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  1. If you are not using it for stills I would buy something like a Fs5 or canon c series for the battery, built-in nd filter and specially audio options giving you much better quality because you will easily operate a lav mic and direction or on board. But if you choose a stills camera It's nice to understand the stabilizing aesthetic options you get: oly and Panasonic ibis is very effective for static shots and substitutes monopods in a way but not nice for moving, following characters, as it looks very unnatural for me. Stabilized glass in general and canon digital in body stabilisation look much more organic from what I've seen and experienced. I've been on a similar hunt for a hybrid system but specially with a 24mm 1.4 POV in mind. On fuji side you have a great 16mm 1.4 lens and an ok 12mm f2 rokinon. they are not stabilised ( but as andrew said maybe for such a wide FOV it won't be necessary), so you could think about the X-H1 instead of x-t3, but I would not buy a camera just for ibis. if you want really shallow and wider than 24mm maybe you will have to take aps-c out of the equation while the 20mm 1.4 sigma for FF and 10mm 0.95 for the gh5 may be good options. If you are ok with 2.8, I find sigma 11-16mm quite cinematic and it could be great paired with an x-t3 or EOS -R in 4k . (1.5 and 1.8 crop, respectivelly). I think only sony and canon have really reliable autofocus, but if you don't use gimbal manual will be better. That said, Canon's servo auto focus while using manual has been really useful In my experience with doc. I don't know about hybridfocus operation on sony and fuji. x-t3, eos R and gh5 will probably give you the best codec and colors. But you may find that sony slog2 is more than enough. It's really amazing for controled enviroments, altough I would not be happy using it for doc as I would be more worried than using Canon log or Fuji F-log. If you don't inted using external monitors it's nice to see "in camera internal lut" as canon has, I don't know if other brands offer this while using log. They probably have. Other things to have in mind: -ND:Canon' eos R with nd filter adapter can be extremelly practical for doc IMO. -battery life: A7III, canon eos R and sony a6500 have good battery life. You can be annoyed with fuji or Panasonic for not so great batteries. - Audio won't be great, that sucks and if you compromise a proper doc camera than I don't know much how the preamps differ on this stills cameras. I've seen the fuji have good audio codecs and you have a finer control over the preamps, but I also have to search that. Sorry for the long text, I've been reading for months trying to decide which system to jump and for now, altough I find the sony image amazing for controlled enviroment and fuji much sexier, smaller and appealing for several reasons, I've decided to go with a EOS R since I consider shooting in 1080p and the 4k crop doesn't bother me more than it would on the fujis ( and it seems like a stills cameraon par with the a7iii and z series). Also cheaper to find good enough glass. Canon feels more sturdy, I have friends who had problems with both fuji and sony . It also has sensor protection ( altough only works without the adapter. if the adapter is on, the sensor is exposed to dust just like all the other mirrorless). I don't care about higher than 60fps not to say 24fps, so that is not in my equations, but something for you to consider. Let us know your findings.
  2. only the x-t3 internally, right? And both the x-t30 and m6mkii through external recorder. I played yesterday with some m6mkii files in clog3 and it does have much more room than I expected. Maybe even more than on c100's Clog, but the 4k is softer than c100's HD. So it's out of my list. Appreciate your thoughts...Indeed.. Ideally I' would shoot in hd, but on my budget I was ready to compromise disk space and mix footage on a hd timeline. I have matched a "hacked" gx85 4k with the c100. Quite ok, not completelly satisfactory, but I had to shoot in 4k for the highbitrates. I am not sure how the x-t3 and x-t30 differ on hd, since both are 200mbs, but the x-t3 can shoot in 10 bit. Maybe as big of a difference as on 4k, where x-t3 goes up to 400mbits. I would not use it for next year, but nice to have for later.
  3. oh yes, quite risky ? crop is at 1.7. That doesn't bother me as much as the RS. I like as shallow as I can on stills but for video actually prefer having more room when stopped down. Lens selection can be tricky but the 24mm 1.4 becomes perfect at about 40mm. I would need to shoot 4k to match c100 hd. RP's HD seems better than sonys apsc but worst than fujis. Haven't seen anyone trustable shooting serious content so it would be kind of a blind buy for video.
  4. Amazing, but way above my budget at $ 2.700 with the current discounts.I would than consider the EOS R and the a7III
  5. Stills: I'm looking for a FF 24mm 1.8 at least equivalent look. I'll be working on a refugee camp and that's how I will mainly be portraying. On video side I need the best HD I can get for doc cimea verite stiyle to be eventually matched with a C100. I need to get as close as possible to something that gives me the most DR and best colours with the lowest disk space. Sharp enough so than I don't to shoot 4k, which usually demands more space, makes battery last less and eventually heats up. I'll be working on the brazilian/venezuelan border. So tough body and overheating is nice (RP, 3) at the same time, since it's an military area, an unobtrusive and low profile options with pancakes are a plus ( 30, M6mkii). I also consider buying an used ricoh grII. Having this in mind, so far my options are: x-t30 + 16mm 1.4 = $1,700 X-t3+ 16mm 1.4= $1900 Canon M6MkII + 16mm 1.4 = $1230 Canon EOS RP+ sigma 24mm 1.4 = $ 1670 I'm leaning towards either the RP or m6mkii so far. but not sure. What would you pick? P.S: I would add 32mm 1.4 for M6MKII, and 35mm 1.8 RP. For fujis, since no digital stabilization, I would skip the 35mm 1.4 and buy the 18-55 2.8-f4 + 35mm 1.2 artisans
  6. I'm considering it. Looks like a great stills camera. I had enough of smaller sensors for photos. For video I don't care much about dof and the eos r would be ideal if not too expensive for me. digital stabilization seems to work great and aestethically better than ibis. Just checking if this rp is better than m6ii and if eoshd picture profile works good enough. Did you find a huge quality difference? I tested a eos r yesterday and loved both 4k and hd. I wasn't able to tell much difference from the ipb and all-i, but I didn't test enough. So you don't recomend the rp for someone on a budget?
  7. Hey Mattias. What were your impressions on the RP compared to the eos R? (video and photo) Since it now has 24fps in hd, I'm interested on it as a A cam for stills and video. No log is what is kind of holding me down. The price is tempting though. Cheers
  8. Thanks a Lot for the comparison. Do you have the 27mm 2.8 ? Despite diferent focal lenght would be Nice to see dof one can get compared to the 22mm f2 ( i say that from a gx85+20mm1.7 perspective). I would love to hear about Mic input comaprison and which 1080p you've liked the most. Thanks
  9. Nice that you are happy with xt3. It interest me because It seems to have great 1080p and eterna seems similar to clog (for me it's essential to have small files with good looking and gradable images. I'm after a almost c100 like camera. But I also want the most DR, 4k, from time to time). The EOS R seems perfect for it as well, maybe with nicer skin tones for my teste. Why do you think IQ is so superior? DR? HD Full frame or 4k 1.7 crop?
  10. Same here. It's $1799 on B&H and xt3 1299.. But having Full frame is nice. 35 1.8 IS seems good and bit cheaper than 23 f1.4 fuji. This fuji Combo would go for 2.100 vs Canon $2.250 ( but with IS).
  11. Classic neg seems to be as good looking as ricoh's positive film. I hope.
  12. Well, yes. But many can afford only one camera ( and already have an external recorder) and it's nice to know one can add an ninja and trust (and record more than 10min) the camera to behave as professionally as the xt3 on corporate job and still have it as an everywhere stills camera ( as I use to with my gx85+20mm) or trusting it as a b cam for a doc having something like a c100 as A cam. That's how I would use it. I can sell my recorder and buy an xt3 but than in the end I know I won't be using it as a still camera not nearly enough as much I would with a small body... And for me the external recorder would be handy even on the xt3 ( on those corporate jobs) not only to look more professional ( which sometimes is good) but also to deal with proress 422 instead of h.265 - otherwise I would be looking to replace me editing system as well). So yeah, looking forward to know how serious I can take the X-T30, eventually, if I need to. I basically work with a D16 and while doing more corporate jobs (mini-docs) I feel the need for a more practical and plastic - modern looking - solutions sometimes . bmpc4k would do it but I also want a reasonable stills camera and the a6400 looks boring. That's why I am looking to the X-T30 but few people seem to have tried taking it seriously so far, so I am not sure. Nice! yeah, I think it would be enough for me most of the times. I hear 1080p is also great. So you have both the xt3 and xt30? Do you feel huge difference from h265 on the xt3 and h264 on the xt3? From a stills perspective I am trying to figure what could substitute my gx85-20mm combo. The fuji 27mm2.8 pancake doesn't look as appealling: more expensive, darker, the DOF would be something like 2.3 on the m4/3 ... Either the 35mm 1.2 7artisans or meike 35 1.4 + a fuji 23mm f2. could probably be 2 options to gather the fun, sharp and portability I could get with the 20mm. As you say though, it will be great finding use for my old glasses. it makes more sense adapting them on apsc rather than on m4/3.
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