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  1. more spam in an electronic can. don't bother going any further links to a show box download site. Download ShowBox ShowBox is a free android app for latest movies & TV shows database. ShowBox automatically fetches all new upcoming movies along with their trailers, cast and crew, and all details you will need to know
  2. i like a) its a little warmer. Maybe im used to the aussie sun, but pasty white arms look unnatural . I think newfoundmass is onto it with the bark, had a bushfire go through the neighborhood about 12 months ago. The tree bark is a bit too black, if you could bring up the bark a little and keep the warmth you'd be on a winner. no calibrated display here just a dell laptop with stock settings.
  3. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    Nearly a week ago I joined the 4k viewing universe. Lashed out on a sony bravia 4k tv. Having a bmd p4k and not being able view all that goodness is just wrong. Well that's how i justified the purchase It may or may not be the best 4k viewing tool out there. However the local store had one in stock at a price i was happy enough with, so it came home with me. Was actually there to get a gps for my mom as dad had to head down to the big smoke for a medical procedure, which ended up going well. Been eyeing of this particular model for 6 months or more. Till now a combination of no stock
  4. manually driven cars aren't too bad provided you haven't completely flattened the battery. You can push start it with a couple of blokes or roll start if your on a hill. Did that for about a week with a dying battery, but it required a bit of forward planning finding a hill that was convenient. You learn pretty quickly after you flatten your first battery, not to do it again. lol A dual battery setup is the way to go, that way if you flatten the second battery your main battery is still good.
  5. care to share a little on your black and white workflow or even a blog perhaps. I for one would be interested in that.
  6. Admittedly times are tight, no argument about that. Pretty sure, everyone can relate to budgetary constraints at the moment. Since your talking euro's your probably get alot more of a range of gear than what's available in australia. what resolution do you need ? 720, 1080, or 4k. Depending on your required resolution will help narrow the field.
  7. i would not expect much from a 100 euro action camera. Perhaps my expectations are wrong or a little elitist, but if i use gopros then elitism is the least of my problems, i think. If you can make a $100 action camera work for you that's spectacular, personally i'll stick with a gopro. youtube is handy, however i think it makes people a bit lazy. If people can not find a review of something, they complain about the lack of content. If manufactures aren't sending units out to be reviewed and nobody is buying $100 euro action cameras to review then i suspect, those action cameras aren't wor
  8. i tend to think you get what you pay for. I suspect, if the usual vloggers aren't reviewing things there's probably a reason. I also feel that most times we as individuals would prefer someone else do the work for us and we can spend our money appropriately. Which in some ways has lead to the current dilemma of youtube and the marketing influencers involved with it. You could always hit up the manufactures to send you a unit to review. never know your luck until you try.
  9. i'm a bit of the fan of the gopro. Although their releases of the last few years have been incremental rather than innovative. Still the hypersmooth is pretty damn good. I recently had the gopro mounted to a mavic 2 pro and the hypersmooth handled everything i threw its way. Never tried any of the other or cheaper cams. I think there's a couple of people on here that have them, but gopro users are probably the minority in this forum.
  10. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    Just for giggles, i set up the gopro 9 on the mavic 2 pro. I have seen some videos of the mavics lifting stuff and wondered how they'd handle something mounted on top. Surprisingly well actually, didn't seem to be any tendency to tip. Although i flew it slowly to be safe. I think further testing is warranted, however i'll be ditching the mic and cabling as that was a bit of stunt for the camera. I reckon if i mount the camera backwards i can get some for and aft shots that might give an interesting perspective. I did flatten a battery getting it up in the air. First off the mount attach
  11. Perhaps a combination of the two or a mix of solar in there as well ? Some of those modern generators are pretty small, efficient, and surprisingly quiet. I see caravans and motorhomes in the local showgrounds all the time with little generators. I have to go past them to get to the local mens shed. After a recent encounter with having a fuel container in the back of the car and the fumes associated it, i have vowed never again. On a separate issue, I'm looking at a 6x4 trailer with solar panels on top. For my modest electrical needs, when i take off for the weekend. I have a mate
  12. cruising through the fd lens section on ebay. Honestly i was only window shopping... when my eyes started watering. This aught to lift your spirits noone there was also one for $7000 and another for $6500ish
  13. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    Dipping my toes into the lighting department. I bought a cheap wifi dimmable mirrabella led bulb. Then found out i needed a wifi controller for it. So maybe not so cheap. Payed jaycar a visit, picked up one of their powertech 4 way smart wifi powerboards. it also has provision for two usb outputs which could be advantageous later on i'm thinking. Had an issue getting everything playing together nicely, however that could be a slow internet out here i'm thinking. Took half a dozen attempts to get the first bulb working, i have since bought another lighting mount, and bulb and got it worki
  14. Im surprised you don't get a bit of redeye with the built in flashes. From memory i used to get a lot of redeye whenever i used my flash on the camera still could have been my technique
  15. i went into town to get some photos, set up on top of mt marley but the mozzies were trying to carry me away. So it was a very quick trip home and threw the tripod and camera up in the back yard. First pic moonrise with the canon 500mm from mt marley. Second pic the tokina rmc 35-105
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