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  1. This topic is sad because it pits forum users against each other over something as facile as politics. This should be a place where people come together over their shared love of cameras and be supportive of each other. This does the opposite. Good job sowing discord. Those sane few who are left can't escape this nonsense. Everything has to be about politics because people don't have enough imagination to think about anything else. Let's go back to talking about cameras and forget about this. I can understand this coming from the Sony shooters but the rest of us should be better than this ????
  2. This whole discussion is absurd. Why do we need Netflix to determine the value of a camera based on some unknown and abstruse criteria. The whole thing is speculation. Make up your OWN MIND by looking and testing the images. 10 bit is still 10 bit though. The traditional Japanese companies won't give you internal raw, and that's why most people will pick the blackmagic at half the price. If you pick a camera based on what Netflix says, you are in a dream land, and to suggest it is some arbiter of quality is even more fanciful - cause no one here can say what the criteria is. Not to mention that some of the best cameras ever made aren't on the list.
  3. No surprises. The phone flopped and was voted worst tech of the year by some publications. No way he could compete with the big dogs on any kind of level. The resale value has plummeted and this won't help.
  4. Bias can also be by the weight you give the pros and cons of the competing systems. I think it is tough to say for sure how you will feel about it without using it. Yes there are draw backs but nothing comes close to giving internal raw at FF 4k60p with amazing autofocus, pro stills capabilities and pro level ruggedness, to the point where, ye, you can take it to the mountains and film a doco without having to worry about the weather and dust or it malfunctioning. Look how much Sony want to charge you for the Fx9 and still no internal raw and that thing is huge. Gotta give props where it is due.
  5. If you want pro photo and pro video in one body, this is it. No other camera gives you that, hence the price. As good as the s1h is, I don't want to be fiddling around with external recorders just to get raw. With the weather sealing etc, the places you can take this camera where you can't take others makes it all the more appealing and unique. The price is warranted. This thing is a BEAST.
  6. I think they are photographers who dont know what they are doing and are probably just using the internal 4k codec.
  7. thank you, i loved this movie too. I watched it in the cinemas, and the ending is quite brilliant. I did notice when they switched between the osmo and the red, so did my friends who are not camera experts, but it did not take away from the movie at all.
  8. Im not an audio guy. ELI5 why this better than something like a tascam dr10 - and what are the monitoring options on it?
  9. Yurolov

    Sigma FP

    Internal 8 bit cinema dng is possible. What struck me was how he wanted/dreamed of this camera and they just made it. Rather than it being some exercise in market segmentation.
  10. Wait so no internal raw?? Edit: so no. Looks to be pretty shit specs and inferior to the canon. Does not bode well for the a7siii.
  11. Rigging it up is not a problem for most people. The image quality is still worlds better than anything you can get from something like a gh5. And there are a lot who do use it for paid work. More importantly, it levels the field for indie film-makers like never before. I'm sure the Gh5 is a better in a lot of things, like corporate work (if that is your cup of tea), but image is king imo. Get a T5, external monitor and a power solution and you are good to go. It will still end up being more compact than a lot of other cinema cameras.
  12. It is easy to cherry pick stills from a scene and say look at how amazing this camera is with this lens. In reality it isnt. You will actually get a x20 better image with the bmpcc and a cheap vintage lens than you ever will from this combo (and it will cost you a whole, whole lot less).
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