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  1. Well, yes. But many can afford only one camera ( and already have an external recorder) and it's nice to know one can add an ninja and trust (and record more than 10min) the camera to behave as professionally as the xt3 on corporate job and still have it as an everywhere stills camera ( as I use to with my gx85+20mm) or trusting it as a b cam for a doc having something like a c100 as A cam. That's how I would use it. I can sell my recorder and buy an xt3 but than in the end I know I won't be using it as a still camera not nearly enough as much I would with a small body... And for me the external recorder would be handy even on the xt3 ( on those corporate jobs) not only to look more professional ( which sometimes is good) but also to deal with proress 422 instead of h.265 - otherwise I would be looking to replace me editing system as well). So yeah, looking forward to know how serious I can take the X-T30, eventually, if I need to. I basically work with a D16 and while doing more corporate jobs (mini-docs) I feel the need for a more practical and plastic - modern looking - solutions sometimes . bmpc4k would do it but I also want a reasonable stills camera and the a6400 looks boring. That's why I am looking to the X-T30 but few people seem to have tried taking it seriously so far, so I am not sure. Nice! yeah, I think it would be enough for me most of the times. I hear 1080p is also great. So you have both the xt3 and xt30? Do you feel huge difference from h265 on the xt3 and h264 on the xt3? From a stills perspective I am trying to figure what could substitute my gx85-20mm combo. The fuji 27mm2.8 pancake doesn't look as appealling: more expensive, darker, the DOF would be something like 2.3 on the m4/3 ... Either the 35mm 1.2 7artisans or meike 35 1.4 + a fuji 23mm f2. could probably be 2 options to gather the fun, sharp and portability I could get with the 20mm. As you say though, it will be great finding use for my old glasses. it makes more sense adapting them on apsc rather than on m4/3.
  2. So, is anyone actually using the X-T30? I am considering this as a substitute for my gx85. Tough I have been fine with saramonic external recorder on the top of the camera for solo shooting this seems to much a serious improve for a compact combo as many have pointed.( Don't feel like investing in m4/3 glass anymore and would love having better stills camera) . So, Have you found out if it is actually possible to use both the external monitor and have audio in? I also wonder how bad 8 bit h.264 flog would look like. I like this guys testing and was a bit afraid of h264 limitation on xt30 and at the same time craving for the results with log and eterna lut ( not baked in ) it is possible to get on xt3 and possibly externally on the xt30. I also heard a bad review from gerald undone saying it overheated even recording externally.. 😕
  3. Isn't the Gx9 it's sucessor? Certainly not the gx8 successor.. I had a gh2 up till it was stolen and I bought a gx80. I have to agree that on certain situations the gh2 did look more cinematic, maybe the cadence. Gh2 colors pleased me a lot in lowlight, combed with nikkors, but a lot of times looked videoish compared to canons. Overall the gx85 colors look nicer to my eyes, and the added sharpness ( in 1080p) look good for me. But even with my nikkors on similar light I don't get the wow factor I used to get with the gh2. This is also very subjective, of course, and I am talking about natural light only.
  4. I didn't want to go too off topic so I'm asking here. Since you have a 9560. I'm about to buy the 9570 and my main concern is editing  2k dng footage (D16) on davinci resolve. S curve, 2 or 3 nodes.. I'm not a professional colorist. I'm a photographer and would to grade some personal projects and get into Resolve.  Would you recommend the 9570 based on your experience with the 9560? Or you think going with a 6gb gpu should be safer? Thanks!

  5. no one using xps 9570 here? instead of upgrading my old MBP I'm about to go with the xps. It seems to be almost as well built as MBP, it's no gaming laptop design-wise, cheaper than the microsoft surface. But I barely see people talking about it with resolve. Maybe the 1050ti is not good enough for dng footage, but certainly better than the radeon 560.
  6. Really? I'm glad I read this, I was about to buy it. it goes for 1300 on newegg. before that I was into aspire v nitro, but also found reviews with the same heating issue. I read that the Lenovo y520 ($1000) does quite a good job with heating..http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/the-best-budget-gaming-laptop-so-far/ although I would like to start with a 6gb GPU, for a 1000 bucks, I am considering it..
  7. I shoot with a digital bolex and a gx80, transcoding to prores and/or shooting 1080 when I need to to edit my own footage. So I am now looking for a machine that I can rely to use Davinci not heavily, but extensively... I need a laptop, and in doubt if a gtx1050ti GPU is enough, or if I should find a gtx1070 (since gtx1060 usually does not compensate). I have seen people using using laptops with proper GPU, and read loads of discussions on gaming forums, but wanted to hear experiences from video people using mainly davinci but also premiere. so, for $800 a laptop with a gtx1050 GPu ( like a basic dell Inspiron) $900 up 1.100 - gtx1050ti 1.100 - gtx1060 - 6gb ( such as the predator Helios 3000) 1.300 and up you can find a laptop with gtx1070 So, would recommend a bit of money sacrifice up to the gtx1070 laptop, or a 1050ti or even 1050, is already enough, in your experience for a basic edition, with no hassle, on davinci and or 4k on premiere..?
  8. Hey guys, for those who shoot solo, how have you been working around with audio so far? I already have a G3 senheiser and a mic (audiotechnica at875r). So, any idea of the smallest phantom xlr audio setup? So far the tascam 70d looks like an option. The tascam dr-10 would be great but no phantom power. I have just stumbled into this, anyone knows it? https://www.amazon.com/Saramonic-SR-VRM1-Digital-Recorder-Microphones/dp/B01M6V955P... I don't discard the possibility of buying the Shure vp83f... Do you have come to any other workarounds? Cheers!
  9. hahaha ok. Thanks man yes I guess is just a matter of jumping out of the fence.
  10. have done it. Now Blade or VA? VA colour accuracy is not that good I hear. Being able to record proxy is an advantage though. And I don't no how critical is the sound out of the fan. And focus peaking (or ability to nail focus) differences..
  11. so what are the states of things now between atomos blade, ninja 2 and the Video assist? - Do the focus peaking of any works any better on any? ( is focus peaking adjustment useable at all on the ninja 2 with such a low res?) - fan sound out of BMVA...bummer? others differences that may have changed... - colour accuracy
  12. looking to build a zeiss tevidon set to use it with d16 . As I have already bought a switar 16mm I may be interested to buy other kern's....
  13. Just bought one, very happy. I hoppe my obssessed quest related to camera acquisition stops for years to come. The image I see coming out of this cam does not make me want anything else while all the others do.
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