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  1. Lensrentals Investigating the Canon R5 Heat Emission https://wordpress.lensrentals.com/blog/2020/09/investigating-the-canon-r5-heat-emission/
  2. Canon's development department has shown what is possible in a small body. Now the marketing department is intervening. They will spread the technique over various models. Any model with a little more options. C70, C170, C270 etc ???
  3. The rumor of the C70 is just as strange as the picture, just look at the difference in lens and body blur. Fake?
  4. Maybe the whiz kids at Magic Lantern can reset the counters. But it is very quiet there as far as the R5 is concerned!
  5. Canon has been doing that for a while! How else can they keep track of the shutter count without an extra battery inside?
  6. The EOS R5 manual indicates that there is no separate battery for date and time storage. Probably just flash memory.
  7. I may have overlooked it, but I haven't seen a message that the Canon EOS R5 gets very hot on the outside too. Armando Ferreira says in his video 'The Canon EOS R5 IS NOT AN 8K CAMERA!': When the camera (R5) says it is overheated, I touch the camera, it is pretty much cool to the touch! Does this not indicate badly calibrated heat sensors or an incorrect reading by the firmware? Or a combination of both?
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