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  1. Yeah, I'm seeing it. 4k is pretty bad indeed, but 1080p looks very good to me (especially in comparison to 7d2/80d and even a bit better then m50). It almost looks like 1080p is downscaled 4k (or 4k upscaled 1080p :p). Don't see much difference between the two.
  2. Does the M6ii 4k uncropped has worse quality then the EOS R cropped or not?
  3. The YouTube video above suggest the M6ii 4k quality is much better and sharper then the M50 or EOS R. So what is it now?
  4. Doesn't look that underexposed to me. Must be fixable (but I'm no expert).
  5. You are right, just not with the 24p part. There certainly doesn't need to be any added or different hardware for 24p. Magic Lantern for example can do any framerate you want. It's just a commercial decision that they only included 25p and 30p. Why, nobody knows.
  6. Thanks, good to know. Would you recommend it instead of the GH5 for weddings then?
  7. Indeed. Perfect for a controlled environment where you (can) do retakes. But would never trust them in one-time events like weddings, etc...
  8. How about an entire wedding video with only one eye in focus and everything else blurred 😎
  9. You can find the sigma 10-20mm second hand easy below €200 here. Viltrox not necessary, just saying if he has one it works with this lens.
  10. Even works fine with the Viltrox speedbooster giving you 7-14mm equivalent.
  11. Likely patents. Why doesn't Panasonic release a CXXX style body? Would love those ergonomics, extra buttons, build-in ND's, ...
  12. The thing I don't understand is, why with the new camera's (90D, M6II, 250D, etc), do they offer clean 4k HDMI out??? Did Atomos pay them big money to do so?
  13. In photography they do the same. Just look at an old 1D from 15 years ago. It has features the 5D4 still doesn't have like specify the exact fps value in custom options, etc...
  14. Guess that would only work in (video) crop mode which might be too small a market. Maybe if a APS-C sensor RF mount comes out we will see a EF-RF speed booster.
  15. Wow those prices. When you thought the 90D / M6 ii were expensive, here comes Sony...
  16. But then you lose 4k dpaf. But the 90D remains expensive in comparison. They at least could have included 24p for the price 😋
  17. Where did you find this? Will likely be the same for 90D then. But could have been worse (line skipping 2,5K ish crap)
  18. They are even better at recycling than Canon 🤣
  19. Found this somewhere. Suggest indeed that Canon uncropped 4k isn't really 4k but lower res upscaled to 4k. After the soft canon 1080p we get soft canon 4k ?
  20. Avenger 2.0


    Just love my new Tokina 28-70mm f2.8 (Angenieux). Have the EF model with AF and unfortunately no aperture ring, but it still works great with last canon mirrorless (unlike the old tamron/sigma lenses that frequently have problems)!
  21. Why? Love it. Simple solution with backup capability. No expensive media like CFast/CFExpress/XQD. Would have been great if the autofocus was better. Just imagine it had DPAF like Canon. Still very usable for wedding & events (like the GH5 is), but would have killed every other camera if it had better autofocus.
  22. Does a Nikon Z mount to EF mount adapter with electronic contacts exist?
  23. Pricing for 90D, looks the same as 80D was. Canon EOS 90D Body $1199 Canon EOS 90D w/18-55mm STM Kit $1349 Canon EOS 90D w/18-135mm USM Kit $1599
  24. How many arms and legs will it cost?
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