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  1. We all know that phones can imitate bokeh for photos but from the promos it looks like the Galaxy 5gs new sensor will allow you to do real time video bokeh in 4k by mapping the environment around you. I will be getting one, and am curious as to how well it will work and what the future of the technology will be.
  2. I got a 6d mark ii for just over 1k on sale during black friday for birding. I get 1080p 24p there at least. This camera is an abortion. The camera is cheap but you have to pay big money if you don't want to use an adaptor (which increases the size and weight - and kills whatever advantage it may have). It doesn't cost anymore money to add 24p. They just don't respect the consumers intelligence.
  3. People complaining about no ibis clearly have not used canons for video. Lens IS and digital IS work better than ibis from Sony.
  4. Ok fine. I was just pointing out that none of what you said it at the time you said it was correct. The simple fact is that this is the only camera which is FF 10 bit internal and 8 bit 60p. If you are doing serious video work, you aren't using autofocus anyway. But the ibis handheld is a godsend. The only other option is to wait for the mythical As7iii. But I can't tell you for a certainty that Sony will be protecting their cinema line, as they have always.
  5. - many people will prefer the ergonomics to sony and wont care about the extra bit of weight. - you haven't tried to video af so am surprised you would know before literally everyone. -given the additional specs you failed to mention, I doubt many would say it is overpriced. -they have said that you will have internal 10bit 4k with paid upgrade. Show me any other brand who gives you the same in a mirrorless. -lens choices are fine for video and you will be able to adapt sigma. I cant believe people are upset at this release - literally no other full frame or apsc hybrid gives you these kind of specs. Its gonna be fun having smooth full frame 10 bit footage that is usable unlike sony and nikons current implementation. Cant wait.
  6. The camera is DOA. The rebates and price drops will be coming in thick and fast shortly. It clearly reeks of budgetary constraints. The problem for them is now that they have set the bar for their premium product at this level, you wouldn't expect anything to surpass it in the next 2 years. How outlandish would it be if they gave us a em5 iii with 4k 60p while their premium product is at 30p. I think panasonic saw what was coming and reacted. Unfortunately for Olympus they are looking the odd man out here.
  7. I find it funny how people on here think the average consumer could care less about RS but for some reason they care so much about 4k, which codec they can't even edit on their laptops. For the average person the m50 is a much better option: the price is more appealing, has a proper screen, more aesthetically pleasing, better brand name recognition, and ergonomically a treat with that nice touch screen interface. Most people watch youtube (I'd hazard a guess at around 80%) on their phone, for which 480p is good enough. I used to own a a6300 and sold it. That thing was so sharp you could see every pore and blemish on your face. I put it on 1080p and - ah - so much better for my appearance haha. I don't see vloggers spending the extra money over a m50 - it would be a stupid decision.
  8. Ha ha the camera is a massive flop. Clearly Sony have learned nothing about ergonomics and how people actually use their cameras.
  9. I haven't compare the two but I would stick with the mxf.
  10. 25fps, 1/50, clog, autofocus with face detect, and standard stabilization.
  11. I picked one up recently too as a nice compact travel option. For people who don't want to concentrate on their gear too much and just focus on content this camera is great. No futzing around with focus, changing lenses, nd issues, stabalization, etc. Shallow depth of field is a aesthetic choice like anything else. If you have good colors and a nice codec you don't require it to get a filmic image, especially with clog. The only downsides are lowlight performance and the colors in clog aren't as good as you would get from a c100. I find the skintones a bit flat, which is a bit disappointing. I got mine for 850 usd so I think it is a no brainer at this point.
  12. I use Lee pro-glass cine IRND 4x4. I also have tiffen grad nds which have a color cast to them at higher stops. I would not recommend tiffen personally. The Lee filters dont have any perceivable color shift as far as I can tell in my grades, so I would recommend those.
  13. Meanwhile...back in October they ran with your article: https://www.dpreview.com/news/2269209875/magic-lantern-starts-work-on-way-to-enhance-canon-eos-r-feature-set Good advertising for this site but just goes to show their double standard. The canonrumours one is weird. Surely they don't think it will stop anyone from here going on their site. Its ridiculous.
  14. That's the thing. People will complain about the size difference of DSLRs to mirrorless, but once you put something on a gimbal it is moot. You can't film anywhere without, like you said, sticking out like a sore thumb. I can deal with the camera being a little bit bigger if we don't need the gimbal. I think a combination of hardware and software stabilisation would get the job done. Plus bigger body means better heat dissipation and better codecs.
  15. Like I said before, and most people disagreed with me, the future of m43 is a gimbleless future. If they can give us perfectly stabilised footage straight out of camera that alone makes it unique among the competition and saves a lot in time and the extra cost of a gimbal. I don't know what 7.5 stops will mean practically once they do their crop but I would imagine we are getting pretty close.
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