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  1. Is Pentax still alive? Pentax is going to be the new Kodak
  2. The M50 made the list Indeed my most favorite Canon camera not including the ML hacks (5D3 and M). Hopefully they will also release a cheap M50 II as I enjoyed this little crippled beast!
  3. Guess metabones can fix this with a firmware update if they want to.
  4. Nice to know. Guess it was made for the EOS R crop 4k video?
  5. Sure Metabones can make one and Viltrox can clone it!
  6. Too bad prices nearly doubled for the Sony PMW-F3 now.
  7. So should Blackmagic, but I guess it's the same as with the flip screen. If it can't move, it can't break + research cost + patents.
  8. Now we wait for the medium format point and shoot
  9. Will make a great lens cap for my big EF whites
  10. Looks to me like the masses have already accepted it.
  11. If it can't move, it can't break (in warranty)?
  12. I doubt we will see a practical magic lantern any time soon. Canon protected this camera better then before. Might require soldering to the motherboard to unlock bootloader etc now.
  13. The RX8130 chip is a more advanced RTC clock and has timer function and user ram, so maybe canon uses this in some way for the overheating control.
  14. Lets hope the RF-EF adapter at least fits...
  15. But why do this to the 5DIV successor? I know some wedding photographers that will not buy the R5 just because they heart it is unreliable and overheating. Since there is no upcoming 5DV, they will lose those customers to Sony or Nikon.
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