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  1. Saw the Jared Polin preview and he said the R7 didn't overheat on a hot (demo) day shooting video all day and there is no time limit on recording 😎 Also looks to have dual sd card recording for video and C.LOG3.
  2. The R7 combined with the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 and Variable ND EF to RF Adapter could potentially be a killer combo 😎 Of course the big question is, how soon will it overheat and recover.
  3. Maybe it's better to buy a second hand GH5 II now and wait till this camera is mature. Guess that will still take some years...
  4. Also still searching for one. Unfortunately no good deal to be found (or for any video camera that matter).
  5. Just got a broken Nikon ED AF-S Nikkor 28-70mm f2.8 D for €99 (The Bourne Lens) that was easy repair 😎
  6. Waiting for the upcoming Mini 3 😎
  7. Maybe stupid question, but what if you use a cheap (uncoated) UV filter on the lens instead? Will this not give flares without ruining your lens?
  8. If you already own a workhorse 5D IV and need a second one for like doing a wedding (backup or second shooter), it makes sense to rent the same as you have.
  9. I'm thinking DFD++ 😋 Somehow Panasonic won't or can't implement PDAF. But if they somehow do, I can buy a cheap S1/S5 real soon 😎
  10. I'm in no way saying DFD is bad since I'm really impressed by the G9 2.0 update. For photography I even like it better then the competition (that has PDAF) and for video with C-AF in good light it's also great. Somehow people like bashing Panasonic for it's lack of PDAF, yet accept the crappy almost non existing AF from blackmagic. And you hear lots of rumors about new AF systems for the GH6, while I just thing it will have an (even more) improved version of DFD.
  11. Personally I think it will just have DFD and everyone will be disappointed 😄
  12. Is it not remapping dead pixels by itself after using it for a while?
  13. ProRes was made to be easy on CPU/GPU, so not sure hardware accelerated support will give any advantage. For h264 and h265 hardware accelerated support will give significant advantage.
  14. So which graphics card from amd/nvidea would one recommand that has the best support for Canon/Panasonic 10-bit h.265?
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