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    8bit raw and no flat or log profile from cinema5d article
  2. I get folks being disappointed by the some of the specs for the cost - but that autofocus is insane and the colors are finally great. Now...if we can get that color profile and that video autofocus in an A7s, if would be a dream come true for many of us
  3. I’ve tried a bunch, Tiffen was the worst and SLR magic was the best. I actually did a pretty thorough test with videos and photos and the SLR Magic had the least color cast amongst all stops.
  4. Thanks for communicating to them - you should point them to this thread and any other threads out there as well if possible. I think them fixing this before the S1H launch will really help their PR team out, since the folks that will get their hands on the S1H will be very vocal about this and at $4k - this type of issue should not happen.
  5. They are very cheap now - so if something does happen, at least it’s not too much money.
  6. It all comes down to the footage and like you said, Blackmagic nailed it many years ago and I have yet to see anyone match it at this price point. Today, all anybody is talking about are the specs of the camera. But there are very little discussions, minus the ones like this, where people actually talk about the look and feel of the footage. It's a spec war and at the end of the day people argue specs and don't seem to care about the footage. Another reason why I love this little camera so much, because it doesn't matter about specs - it will always output something special that these other cameras don't have in this price point. With that said - I will say the the S1H footage that I saw today looked really good and its the footage below that actually does excite me for the camera and not the specs:
  7. I think what it comes down to is actually even more simple than that - which camera will have the better image? At this point in the race, Sony is close to dead last, if not dead last when it comes to how the footage actually looks - so it's hard to actually say how much improvement we will see with the new A7S. Their colors aren't great and the footage lacks the cinema look that I am seeing from these S1H videos today. Obviously these video today were shot with super expensive lenses and by professionals, but they still look very impressive with great dynamic range, great motion cadence, and great color - with a subtle softness and good highlight roll off. To me that gives a very pleasing cinematic look that I do not have confidence in Sony to nail. I am curious, who makes the sensor in the S1H? Is it Sony or Panasonic?
  8. Specs are great and all but footage is what gets me excited. You can throw out 10-12-14 bit, etc., but if the footage has a sterile look, who cares? So color me impressed that this seems to nail specs AND the footage - the footage I am seeing so far looks looks fantastic. It has a very cinematic quality to it. This could be the camera I am looking for. I use adapted lenses regardless of body, so it would be a body only purchase for me - which makes it less daunting.
  9. Read the post right above the one you just wrote. There is no way for me to edit posts after a certain period, so I have to make new ones.
  10. After doing some research it seems all ursa mini might actually use Fairchild sensors. The new ursa g2 to my eyes has a different look, but it’s rumored to be an updated Fairchild sensor. With that said, it’s still the earlier blackmagics that do it for me.
  11. Unfortunately, the 4.6k (non pro) also lacks an SD card, so braw would have been cfast only.
  12. I think somebody needs to keep me honest, but it's possible that the Ursa mini 4K, 4.6k, and 4.6k pro gen 1 all have Fairchild sensors. I honestly forgot all about the URSA Mini 4k, but I am assuming that is Fairchild as well. I did not think that the 4.6k Pro Gen 1 had a Fairchild sensor, but I could be wrong and it seems it might.
  13. I could be misinformed. Would love to know if that's the case.
  14. Also for anyone reading this that has slightly deeper pockets and is ok with a larger camera and still wants the same "magic" in the footage - I forgot to mention that the URSA Mini 4.6k (not the pro!) also uses a Fairchild sensor and the footage is simply gorgeous. Just throwing out options for folks who prefer the Fairchild look. I have not used that specific camera, just have seen the footage - so I am not aware of its quirks.
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