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  1. Wondering if any of you ocassionally take serious using an iPhone, and if so, what app are used to get a good log. Filmic pro seems a robbery with subscription and I have not even tried Apple proress much due to data size and bad reviews. I currently have the 14 pro and shoot fox with c100 eos r5. I find myself relying on iPhone due to allowance of camera entrance in some areas, but haven’t really taking it seriously to match the other cameras yet..
  2. Thank you! C70 would be a dream but a bit above my maximum budget at maximum 3k euros. I can buy a camera now that I am in europe for some weeks but I’ll shoot and live in Roraima, norther Brazil, Amazonia, border with Venezuela. So I wont be able to rent and will need for a long period. I am looking to find experiences with the fx30 but I find hard to think it is practical for one man band doc, compared to c100s..
  3. Hey guys, I am looking for a cinema camera to shoot one man show documentary, which may envolve long days in the forest and with best battery possible. Low disk space is also important. I’m thinking of c100, BMP6kpro, fx30, f5. I already have a eos R, will keep it mostly for stills and want a camera that’s facilitates my life. Shooting with the c100II with me nd filter, boom and sound working good was the best experience I had with a camera operating alone for a doc. I don’t know if there is a better solution now. the problem is I would probably die with the c100 in case a buy it now and eventually do other kinds of work. I thought the c200 could be an alternative for using raw later and also not future proof but I see it’s operability is not as good. Ideally I would buy a c100 for less than 700 euros used, but I can buy pocket if I convince myself that is the best option. I also see a f5 for less than 2300 euros used. What would you recomend? thanks
  4. will it have the option of 1080p 10 bit 422 ?
  5. I hadn't seen this comment. Fx30 appeals for the form factor for video, but both as apsc for stills ar a bummer for me, even though I was a entushiast of m4/3 and apsc for years, I have been loving FF on the eos R for still and wouldn't be ok with smaller sensors..
  6. I only have the 35mm RF Version the others are EF lenses which I intend to adapt. Going the L route I'd probably only buy the kit lens and either the 35 or 50mm for now Thanks for the sum up! Thanks @Django @MrSMW and @IronFilm for the considerations! I didn't know about the FX30 and would defintelly jump in If i were not taking more and more stills. I like the form factor of EOS R and still no sure if I will miss it on the stills side even if going the s5 route. But the cinema improvement seems massive. with alternatives to rig up and going raw or having a solid hd with 10 bit for long doc style. on color side apparently panasonic improved a lot and autofocus on canon is something I really love, but s5 seems to be ok. Thanks for all the other options, but I think for the price point S5 seems to be the way to go.
  7. Thanks, but I am looking for something available now and not above 2000 dollars
  8. Hi Guys, I have been using a eos R for long and have a chance to update it next week but haven’t been up with the last models since 2019. what is a the good alternative for both stills and run and gun documentary work ? I did a bit of research and found the Panasonic S5 to be the best reasonable update, but wanted to check if you had other insights. (basically I work in amazonia and want to have a durable, long battery, easy to shoot and beatifiul colors out of the box camea) thanks!
  9. In fact just before the pandemia i had to spend a day with Liam Neesson showing him our work around, but we only talked about "the mission". Photographer was using a hasselblad and video guy a A7iii.
  10. Pixel 4a 5g or a used ricoh gr II Pretty happy with eos R and D16 bolex for video. I just miss the small size of my gx85 for stills
  11. I really liked the approach of this review, comparing cameras to ultraportable cameras ( even though phones will always have an usability advantage) https://spacedrone808.blogspot.com/?m=1 And this one shows the mi note 10 lite can be quite decent with app tweaking and newer sensor
  12. Thanks a lot for the analysis! Really impressed with huawei.. and I have given up buying a ricoh GRII. Since the xiaomi mi note 10 ( CC9 on list) is so cheap and has the same sensor I wonder if the colours are awful or if it's a solid budget cameraphone alternative. Have you considered it? P.s: xiaomi names are a disaster, just spent hours trying to understand what is what and realize even reviewers confuse the name
  13. I have been craving for a ricoh grII since I had to sale my Gx85, which I carried on my pocket everywhere for uncompromised stills So I want something for snapshots that looks great colourwise right away. The ricoh grII with "positive film" is the exact kind of result I want to achieve ( I would probably rarelly use it with raw), but it is still quite a lot of money and I would surelly not use it as much as a phonecamera. I have had a look at the amazing new samsung, huawei and xperia phones, but wondering if a cheaper phone could excell on just a 28mm fov with great colors. Most phone reviewers are tech guys. I used to be happy with a iphone 5+vsco, but looking for something more. ( I have a budget xiaomi that is a great phone but terrible camera) What are your thoughts? Any new apps+ phones good enough to replace the look of a ricoh grii for web content? Pixel4a? Iphone SE?
  14. If you are not using it for stills I would buy something like a Fs5 or canon c series for the battery, built-in nd filter and specially audio options giving you much better quality because you will easily operate a lav mic and direction or on board. But if you choose a stills camera It's nice to understand the stabilizing aesthetic options you get: oly and Panasonic ibis is very effective for static shots and substitutes monopods in a way but not nice for moving, following characters, as it looks very unnatural for me. Stabilized glass in general and canon digital in body stabilisation look much more organic from what I've seen and experienced. I've been on a similar hunt for a hybrid system but specially with a 24mm 1.4 POV in mind. On fuji side you have a great 16mm 1.4 lens and an ok 12mm f2 rokinon. they are not stabilised ( but as andrew said maybe for such a wide FOV it won't be necessary), so you could think about the X-H1 instead of x-t3, but I would not buy a camera just for ibis. if you want really shallow and wider than 24mm maybe you will have to take aps-c out of the equation while the 20mm 1.4 sigma for FF and 10mm 0.95 for the gh5 may be good options. If you are ok with 2.8, I find sigma 11-16mm quite cinematic and it could be great paired with an x-t3 or EOS -R in 4k . (1.5 and 1.8 crop, respectivelly). I think only sony and canon have really reliable autofocus, but if you don't use gimbal manual will be better. That said, Canon's servo auto focus while using manual has been really useful In my experience with doc. I don't know about hybridfocus operation on sony and fuji. x-t3, eos R and gh5 will probably give you the best codec and colors. But you may find that sony slog2 is more than enough. It's really amazing for controled enviroments, altough I would not be happy using it for doc as I would be more worried than using Canon log or Fuji F-log. If you don't inted using external monitors it's nice to see "in camera internal lut" as canon has, I don't know if other brands offer this while using log. They probably have. Other things to have in mind: -ND:Canon' eos R with nd filter adapter can be extremelly practical for doc IMO. -battery life: A7III, canon eos R and sony a6500 have good battery life. You can be annoyed with fuji or Panasonic for not so great batteries. - Audio won't be great, that sucks and if you compromise a proper doc camera than I don't know much how the preamps differ on this stills cameras. I've seen the fuji have good audio codecs and you have a finer control over the preamps, but I also have to search that. Sorry for the long text, I've been reading for months trying to decide which system to jump and for now, altough I find the sony image amazing for controlled enviroment and fuji much sexier, smaller and appealing for several reasons, I've decided to go with a EOS R since I consider shooting in 1080p and the 4k crop doesn't bother me more than it would on the fujis ( and it seems like a stills cameraon par with the a7iii and z series). Also cheaper to find good enough glass. Canon feels more sturdy, I have friends who had problems with both fuji and sony . It also has sensor protection ( altough only works without the adapter. if the adapter is on, the sensor is exposed to dust just like all the other mirrorless). I don't care about higher than 60fps not to say 24fps, so that is not in my equations, but something for you to consider. Let us know your findings.
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