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  1. Do the Burana and the A1 really share the same sensor? I ask because the A1 has some of the best looking footage of any mirrorless I have seen and I could never quite put my finger on it. It always looked a bit different to me than their other cameras. The A1 uses their IMX610AQL sensor, which was the only one of their cameras that were using it from what I know. Most "YouTubers" only talked about specs, but none seemed to discuss or show real comparisons of how the actual A1 footage looks of compared to their other cameras, including the fx6/9. I have seen just one video, where someone used a shitty lut to compare an A1 to an A7S3, but most others are the typical YouTube trash where they talk specs and never really shoot or show anything worth a damn. If the Burana and the A1 really do share the same sensor, that would make sense, since the footage of the Burana also looks great.
  2. looks great. i am contemplating the 24-70 2.8 or the 28-70 - how is the 28-70 with no IS or did you use it on a gimbal here?
  3. It’s statements like this that have made me step away form this forum. It seems every forum post is some over dramatic hyperbole reaction or continuous anti canon pitchforks (I wonder why?). How can we have a serious conversation when people like you are saying the pocket 6k destroys the c70? It is the same camera as the pocket 6k - with a tilt screen and 6 stops of ND. That’s all it takes to “kill the C70”, which was being hailed 24 hours ago? The pocket 6k has BRAW over the c70. The c70 for the 20th time has a better sensor with more DR. The c70 has a better battery. The c70 has significantly better auto focus. The c70 records to dual SD cards. The c70 has a significantly better mount, with a speed booster that turns it into full frame. Wether any of these points mean anything to you or not, is besides the point. Even if you find the pocket 6k better for you because it has BRAW is besides the point. The point is that saying the pocket 6k “kills” the c70 is ridiculous. We live in a time where none of these cameras kill each other. A7s3, pocket 6k, c70, etc. are all amazing tools and in the right hands you’d be hard pressed to find folks that can even tell difference. I’m out.
  4. Every time I tell myself to step away, I get sucked back in. Yes you will get more DR out of the C70. Let me tell you straight from the horses mouth. I have owned a C200, pocket 4k, pocket 6k, and ursa mini. I now own a C70 and it has more DR than all of them. The C70 is far superior to my C200, CLOG 2 and color grading 10 bit footage is way better than 8 bit footage or canons heavy raw lite - which is not lite at all. Your statement says C200/C300 users say they dont think the image is better, but that statement itself is confusing. The C300 is the same sensor so of course it isnt any better... The c70 destroys my c200. I am not saying its the best camera for everyone and I am not trying to fanboy all over this thread by saying all other cameras suck. But some of the comments on here are underselling a true workhorse of a camera in the C70 and are kinda downplaying how amazing the DGO sensor is.
  5. Not going to argue that. But in this case, the C70 sensor is fantastic. The DGO sensor is proven and if you know anybody has used it in the C300, they will back that claim up. I am not going debate further as both cameras are fantastic. Pick one that works in your budget. For me the C70 works best. For others the Pocket 6k will. I am just happy we have so many damn cameras to choose, its insane.
  6. It lacks a ton of cine features? It lacks BRAW. There is 1 feature. What else does it lack? It has dual xlr with phantom power, 10 stop ND, better internal battery, dual SD card recording, 4:2:2 10 bit, 4k 120, tracking auto focus, and dual gain 16 stop sensor.
  7. For sure. I understand BRAW is a killer and in some cases decision making feature. But DR is such an important feature for the "look" of the camera and I think that is something a lot of people don't discuss enough with the c70. Pocket 6k is great, but it is still using a Sony based sensor that has less DR. Regardless, you are right and for many people a pocket 6k makes more sense for the money. For me, I am a solo shooter on a gimbal who has invested in RF glass shared with my R5. So auto focus and RF are very important for me. But, I still think if you are ok paying more - the sensor, auto focus, and battery life without a need for a grip, could make it worth it. Also, though there is no raw, the CLOG 2 out of the C70 is mind blowing.
  8. Do we not care anymore about the actual inside of cameras anymore? Last I checked the C70 has a 16 stop DGO sensor found in a $10k cinema camera. It also has 10 stop of ND vs 6 stop. 3 hour battery life with no need for a battery grip. Far superior mount in the RF. It also has a button for every single thing you could want. I would pay more just for the DGO sensor alone. Pocket 6k pro is an amazing deal. But, minus BRAW, C70 is better in almost every single way.
  9. @Andrew Reid we are getting close with these tests, but I think the final way to test is what others have mentioned. We need to absolutely blast the R5 with cold air while the physical backing of the camera is removed and then placing the camera in a fridge/freezer/cooler the entire time. This would mean heat isn’t getting trapped inside and cold air is blasting the components. I would suggest no usage or recording at all before the test, so it’s a truly fresh start. Hit record, place it in an absolutely frigid condition with the back of the camera open, and we watch what happens. If it shuts down there is nothing else to explore - we have our answer once and for all. There is no way that a camera with its backing physically open, with cold air around 1-30 degrees reaching It’s components would overheat unless it’s software limitations. If you don’t own the R5 or don’t want to destroy yours, you could prob create a fund page and you’ll get enough money to fund an R5 for these specific and slightly destructive tests in less than 24 hours. A lot of people have eyes on you and not just on here, I have seen your tests mentioned on several Facebook groups, Twitter, etc.
  10. My thoughts exactly. Fix the issue and I honestly won't give a shit. I prefer RF mount, I prefer RF lenses, I prefer Canon colors, I prefer their dual pixel autofocus for video and I just prefer how canon footage looks compared to Sony. So like you said, me putting my foot down and going to another brand to "teach them a lesson!" only screws me over, since I would be switching to a camera that I personally do not want and in my eyes is inferior compared to the R5 as a true hybrid 50/50 photos and stills camera. Though to be honest, if they just leave the external recording at near unlimited - I am prob fine as is. Still, they need to say something and do something - they are getting absolutely roasted by everyone and rightfully so. I am hoping soon we see a firmware fix, because at the end of the day, I just care about my camera working to its potential. The crazy thing is Canon has so much going for them, but they keep shooting themselves in the foot. RF mount is already being adapted by folks like Red and it is a mount that can be used for years to come. Their RF lenses are absolutely incredible, with the 50 1.2 RF being the best prime lens I have ever used. Their rumored RF cinema cameras seem amazing and with great price points. And on paper the R5 is the best hybrid mirrorless camera ever made. But yet, here we are because of their bullshit and because of this they once again are losing business. Canon seem to think folks are going to buy the R5 if its too good instead of their cinema cameras , but now they are just losing business all together, with folks avoiding ALL of their cameras in general. I wish I could just shake them and tell them to quit worrying about their damn cinema line, it has absolutely ruined their brand to a large growing group of filmmakers who are very very vocal. This is the same thing apple did when they turned their back on the pro community, hate started to grow and grow by creative folks and their brand took a huge hit with the people that actually influenced who bought their computers and made them popular to begin with - creative folks. Luckily, apple have slowly started to rebuild their image in creative circles with better Macs. So with Canon, they need to realize the people that are going to buy their cinema line are going to buy it no matter what, because they need ND, better DR, XLR, a fan, etc.
  11. That point is valid and I also want to clarify my other point. I am in no way bashing the A7S, I have owned every single Alpha series camera minus the A9. They are great, but they are great for what they are. I don't think you could ever replace a true cinema camera that has internal ND, a fan, great pre-amps, XLR, etc. That is what you need for high end shoots and no mirrorless camera can replace that. On top of that, the new C300 sensor is REALLY good and the images out of it are on another level compared to mirrorless cameras. But, like you said, it will be interesting what else it comes with. Though to be fair, the Komodo doesn't really come with many accessories either - but it does have the advantage of having raw internal, a top monitor and great wireless monitoring to a phone. Though canon also has another big advantage with their dual pixel autofocus. I do think canon needs to include internal RAW for BOTH of these new rumored cameras. I will take that one step further, every single cinema camera from here on out needs to offer RAW video. There is no excuse not to have RAW video anymore in cameras at this price range, just like every stills camera shoots RAW photos now days - every mid to high end video camera needs to shoot RAW video. The advantages are just too great for it not to be standard. If it has to be uncompressed, then let it be uncompressed.
  12. Some of these comments are just hard to fathom. These comparison on spec sheet vs spec sheet are getting a little out of control. The C300 absolutely destroys the A7s3. One is a cinema camera, the other is a small mirrorless. The R300 at $6,299 Is a steal. I’m assuming people here have never used a canon cinema camera, because visually and ergonomically, it’s night and day. Add XLR, ND filter, better color, better actual DR (not spec sheet DR), a cooling fan, etc. On top of that the new sensor in the c300 is absolutely fantastic. Not everything can be compared in a spec sheet. There are phones that do 4K 60 and they still look like a phone shot the footage. An A7s3 is great for what it is, but it is not a cinema camera
  13. I might have an extra micro package for sale, as I have a couple laying around. The one I have for sale is a more premium kit though. It comes with the micro, smallrig cage, metabones speedbooster "T" version, rawlite OLPF (already installed) , NPF battery bridge, and sandisk SD cards that work with the micro (all tested). PM me if interested.
  14. The new C300 has 16 stops of dynamic range, to go with that raw internal, so I think it will hold its place with the folks that it is targeted at. I thought the R5 sounded too good to be true as a hybrid shooter, but it ended up living up to the hype for me. Yeah I know, overheat gate - but that does not affect me as I only shoot in bursts for video and when I need longer I can do regular 4K or 4K HQ unlimited to an Atomos Ninja. But if this new camera has killer DR it would be awesome to pair with an R5, especially with no need to buy new lenses or batteries. If its similar quality video and just longer record times with no overheating, I will stick to the R5 as again I can just record as long as I want in HQ 4K with an atomos or bursts internal.
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