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  1. Yurolov

    Olympus EM1-X Rumor

    Like I said before, and most people disagreed with me, the future of m43 is a gimbleless future. If they can give us perfectly stabilised footage straight out of camera that alone makes it unique among the competition and saves a lot in time and the extra cost of a gimbal. I don't know what 7.5 stops will mean practically once they do their crop but I would imagine we are getting pretty close.
  2. Yurolov

    Olympus EM1-X Rumor

    Earlier in the year they were saying that the olympus camera to be released in january would have advanced video specs. I suspect this is the selfsame camera. I haven't purchased any of the recently announced mirroless camera as yet as I am waiting to see what this camera will do with its purported 6 stop ibis. Given its size I am guessing there will be enough heat dissipation to give us a really robust 4k 60p codec. People already know how good the olympus ibis is - if they have improved it even more it will be a fantastic run and gun camera. I suspect the video specs will be class leading for a hybrid. They need to price it around the xt3 though.
  3. Yurolov

    Just in time!

    It's funny how in his thumbnail the focus on all the cameras is sharp except the canon.
  4. lol fuji most def is not the closest. The whole image is shifting blue. The nikon is the closest. Fuji is probably last place. Just look at his shirt.
  5. Yurolov

    Color science

    The proper test for photos should be how does your software of choice develop your raw files. Yes, raw files can be manipulated but the development you get from lightroom very much represents, if you are using canon, the canon look (or if you are using another manufacturer - then that manufacturer). I don't think comparing the default jpeg profile means anything because literally no one will be shooting full frame cameras like that. The program process the raw for you then you edit. I can only make soony look like canon if I know what the end point is - and I would need a canon for that. The people on here who actually think there is any validity to this test should actually take it: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScDnq2nCYioH628uZXG_oVevanWlAeX0w8wRPXEFlls3aRq6g/viewform Look at how small the pics are - it is a joke. The bigger joke is thinking that this applies to video as well.
  6. Yurolov

    Vimeo's new policy is..... Failure!

    "During her time there, she made the case that the business should focus its attention on content creators. That was a really valuable business opportunity, and an area no one was really focused on," Sud said. She made the case to Vimeo, and "because of that, I was given an opportunity to run the company." lol. Guys she is a visionary. They should start by updating their servers so people can stream 1080p let alone 4k. I didn't even need to go to Harvard Business School to come up with that idea! 😲
  7. Yurolov

    Color science

    He was shooting jpeg on god knows what color profile for each camera. The test has zero relevance for shooting professionals. I give u slog2 on a a7sii and clog on a Canon, and you better believe there is a significant difference. There is a direct comparison done by that potatojet guy. Same thing, blind test. 80 percent picked canon. All of a sudden we are all miraculously wrong and Sony is really the best lol.
  8. Where are all the Halloween jokes for the Nikon guys. Come on, we are better than this. Something funky going on there.
  9. This guy reckons the 1080p is better on the Canon than Sony. But didn't max give us the definitive answer..? Some more comparisons.
  10. Yurolov

    EOS R does NOT lack sharpness in 4K - Here's proof

    The same thing happened with the xc10. Specs were crap but the image was unmatched for a s16 look. It is the nature of canon. If u like good images then the Eos r will give u that. Talk about absolute sharpness in 4k is complete nonsense; its unimaginative and any artist worth anything could care less about it.
  11. Yurolov

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    How many cups of coffee did this person have before shooting this?
  12. Post some vids when you get a chance.
  13. Yurolov

    I am leaving Vimeo over their scandalous DMCA policy

    Good point. Just speculating here but it might also be part of a terms of settlement or something whereby they are forced to impose these rules. Seems fairly draconian otherwise. Vimeo is a no go anyway because u can't even stream in 1080p without constant interruptions.
  14. Yurolov

    Guess the camera

    Fuji xt3