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  1. hey @Bold there is a bell and howel for sale on ebay is this anything like the one you have ? kinda curious as it seems like a reasonable price. the front glass doesn't look too bad but the back element is very ordinary. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Bell-And-Howell-B-H-Anamorphic-Cinemascope-Projection-Lens-35mm-Film-Movie-335B/254197152793?hash=item3b2f54bc19:g:qBMAAOSweX5b7hTN
  2. nice idea mounting it to the side. i presume there are no ports on that side ?
  3. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    been in a bit of a hacking or modifying stage lately. bought a 28-32mm step up ring and some double sided tape cut out a inner and outer diameter that matched the ring and mounted it to the 15mm olympus body cap lens i have, i also bought a 32-37mm step up ring as that seems to be the most common filter sizes to get hold of. I wanted a small adapter on the face of the camera so i could easily move the lens cover lever. When it rains again i want to be able to hang some nd of it and video some waterfalls in the area or uv perhaps. the double sided tape seems quite robust it shouldn't move anytime soon. the first helicoid for the russian lens i bought has arrived. turns out that i had a short adapter that fitted the m39 to mft mount and solved my issues. however the enlarger lenses i have tried on the helicoid don't focus to infinity. It was kind of expected as i have read online that there is issues with getting anything shorter than 70mm to focus at infinity. Apparently custom short mounts are required. the last pic is of the el nikor 63mm enlarger lens mounted on a 60d, i can focus out to about 3-4 meters. But i want more so the quest will continue.
  4. helsinki is a spammer dont waste your time, hopefully mr reid will sort it out shortly helsinki has been reported enough times already
  5. wow, helsinki the spammer is getting really creative with his posts, we might make a cinematographer out of him yet. 😁 i am rather curious if rego check nsw covers iscorama's.... thought they would only cover cars and trucks
  6. leslie

    elmoscope type 1

    er... i was wrong, Its actually 50mm metric, Any lens clamp with a bigger than 50mm hole would fit. Sorry about that was just looking at the elmoscope and thought i should recheck that as 49mm is a standard size.
  7. Success... was watching tv going through a box of different adapters that i had stashed away, not sure if i have infinity focus yet, will try that tomorrow.
  8. sun tzu, art of war huh ? not sure i want to play chess against you 😓
  9. i like it, nice job kye for some odd reason it doesn't play for me had to go to youtube to watch it. but i wont take any points away for that btw, next time you do a sausage sizzle i want in 😉
  10. the 4 was ok for me, mind you i wasn't shooting marathons or anything. I did notice with the 6 there was a flare or sunspot with the original lens cover on the front which annoyed me. It is with some irony that i say i have bought a battery eliminator for the 4 i own and the eight has now been released. Maybe i'll see some issues running the gopro for extended amounts of time. i will continue to use the four and six till something breaks i guess.
  11. leslie


    that was really interesting, surprised me how dark the set looked but sure turned out ok however i now want pizza for dinner.
  12. i hope some of you guys are reporting these spam posts and its not just me 😎
  13. lol. i guess thats a good deal if you can get it. I presume gopro are still making money maybe not as much, but still making money plus their probably counting on you buying accessories to bolster their margins and if you getting one of their cameras its one less sale for a competitor. apparently the trade up offer is for the us and eu, i just had a look on the website. I probably didn't need another one anyway. I do have a nikon 950 that the serial cable that no longer works with, its not the cable as the digi-lapse controller cable doesn't work anymore either. it still takes nice inferred photos however even if they are 2.1 mp let us know how well it works out for you, should probably keep an eye out on these things 🧐
  14. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    More digressing, i know @Tito Ferradans has been doing something with faking the anamorphic look. Maybe he's posted something by now not sure. In the interests of sharing the anamorphic burden i had made a frame and had a machinist add some grubs screws to mount it onto my letus anamorphic. I have been wondering if perhaps i could add or change the flares somehow. Lots of testing in front of me just need to find a fishing buddy that has lots of different fishing lines. i will probably have to paint the frame black but the first test will to see how the frame reacts unpainted
  15. you could get a russian nap for less than $100 most likely but you need to factor in lens clamps and such, after that the price just goes goes up. I think i spent about $300 for an elmoscope then more on a lens clamp and still more yet if i get a front mounted variable diopter. Anamorphics isn't really a cheap sport. i wouldn't recommend a nap, their big and heavy . a normal projection scope will be a lot smaller and lighter and easier to mount but need double focus or buy a fvd people that are selling on ebay generally know what anamorphics are worth, and its getting harder to find really good deals plus there seems to be alot more interest in anamorphics lately theres at least one facebook page for anamorphics however i find that people on there tend to think the anamorphic lens their selling is gold plated, so i wouldn't recommend facebook. for a good sale Of course its all relevant to your budget and what your willing to pay not to mention if you want buy something to shoot tomorrow or are prepared to build something over a longer term .
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