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  1. Some things that we can carry over from Facebook is a clearly defined set of rules for the forum which are moderated by moderators. It can't be the wild west out here if we want people to stay. Mattias left because he was being trolled for his opinions on Canon. This needs to stop. Posts in each topic should relate to that topic. If I am in the xt4 thread, then I post about the xt4. This would also let Andrew focus more on the blog.
  2. I think Andrew is looking at it from the perspective of Quality v Quantity. It is hard competing in a forum format when you have specialized groups on facebook where information is at your fingertips. For example, the best community for the digital bolex is on facebook (and discord, I believe). This forum doesn't have that particular expertise, and in recent times it has devolved into tribal-based infighting over camera brands, etc, which you don't get on facebook when everyone is cordoned off. The way to combat this is to remove the forum and focus on intelligent discourse where people actually want to engage with what is written. The only way to do that is to raise the level of the discourse and weed out the trolls. I think this can be achieved without removing the forum, though, as long as we run a tighter ship. My 2 cents. Peace and love to all.
  3. Well said Andrew. Brilliant review. I so hope everyone gets behind Sigma on this product and their vision. Andrew, I think a review on youtube would really help as there is a current dearth of good reviews out there. Camera hasn't been hyped at all on youtube (some might say that is a blessing).
  4. Kai isn't a real reviewer. It's all fluff. This guy actually is the best for what he is, which is discussing vlog equipment. He never purports to be anything more. But the crossover comes if you are interested in a cameras ability to autofocus and stabilise. He has the best reviews in that regard with the most comparisons. Things like autofocus and ibis need a long format review, multiple reviews in fact, to discuss and show the cameras abilities. No one else takes the time to do that or show that.
  5. He reviewed the zv1. That's all you need to know.
  6. The state of the industry is shocking. The shilling is flagrant and constant. Sony is really bad at it with all the cretins they enlist on YouTube. It's become so bad that the best, and most unbiased, reviews come from a meme channel started as a joke about finding the perfect camera. He actually gives in-depth tests and comparisons. Just look at the 1dx and the rolling shutter issue and how that was ignored. And some companies like Fuji get a pass on poor autofocus and ibis. Just does not look good and people should be made aware of it.
  7. It's a nice update but most of the criticism still stands. The camera has so much potential because of its size. Putting a monitor on defeats the purpose. So not being able to do Log seems like a missed opportunity to me, along with the lack of internal codec. I do hope they come out with a mark II.
  8. Contrast this attitude with smaller Chinese companies like z-cam who have a ceo answering questions on Facebook and improving their cameras based on user suggestions. No usb-c just goes to show how slow and outdated some of these Japanese companies are.
  9. Panasonic could see the writing on the wall with Olympus. They knew they couldn't sustain MFT by themselves and have transitioned to FF.
  10. https://www.43rumors.com/it-happened-olympus-sold-the-imaging-business-to-jip/ Sounds like the end for Olympus cameras.
  11. I wonder if it will have the same impact with the youtube shills as the zv1 i.e. 1000 videos drop at once from the likes of Phillip Bloom, that tech channel which exclusively reviews apple products, the fashion blogger that sony paid et cetera et cetera.
  12. Need to give us more details regarding setup (lighting and camera movement) and color grading so we know what you are working with and what can be realistically improved.
  13. Justin Phillip https://www.youtube.com/user/jpdogtimes Does great reviews of lenses, various filters, plus cinematography and lighting tutorials.
  14. I think the xt4 still has a fair few compromises as well. The af is not class leading and you can't rely on it like you can with the Canons and Sony. The thing about autocus is there is not really any degrees of effectiveness to it in terms of real world use. Either you can rely on the autofocus in a shoot or not. I think it falls into the latter category and I would only use it on a casual basis. The ibis is still jerky and warpy and gives away a lot to the Canon's DIS. The new r5 should have the benefit of both. The 8k rs in the r5 will be horrendous no doubt but if the 4k modes are good this discussion becomes moot. The 8k is a marketing label.
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