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  1. Yeah, best to wait until (after) the summer. Prices will drop as soon as people can spend there money on other things...
  2. Buy Tesla with bitcoins, give me Tesla, I give you camera
  3. Indeed makes sense. The R1 will be like the R5 a higher megapixel body and the R3 like the R6 a lower megapixel body. That way they probably give the R1 8k video as well. Hopefully they will also release some new entry level full frame and crop frame bodies in the near future.
  4. Or with face detection, the eye AF can select the right person.
  5. Eye-Activated autofocus from EOS 3 is back
  6. Original Canon C100. You'll find it around €/$ 500.
  7. Okay, got time to finally repair the LCD rotation problem on my C100 II. Where the screen rotates is a small plastic cover you can take of by removing 2 screws. Inside you find a small PCB with a micro switch on attached with a wire on a plastic mount. Pop off the PCB from the mount and replace the micro switch. You can find a new one on aliexpress/ebay/etc. Search "new orientation switches lcd screen rotation Canon EOS 750D / Kiss X8i / Rebel T6i, EOS 760D, ..." Some soldering skills are required to remove and solder a new one. Try not to heat up the switch to much or the plastic inside of switch will melt breaking it!
  8. Maybe the price of the original Sigma fp will drop now or one can do a good second hand deal.
  9. See the GH2 now going for prices I sold my GH4 for a year ago...
  10. Can the BMPCC 6K Pro now record to multiple sources at the same time (SD, Cfast, USB-C disk)?
  11. I think this year will even be worse than last year. Vaccinations are going slow in Europe, will most likely take until late this year before everyone is vaccinated. Infection rates are still fast rising over here, so do not expect the rules to be flexible enough to have any weddings this summer. Only positive is you somehow can sell your gear for more than it is worth at the moment...
  12. Of the lenses I own, the Sigma 18-35mm and 50-100mm would be my most 'clinical' lenses. The opposite of 'clinical' would be my Canon 50mm 1.2
  13. Prices are just too high at the moment. Difficult to do a good deal at the moment (even second hand).
  14. 500 euro, mint condition, new batteries, low hour count, original packaging.
  15. Said to myself I wasn't going to buy any new gear in 2021, but couldn't resist on a cheap original Canon C100 yesterday
  16. Is Pentax still alive? Pentax is going to be the new Kodak
  17. The M50 made the list Indeed my most favorite Canon camera not including the ML hacks (5D3 and M). Hopefully they will also release a cheap M50 II as I enjoyed this little crippled beast!
  18. Guess metabones can fix this with a firmware update if they want to.
  19. Nice to know. Guess it was made for the EOS R crop 4k video?
  20. Sure Metabones can make one and Viltrox can clone it!
  21. Too bad prices nearly doubled for the Sony PMW-F3 now.
  22. So should Blackmagic, but I guess it's the same as with the flip screen. If it can't move, it can't break + research cost + patents.
  23. Now we wait for the medium format point and shoot
  24. Will make a great lens cap for my big EF whites
  25. Looks to me like the masses have already accepted it.
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