the largest amount of lenses available compliant with the sensor in mind as who knows what the purchaser would want to stick on the front of it. Personally i would have liked for bmd to provide a roadmap before they announced the p4k. Something like we gonna do a 4k first then 6k and perhaps a full frame later. I might have been still saving my money for a 6k if that had been the case. but i don't resent buying the p4k. you cant just hold your breath till the next great thing arrives, well i cant anyway lol. i had a chance to wander into jb hifi a couple of days ago, they have 1 8k tv they can sell you, everything else is 4k. so i kinda dont get the whole 6k thing, tv's will be 4k or 8k from what i can see from the retail shop so what is 6k supposed to do ? Sure it gives you the option of reframing in post if you have to. or downscale to to 4k or upscale 8k perhaps. Is this a half camera thats meant to do every thing ? i actually haven't really followed the 6k thing at all. Maybe i'm in denial, perhaps i dont want to know. I cant see how i have lost money by getting the p4k i think it does an excellent job for the price i payed. What the 6k would give me i'm just not sure of
  10. welll duh..... the 6k is nearly double the price you would expect it to better. pretty sure the p4k can capture it... you must be doing something wrong. technically the only thing being vocal is you!! I would bet most of us p4k owners are happy chappies, but perhaps not everyone. Not sure what your game is, and honestly i dont care. I guess 4k isnt enough for you. 6k should compensate for whatever it is your lacking. 🙄
  11. leslie


    indeed, if there was a mountain range in the background we'd have to start calling you ansel 😉
  12. is there another Leslie ? or have you been partaking from the dregs of btm_ alcohol fueled lens tests again ? because i'm confused. i'm pretty confident i couldnt really do a 8,10,12 log discussion much justice at all. although i am pretty happy with what the p4k sends my way 😉
  13. gopros have a small lens however that picture gets wide very quickly which makes it pretty easy to get a finger stuck in the picture somewhere. Dont ask how i know this .The lens would be less than an inch or 25 mm wide so it may fit between your grate. whether the lens protudes down through the grate enough not to block your fov is the question. the gopro fov is about 170 degrees however you can also change that fov from superview to wide and linear modes which are kind of like a crop. the other thing i could suggest is rage cam and one other company can mod your gopro with alternative lenses which would give you a narrower fov as well which may help in your situation.
  14. so after the reveal whats next ? what are the odds of making it a monthly or bimonthly challenge. to give the users of the forum something to aim for, or aspire too perhaps ? cause we all do a lot of talking, something to keep us learning the craft would be really constructive as well.😉
  15. hang on a sec, $1200 or $1800 aus are some nice numbers, not sure many can argue with that. after preordering and waiting for five months i'd actually started looking for an bmccog but then i got an email saying the p4k was on its way, so that idea sunk to the bottom of the pool pretty quickly. i think only a complete moron would try to sling off at the earlier bmd cameras as their highly regarded for what they did and or still do. Not wanting to offend the original poster but his post reads to me like its a bit defensive of the earlier bmd models now that there is 4k and 6k out. Personally i dont think they need defending they can stand on their own two feet they don't need to hold anyone's hand. Am i crying now that i bought a 4k and we allegedly have this 6k beast, not really. 6k is a bridge too far for me. 4k will keep me happy for awhile. 6k will not suddenly turn me into steven speilberg. everyone has to jump in at some point that point for me was the bmp4k. worrying about earlier or latter cameras is pointless. Use what you got.
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