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  1. https://www.l-rumors.com/l5-panasonic-s1h-will-have-6-stops-in-body-stabilization/
  2. People forget that they did this on a quote unquote cinema camera when they released the xc10. In the PAL variant you couldn't get 24p. You were locked into 25p. That camera was marketed as a sort of B camera to the c300 which could do 24p. Can someone please tell me the rationale for that?? This sort of segmentation is unforgivable to me in a time when they are losing market share to phones at a rapid rate. My only guess is that they might think that most consumers could care less about 24p. And they may be right. I did a Europe tour recently and went to all the big tourist spots across a lot of countires. 95 percent of people used phones. Of the people who had DSLR/mirrorless cameras, 80 percent were Canon, 15 percent were Nikon and the remaining 5 percent was a combination of Sony, Fuji and Olympus.
  3. Not many went J on here. I'm happy with having gone F haha.
  4. F is the most balanced between the two images in terms of giving you a good look straight out of camera. For me, skin tones are the most important so I would have chucked someone's face in there as well - might have helped those of us on the fence. But yes F is the most pleasing to me because it is able to retain the classical softness of film while not being as faded or garish as some of the others.
  5. Not sure where the game change is meant to be. Doesn't look like it does 60p 10 bit internal. The AF will presumably be the same as the S1. I think it is a weird pricing.
  6. So basically Huawei is the leader in 5g but without american components that tech just can't be used. How is this not a good thing for the americans? 5g is the future of tech. I don't think the short-term loss for these chip makers matters compared to the advantages of being no 1 in 5g. And if you think the americans aren't playing fair then the same can be said about the chinese. Just consider how they got to this point.
  7. It isn't just about the trade war; it is about the stealing of intellectual property for the purpose of out-competing american companies. In the short term Intel may suffer but in the long term it will be beneficial for them to have a level playing field. Huawei is state-sponsored. Its technology piggy-backs off american innovation. The americans invested in the tech at considerable expense. It is easy for the chinese to offer items cheaper when you don't have to pay for the r&d. To say that Foxconn would close its books is unrealistic. For one, it would take a massive hit to its revenue; it would have to sack an untold number of people; and other international companies would also pull out for fear of the same thing happening to them. In fact, China has little leverage because it is so reliant on the american consumer to purchase its goods and to provide its citizens with employment in manufacturing. The biggest detriment to tech innovation is IP theft. If their has to be some short term pain then it is warranted if the playing field is leveled; the americans can withstand it much better than the chinese. You see it time and again with innovative american startups going bankrupt because there is a cheaper chinese alternative that copies their tech. So yea, I would say that a stand needs to be taken.
  8. Forward progress in terms of aesthetics is relative. It is why people still use the nearly decade old alexa and pay a premium for early CCD s16 cameras. Sony may have the tech but the images are lackluster. Not sure why Canon would give up the very thing that makes their image unique and special.
  9. Is it just going to be to the new ninja v?
  10. We all know that phones can imitate bokeh for photos but from the promos it looks like the Galaxy 5gs new sensor will allow you to do real time video bokeh in 4k by mapping the environment around you. I will be getting one, and am curious as to how well it will work and what the future of the technology will be.
  11. I got a 6d mark ii for just over 1k on sale during black friday for birding. I get 1080p 24p there at least. This camera is an abortion. The camera is cheap but you have to pay big money if you don't want to use an adaptor (which increases the size and weight - and kills whatever advantage it may have). It doesn't cost anymore money to add 24p. They just don't respect the consumers intelligence.
  12. People complaining about no ibis clearly have not used canons for video. Lens IS and digital IS work better than ibis from Sony.
  13. Ok fine. I was just pointing out that none of what you said it at the time you said it was correct. The simple fact is that this is the only camera which is FF 10 bit internal and 8 bit 60p. If you are doing serious video work, you aren't using autofocus anyway. But the ibis handheld is a godsend. The only other option is to wait for the mythical As7iii. But I can't tell you for a certainty that Sony will be protecting their cinema line, as they have always.
  14. - many people will prefer the ergonomics to sony and wont care about the extra bit of weight. - you haven't tried to video af so am surprised you would know before literally everyone. -given the additional specs you failed to mention, I doubt many would say it is overpriced. -they have said that you will have internal 10bit 4k with paid upgrade. Show me any other brand who gives you the same in a mirrorless. -lens choices are fine for video and you will be able to adapt sigma. I cant believe people are upset at this release - literally no other full frame or apsc hybrid gives you these kind of specs. Its gonna be fun having smooth full frame 10 bit footage that is usable unlike sony and nikons current implementation. Cant wait.
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