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  1. Had this happen in town on the showgrounds in the middle of an oval. My third or fourth flight, nobody around except a few blokes from the mens shed who wanted a demo. i had an all clear ready to take off, sent it up about ten meters, then the warning box popped up scared the crap out of me. Cant doing nothing till you click ok. I was in beginner mode which limits you to about thirty meters. So i wasn't doing anything to ambitious, Very annoying. Probably wont send it up anywhere near town in future lol. Don't need the aviation authority bashing down any doors
  2. I did go looking for a p40, cant get them in aus at the moment or not easily. No big deal, not really interested in an apple product either. So i jumped back into bed with a samsung s20. My only constraint for a phone was it has to fit the mavic controller The old s2 had developed it own glow filter after years of casual abuse and wouldn't run the dji controller either so its been retired. first photo from the s20 after midnight because i was bored, and want to try the low light out. I guess the s20 is total overkill just to run the mavic. 8k video will be something to
  3. I just got a mavic 2 pro. So its its a bit like the empire strikes back done a few flights, getting used to it. Seen a few vids where somebody lifts things with the mavic so i ordered an accessory that mounts a gopro to the top. Darth better be careful or he'll find himself replaced. not so sure about the little anamorphic adapters for the gimbal, which is why i'm trying out the gopro first.
  4. nice enough footage and how to desqueeze and why you need to desqueeze on a mac, but not much on flares or how it flares.
  5. i suspect its an early preproduction ulanzi or maybe a different brand. From the vids i have watched, the demo units had warmer flares with muted blue flares. The production version just have the intense blue flare. Which is kinda sad. Their not a true 1.33 either only 1.15. So that's something to be aware of. Apparently marketing got it wrong somehow This dude talks about it at about 4.13 of this video https://youtu.be/OYHFwpWCna0
  6. nice work. i took mine out too. I learnt old gopro mounts are none too sticky even with new double sided tape, which means i do have some footage of the go pro taking a tumble, amongst other things... The main concern was the letus anamorphic lens is ok
  7. after my reply i thought about the wind buffeting also. i live in a high wind corridor pretty much right on the edge of the great dividing range. I have to go into town later i'll take the gopro and perform some rather unscientific tests. I think there's some grounds here for some collaboration and group therapy
  8. yes it was well done, It does surprise me that unlike the p4k release there are no media clips for the ursa 12k around. Seems a bit odd to me. But who can say how bmd thinks I confess i preordered the 4k from mostly those media releases. Not to mention the fact i was happy to help out a local company. Kyes been talking about image thickness in another thread. I'm going out on a limb and say the ursa 12k has it and with some to spare. i thought there was some banding or blockiness with the red lipstick and red background, i had to watch it at 1440 before it went away. Perhaps
  9. that does seem to make American roads appear super smooth. Anything that could make an aussie road appear as smooth as that, would sell like hotcakes but i digress. He does drive pretty consistent, no big swerves or hard cornering, so im thinking he's working within the constraints of his particular system. even when he turns around, assuming its a he he is doing his best not to upset the apple cart so to speak. I'm in two minds whether its internal or external I suspect its mounted outside on the front or bonnet. If its internal, i thought that a shot of the sun might have given s
  10. thats so VIVID i need sunglasses to look at it
  11. part of my devious plan is to exploit that lightness and pair it with a small light weight camera then mount said contraption on a astro tracker i have. I presume stars will be out of " reach " with f8 but i 'm more interested in catching moon rises and sunsets with some foreground object and time lapse the whole thing. I do have two canon fd 2x teleconverters from the days of film. Been watching for a fd 1.4 teleconverter but their a fair bit pricier than the 2x. Oddly enough, donuts don't seem to bother me, yet i don't like swirly bokeh, go figure
  12. not sure how i missed this thread until now. However i'm quite literally throwing the "cat" amongst the pigeons. One canon fd 500mm mirror lens, found a mint one out of japan and couldn't help myself. For a good price as well nearly had to pinch myself. Main issue is my tripod isn't up to the task. Too much play sadly. Thats an issue i'll have to address shortly. This kinda fulfills some deep unconscious desire from a bygone era. Probably doesn't make a lot of sense an f8 mirror lens, but what the hell. I have set up a bird feeder out the front, the 500mm should bring them in a little c
  13. that definitely low light. Google low light photography find some images you like and emulate them. If you have a tripod, i'd use it. I've heard it said that experience isn't something you get until just after you need it. take lots of photos, develop a style, maybe even stack a few images see how that goes if your doing a lot of evening photos. i dont have that lens, no idea how it performs for photography or video . I guess all you can do is try it. Try it in every conceivable variation thats the only way to learn a lens and whether it can work for you or not. There's a multitude of
  14. VIVID... noone, you heretic Mr reid you now have the forums permission to sacrifice noone on the alter of c-log... call me an atheist but i'd hope for a thicc bone density xray, other than that i think its all bit naff. Maybe people are trying to carry something over from the days of film. You remember film surely ? when every home home had one of these (ok maybe not every home ). My point being digital and film are fish swimming in different oceans as much as people like to emulate film with digital. I hold grave concerns when it come to technical terms of film being applied t
  15. one of these beasties then. To be honest my kit lens doesn't get a lot of love. 9 time out of ten there is a m42 adapted to the canon or on the p4k. Although some years ago i did buy a katzeye microprism screen for the canon kinda shows you i tend to like my mf I also find mf on the 18-55 a bit ordinary even a touch rough. the af works fine however. i just dont use it much.
  16. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    If canon own the camera cripple hammer title, then Fastway couriers own the courier service that don't deliver title. I have had 2 lenses come from russia 1 from ukraine a single focus solution from the united states, 7 or 8 lenses from japan and a drone from china, no problems what so ever. Buy something in australia and i cross my fingers and prey to almighty God above that they dont use fastway couriers. now if it had happened once i could understand you saying, ease up mate its only a parcel. Nay say i, not once, not twice, not even thrice, but almost 6 times, i have had the misfortu
  17. you should prank him. I'd pay to see that :)
  18. your bloods worth bottling kye, i was going to google it a little closer to the event or xmas which ever happens first. Still waiting on a couple of items and corona has item delivery all over the place. better not disrupt the topic much more, i'll make a new thread about it shortly.
  19. There's a club ? well thats embarrassing, i didn't get the memo Use what you got is my mantra, apart from that, I like the images i get from my canon and there's nothing wrong with my p4k either. ( in my own personal opinion ) With my newbish appreciation of colour science and or colour grading, i doubt i would mix and match the two however lol. I do have drone i intend to throw into the mix shortly. No doubt thats going to be an interesting exercise, not the flying so much as the matching the drone footage to the p4k. seen some stuff online that i would like to emulate. Besides that
  20. i think if you buy a pentax, your assured of getting a camera that can do everything previous cameras could do and should be able to do and maybe some new tricks. buy a canon, and you know it can do more. its just a case of which of its features are going to get kneecapped because of some bizarre policy instigated by hal 9000, the Artificial Intelligence from 2001 a space Odyssey. You know the line. I'm sorry dave, but i can't do that !! Thats pretty much how i see canon at the moment, but maybe thats just me Speculating wildly now, but maybe Olympus had already seen th
  21. i like it, well done mr reid. easier on my eyes i think, but then i am on a laptop the brown and yellow kinda reminds me of the broncos fotball team colours who Ahem happen to be wooden spooners this year ( but lets not go there ) however i dont think thats a reflection on eoshd
  22. leslie

    bmp4k adventures

    I am waiting for batteries and a transmitter and because i am bored.... Welcome to the dark side of cinewoops We also have chocolate chip cookies !!
  23. you may bring one attendant each. You can toss a coin over who gets full frame and who gets the equivalent in not full frame. Period attire is mandatory. Should make for an interesting short.
  24. can i get you boys dueling pistols for xmas ? then we can settle it once and for all
  25. i.m generalizing a bit but you can image, anything you like with an assortment of lenses, cameras, adapter rings and tape. What you find good enough, will differ from other peoples perspectives. I have at least one enlarger lens here that if you measure the lens itself would fit your criteria but is probably a little bigger and longer certainly other enlarger lenses would technically fit your criteria. whether you want to work within their capabilities is another issue. Maybe some old 8mm or 16mm film cameras would fit your requirements. i think their called c mount or d mount. Some pancakes
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