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  1. Good time to buy a used EOS R. Very cheap and no overheating Not sure they will sell many R5/R6 units anyway (except rich youtubers) as covid destroyed all jobs over here (wedding, events, etc).
  2. They took a page from Sony's book and went for the overheating cripple. If you want to do some serious video please buy the Cxxx series
  3. Certainly some people are (youtubers, etc), but most people will buy the camera based on their needs. Not sure many professionals need at this moment a new camera. Most will need jobs, because over here all weddings, events, etc are postponed until 2021. But let be honest, 2021 will most likely still not be normal and many jobs may get cancelled all together or postponed even further.
  4. I have the same problem with my C100 II. It got worse over time and it will stay black now in that position. Found out it has to do with the "rotation sensor" inside the LCD (that triggers a screen mirror when rotating it). It will not detect anymore that it is rotated and will think it is in closed position (thus turning off the LCD). I think there is some kind of micro switch that is triggered with rotating that has wear off inside the hinge. One of these days I'm going to open up the LCD panel to try and repair this issue.
  5. Would love that. However I'm not sure at the moment for video the R and RP are even worth it. 4k is great it you can live with the crop. 1080p is still soft as it was 10 years ago unless you also shoot 1080p in crop mode.
  6. Indeed. Maybe some youtubers will buy it for this price. But almost no professional will with the current economic situation.
  7. Price looks too high for me, this is more a R1 price. Maybe it's a trick. Leak a higher price and then sell for a lower (but still high) price and everyone is happy. Don't forget the 5D4 was $3,499 at launch and it was a high price at the moment. Personally I think they will sell it for $3,499 - $3,999 max.
  8. Looks like they didn't test the camera enough before releasing it. Interested to see how they resolve this. Maybe a firmware update (lower threshold) to mask it? Recall?
  9. If they delay it yet another year, just maybe sony has their A7S3 released by then (or not)
  10. I guess it is only useful for select projects that require extensive image manipulation. Don't see myself doing a complete wedding in raw or even prores.
  11. Indeed. But not sure a 8k fullframe image sensor is available with those specs at the moment. More likely we will see a 6k fullframe camera from them. But then again, who really needs 8k at the moment?
  12. Canon thought the same. But then everyone switched to Sony, Panasonic, Blackmagic, ... instead of buying the Cxxx series for video. Sony will have the same problem if they keep crippling their camera's. People will just as easily switch back to Canon.
  13. Yeah so true. Or buy a big rig (matte box, follow focus, evf, etc) to put in your small camera. Same effect If it wasn't for Sony, Panasonic, Blackmagic, ... I'm pretty sure the Canon R5 wouldn't have had the specs it has now. Canon needs to succeed in the mirrorless market to stay in photography and video business. The Canon R5 will get them the mirrorless marketshare and RF lens sales they need. Sony, like everyone, was caught off guard and likely doesn't have the processor chip or tech at the moment. Maybe they will quickly throw some incomplete product together that require future firmware updates to compete.
  14. My opinium is that Sony likes the sensor business more then the camera business. Almost everyone except Canon and samsung uses their sensors. Why invest in a niche market like the camera business? We will see an 8k panasonic, bmpcc, etc before a sony one.
  15. The European GH4R is just a GH4 with unlimited recording. So everything that works with the GH4 should be the same as GH4R.
  16. Double the new price and no warranty. Anyway, got my C100II second hand for about 1000 euro with 18-135mm lens, multiple batteries and rode mic.
  17. Pretty sure the A7s III will still not be announced by 2025 Canon will stay with 8k till 2030, skip 16k en jump ahead to 32k!
  18. Strange, maybe USB 2.0 limit? Would one be able to use multiple camera's as webcam or just one?
  19. Canon just released EOS Webcam Utility Beta software. When the R5 is released we will have the first fullframe 8K webcam https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/about/newsroom/press-releases/press-release-details/2020/20200428-Webcam/20200428-Webcam
  20. If it exists it will likely be without DPAF (and the reason it isn't yet mentioned)
  21. Yeah they are indeed both great. The image isn't 4k and the bitrate is low and only 8-bit 4.2.0, but if you're not grading and need quick edit and delivery, they are just perfect. Just think an event or wedding, 1 on tripod and other handheld. Shoot WideDR, no grading needed. Small very sharp 1080p files for quick edit on the go (on low budget laptop). Export to 1080p or upscale to 4k for delivery.
  22. Patents? They should cross license something or pay royalties to get PDAF and indeed quit fooling around with other experimental AF systems.
  23. I highly doubt it will have a cooling fan. Will make weather sealing very complex and expensive. Will likely have a time limit (max 5 min) and/or overheating protection in 8k / 4k120 mode.
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