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  1. leslie

    Lens Weight

    Nice play on words no0ne Bizarrely I am considering how I might accomplish such a thing. First thought was a ex meth lab flask with maybe a simple lens at the end to help focus and a pinhole to top things off. Food for thought. Perhaps the next challenge should have a home made component to it.
  2. leslie

    Lens Weight

    kye, in keeping up with the spirit of your reply. May i suggest, light as air, Flares like a beast, takes that digital edge right off, sadly no aperture. A man of your talents should have no problem mounting it to your camera of choice.
  3. you could be right. it seems odd to me, as i learned a lesson quite some time ago about cheap media with a different camera. I preordered the p4k and it took about 5 months for mine to arrive. Which probably gave me additional time to research things abit. So i had a samsung t5 before the p4k arrived. When purchasing a camera surely you'd also look at media requirements ? Having said that i did still stick some other cards in it to see what i could get away with. I guess there's always a tendency for people to cheap out, if you already have some media. I learned on lower setti
  4. ease up ironfilms.... a cheap cine camera is not necessarily a bad thing. in my defense... it was purely for the advancement of scientific knowledge. i already had a t5 before i got my p4k but i wanted to see what i could get away with. to reiterate, buy approved media save the headaches.
  5. there's an approved list of cards for cameras here at the bmd forum https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=95785#p531283 you can use cheaper cards at some frame rates and quality levels. it tends to be an exercise in frustration figuring what you can get away with. Mind you that was with a p4k The 6k pro probably has higher minimum requirements.
  6. leslie

    The D-Mount project

    nice work persevering @kye, I kinda lent the other way. Lashed out on the gopro 9 yesterday. I figure its a decent upgrade over the 6 i have. I have some plans for it, not as extreme as yours however. i'll post something later
  7. leslie

    Lens Weight

    i have some m42 lenses from yesteryear. I actually don't like thinking about how old they are as i can relate to that age. Still they work flawlessly, not sure if these modern plastic lenses will give the same longevity.
  8. i have about 7 or 8 vintage pentax m42, i doubt that i could call any of them clinical. I would have to say my latest purchase an olympus 12mm f2 would probably be my most " clinical " or modern corrected lens. Optically i guess my pentax m42 300mm f4 produces a fair amount of purple fringing. With a bit of work, that can be removed or reduced in post for photos. My interpretation on bad rendering for me, would be swirly bokeh. Some people go out of their way to purchase lenses that give that look, i just don't find it appealing. As far as i'm aware swirly bokeh seems mostly used f
  9. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    On sunday my brother and i got out to a place called coolmunda dam, about an hour from where i live. A rather large man made impoundment. However at the moment its quite low. Arrived just before sunset, ended up driving the whole way around it looking for a suitable place to shoot some photos and drone video. I used the olympus e-m10 and the 12mm f2 lens. All in all i was quite impressed with the 12 mm. Only problem was the battery wasn't fully charged as i thought, plus i took raw and jpg's which probably didn't help. It was however helpful when i dragged both into resolve and made timelapses
  10. found that Pergear 10mm for sale on ebay while looking at olympus 9mm lenses retail wise its probably close to $50 cheaper than most of the olympus 9mm body cap lenses. its supposed to have three ed glass elements Never heard of these guys before however. might google it later while i have the cat at the vets, getting his shots. F8 Pancake Fisheye lens For APS-C-format M4/3-Mount Mirrorless Cameras 1.【M4/3-Mount Lens/M43 Format 15mm (35mm Equivalent)】: excellent for portrait, landscape, and humanity photograph. 2.【5 Elements in 4 Groups】: Its optical system consis
  11. i nearly bought a 9mm bodycap lens today $75 aus, new as well. I'm gonna sleep on it and probably buy it tomorrow if its still available. Personally I like the idea of some aspherical glass elements to help things along. Since i didn't mind the look from the 15mm, the 9mm should fit right in. Also not surprised you found the 15mm to be daylight limited, Kind of similar to the canon f8 mirror lens, kinda like for special circumstances i would venture
  12. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    Some footage from me stalking the sheep, shows my ninja walk isn't very ninjaish, more practice I expect. Next project is under way. Seen someone here on the forums mount a camera to the pole and I thought that might give some interesting angles. I think I have pretty much all I need to complete it. I have the L shaped alloy to mount the crane m2 gimbal, as it has two 1/4 tripods sockets one on the side and one on the bottom. That should give me a secure grip on the gimbal.
  13. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    Took the new 12 mm lens and gimbal up to the local lookout. The 12mm seems to balance nicely on the little m2 gimbal. Quite happy with how it's all working out.
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