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  1. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    some lovely colours at the end of that first video ! i do like timelapses, shot a few with the canon 60d using ml with the intervalometer function, not tried ramping with it yet. done some with the gopro 4. The gopro 6 can make timelapses on the go, but i find the output to have sparkly bits or something similar to marching ants at times. so i prefer to take a series of photos instead and create the timelapses with virtualdub as that was the first program i used and it was free and i'm used to it . could probably use resolve now that i got a copy with the p4k. Will have to look into it. Bought the letus anamorphic adapter for the gopro 4 awhile ago. the company had like 6 left in stock not sure if they will make any more. but i'm glad i got one. For an experiment shot some footage of the cat earlier today. yet to have a look at it been busy. went to town a few days ago dl some resolve youtube tutorials, now know how to de-squeeze anamorphic footage in reolve. Got four days work this week if i get a chance i'm going to make myself a new granite benchtop for my desk at home. i'll offer my boss some $$ for some stone, if he aint around too much i'll do a time lapse of it all. I think it would interest a few people to see some big machines running.
  2. i remember bm saying that braw would be coming to the p4k pretty early in the campaign. Although they did forget to mention that it would be at the expense of cinemaDng πŸ™„ i have to wonder if mine now has added value since i have 6.1. not that i'm interested in selling, took 5 months to get this one, couldn't do that again πŸ˜‰
  3. leslie


    it seems i like a bit of glow. Pretty sure i can do something similar with the pentax 85mm 1.9, up for a glowfest anyone ...?
  4. andrew should at least give one away for reaching 400 πŸ˜‰
  5. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    well i am sitting down but the only coffee worth drinking is this stuff πŸ˜€ ordered a cheap set of neutral density and graduated filters to play with, the aussie sun needs some calming down so to speak . Once i figure out what i tend to use most often I'll spring for something more pricey. Can anyone comment on best practices for videoing a sunset ? I have also created a youtube channel in anticipation. it should be a pretty laid back affair nothing too serious using the bmp4k and the elmoscope. i'm no casey neistat but i'm hoping the anamorphic angle gives it a bit of difference. been looking at the filter sizes on my pentax m42 lenses trying to figure out a common size for the m42 to elmoscope adapter. at the moment i'm getting some grub screws/bolts machined into the old mount the will attach to the piece of alloy i got cut on the waterjet that will support and secure the elmoscope to the smallrig. the machinist reckons theres no problem cutting the fine threads that the lenses use. i do think i need some kinda short barrel with a sleeve in it to alloy the elmoscope optics to align properly once it is screwed together. I hope to have it back by next friday, i can take some pics. I should also be able to wrap a bit of tape around them both and do a bit of shooting anamorphically. till i figure out a thread size for the adapter.
  6. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    ok work has commenced on the anamorphic lens clamp adapter should be able to pick it up next friday so i should be shooting anamorphic next weekend. I did shoot some footage today holding the elmoscope inn front of the lens. Shot hand held, as you can imagine footage like that isn't going to win any awards. it was interesting however and upon viewing i had something of a round blur or distortion happening in the lower right corner consistently as i panned. need to figure out if its the lens, elmoscope or some kinda flare. i checked both lenses and the bmp4k and everything looks clean. will try some other lenses and try to narrow it down. Still no internet at home which is getting annoying as i can only get the internet if i take the laptop into town.
  7. is this like what happens when you crush the blacks ?
  8. A : if i could afford it. At my age i don't care so much about prestige. thinking about it, that much prestige even second hand, could buy me a ton of lenses but i guess it comes back to priorities 😎btw i drive a secondhand proton jumbuck probably ranks lower than every thing else on the previous list. Actually it was voted unsafest car of the year some time ago. lucky i drive pretty safely.πŸ™„ kinda sad i wont be setting any land speed records, well not in the jumbuck anyway because a land speed record in 4k braw would be awesome.πŸ˜€
  9. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    did some ringing around, then drove to the other side of town. found a place to machine me an adapter from the elmoscope to a standard filter thread. The elmoscope is 50mm on the rear thread, it seems the pitch is .75 as far as we have been able to ascertain at the moment. if dimensions change i'll post them for posterity later . Most popular thread sizes for cameras seem to be 49mm or 52mm then 55mm which makes the 50mm of the elmoscope a bit of an oddball . I think i may have to incorporate some kind of sleeve arrangement in the adapter, as if i can thread an adapter onto the back of the elmoscope i can pretty much guarantee the anamorphics in the scope wont align correctly. I will give it some thought over the next few days and proceed ahead next week. Its kinda exciting to being so close to being an anamorphic videographerπŸ˜€
  10. i think andrew really needs to do some resolving.... and i aint talking about davinci resolve πŸ˜‰
  11. nice views, very pretty country i liked watching it its nice to see something different from time to time . i wish i could say after the rain but we are in drought here . I would quite literally kill for some of that water flowing down that ravine 😲 seems almost criminal to have a porshe sitting under a tarp. if you need a stable, i have one right here where you could park that porshe and be all nice and safe and out of the weather πŸ˜‰ A mate of mine somehow managed to kill his gopro5 a few weeks ago as well. so your not alone
  12. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    No internet at home at the moment. Which kinda sucks. Have had another enlarger lens from russia turn up. It is a m42 mount 50mm 2.8 and has 12 blades in the aperture i believe. Hope to give it a workout shortly and post some pics. Also learnt how to melt lead with just some twigs and leaves and a piece of pipe for a draft. plan on doing a vid and making a utube channel for fame and fortune πŸ˜‰ Due to a safety scare won't be doing much more of that till i get some protective gear πŸ™„ hit a speed bump with the clamp for the anamorphic lens. getting late here think i'll get some shuteye. Night all.
  13. leslie


    love that bird shot, have to google that locally and see if we have something similar happen here. maybe just a toss a box of hot chips around and wait for the seagulls to descend πŸ˜€ might have to buy a couple more fd lenses before people see what mercer is doing with them πŸ˜‰
  14. leslie

    Sharpest setup

    actually he states pocket 4k i am also wondering with the 2x crop on the p4k how wide one could go before vignetting ? the only rule i know of is about 85mm for full frame. How things work on m4/3 is a mystery i have yet to delve into.
  15. i might investigate this. i have a couple of inferred filters, a 680 and 720 nm from memory and one ir modified digital still camera. i should be able to fit something to the front of the bmp4k and see how responsive the camera is to inferred. its already a given that it would have an ir filter as pretty much all cameras have ir cut because, well infered red looks odd or weird even peculiar in photos. not that i have anything against inferred. i think the issue is our eyes aren't accustomed to seeing inferred and when we do it tends to stand out. if its a sunny day i'll try to get some footage with and with out filters then you can judge for yourselves
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