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  1. Thanks. I thought it was considered single focus. I was hoping to use autofocus with it.
  2. Hey guys, I bought slr magic anamorphot 1.33 adaptor and I'm confused about Near/Normal setting. According to description, I need to put it on NORMAL to achieve sharp images at infinity, but it seems that NEAR looks sharper than NORMAL. At NORMAL I can't achieve sharp focus at all. Could that because of the lens? Camera Nikon Z6 in crop mode tested with 28mm and 50mm at 5.6 Thanks.
  3. Nikon Z line has separate settings for photo and video. Not sure about the others.
  4. CST only transforms color space but it doesn't make the camera sensor match better. It's useful for matching luminance if you intend on using the same LUT on both cameras. For your situation, once you get 100% on luminance and WB, use hue vs. hue and hue vs. sat adjustments. People pay more attention to luminance than color differences.
  5. Got myself A7SIII and tested it against A7III. I've noticed that when I record in Slog2 or Slog3, A7III appears brighter despite having the same settings. It's about 1/3 to 1/5 stop brighter than A7SIII. When I shoot with PP off, everything looks the same. Has anyone experienced this issue?
  6. For sell DJI Mavic pro in near mint condition with extra battery and tons of other extras. Has a small nick on the right front wing and couple of scratches on second battery because it was put in a bag with light stands and other metal equipment in a rush but it's never been crashed and operates as new. It's an amazing little drone with a beautiful 4k image that can look very cinematic and I very sad to let it go. The only reason why I'm selling it is because I live in Brooklyn and an entire city is no-fly zone, so I can only practice it in a small park where there's nothing really exciting to film. That's why I'm selling it. 1) Mavic Pro in its original box with a remote controller, charger and original box with all the cables and manuals 2) Original extra battery for Mavic 3) A set if high-quality ND filters by Freewell (ND4, ND8, ND16, CPL) which will help you to get cinematic image even on a bright sunny day 4) Hard case for the drone 5) A shoulder bag from DJI that can feet Mavic and some accessories 6) DJI Battery charging hub for charging multiple batteries at once 7) DJI aircraft sleeve 8) Additional gimbal cover 9) Lens hood to block unwanted sun flares 10) Heightened landing gear to land a drone on grass 11) Propeller protectors I will also share with you LUTs that I use for Mavic's D-Log and noise reduction profiles for neat video when you need to crank up the ISO. 800$. Preferably to sell locally in New York. Thanks.
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