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  1. Avenger 2.0

    Panasonic GH6

    Seller/Shipping was both Amazon. Cashback refund to Amazon account after 30 days.
  2. Avenger 2.0

    Panasonic GH6

    Lowest I found was for €1779 with a €400 cashback voucher on Amazon.de (so only €1379 new!) Unfortunately the price has changed now, but might change back tomorrow or this weekend.
  3. Yes you can 😀 And finally custom modes on the dial for video are also separate. But the usual cripple like custom WB picture, disappearing histogram (after recording), etc are still there.
  4. Nice upgrade if you do hybrid work. Hopefully some of the new video features come to the R7 with a firmware update or maybe Canon just releases the R7II next year 🤑
  5. Don't know about that R8. The rumor specs were too good to be true. Why would it have 30mpix sensor and dual card slot and ibis? Would not make much business sense.
  6. Nowhere in the rumors it says it will have a stacked sensor. People just hope it does... But we all know Canon...
  7. Does the IBIS work with the Viltrox speedbooster on the R7?
  8. Since the Metabones is more expensive then the Canon one, I doubt it. The Viltrox speedbooster has already been pulled from their site.
  9. Makes me wonder what Blackmagic will do with their next cameras. Guess a RF mount is out of the question now and an EF mount is a dead end in the long run. Would personally love to see a 6k with MFT mount.
  10. Indeed, but I guess the R6 is just too cheap so to protect the R5 sales, they will not fix the overheating. Still surprised they didn't limit the R6 to 1 sd card and max 1/4000 shutter like the 6D series.
  11. Only when using Atomos recorder it seems. Another firmware bug likely.
  12. The big question is, how will this affect camera life? Once bought a second hand 70D with low shutter, that failed quickly with a faulty motherboard (was used a lot for video).
  13. I have some old Sony NP-F to LP-E6 battery adaptors (from my Atomos Ninja 2) to use Canon batteries on the Atomos (and they also fit the Ninja V), but I'm unable to find them on Aliexpress at the moment.
  14. Did some pro/cons for myself after watching some video's as I'm thinking of getting the R7 for photo/video combo. Pro: - 32 MP sensor and good low light for an APS-C - Dual SD (backup recording also for video), R3 level autofocus - Multi-function Hotshoe (Tascam CA-XLR2d, etc) - Canon/Viltrox speedbooster (0,71x) & VND adapter works Cons: - No ALL-I, but only IPB / IPB-light - No battery grip possible (as body is smaller then 2 batteries) - Only 2 control wheels, not 3 like R5/R6, no top LCD - Build quality / weather sealing not like 7D-series, more like XXD-series
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