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  1. 5K is just the R5 crop, not a Ninja V+ feature.
  2. Interesting, but the 8K test is very doubtful. At this moment the Canon EOS R5 is not capable of outputting 8K through HDMI. Till the firmware update for the Ninja V+ it is still 4K!
  3. Unlimited 4KHQ and 8K recording - No mods needed! Just know where the heat building up is coming from. https://youtu.be/IM3ulAK5f8k
  4. The Zitay converter is supplied with rubber (red) stops. They say 5, I got eleven of them! See (iPhone) picture below.
  5. That is why I didn't cut into the door so I can always use CFexpress cards if needed and the camera keeps its resale value.
  6. This assumption is also incorrect. Users with a closed battery cover get the same results as me.
  7. I have not found the Delikin brand. You probably mean Delkin? Never heard of it, can't buy it here either. The build quality of the Zitay converter is excellent and I would be surprised if this flat cable breaks or comes loose. But yes, not everyone is careful with their camera gear. Any CFexpress you use with 8K RAW in the Canon EOS R5 will lead to overheating (with firmware 1.3.1 22 minutes!) And what will the long-term consequences of this be?
  8. Some people just make a small opening in the battery lid. I just use the supplied rubber stops.
  9. To see if there is a cheaper solution than the CFexpress card type B for the Canon EOS R5, I bought the CFexpress To SSD Converter from Zitay. And a separate 2TB Samsung 980 Pro PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSD drive. In total, it is still much cheaper then, for example, a Sony Tough 512 GB CFexpress card (For me 6.2 times in terms of storage capacity). Now I can shoot 8K RAW footage up to the time limit of 29:59 minutes without getting an overheating warning!
  10. Lensrentals Investigating the Canon R5 Heat Emission https://wordpress.lensrentals.com/blog/2020/09/investigating-the-canon-r5-heat-emission/
  11. Canon's development department has shown what is possible in a small body. Now the marketing department is intervening. They will spread the technique over various models. Any model with a little more options. C70, C170, C270 etc ???
  12. The rumor of the C70 is just as strange as the picture, just look at the difference in lens and body blur. Fake?
  13. Maybe the whiz kids at Magic Lantern can reset the counters. But it is very quiet there as far as the R5 is concerned!
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