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  1. At first glance it would seem like those specs are such utter BS...but I have to agree with you, Canon Rumors is hands down the best of the rumor sites. For them to put CR3 means that most of this is probably happening. There are still a lot of questions. For example what is the crop for the 4k modes, will the camera shoot raw lite or raw in 4k mode, what are the file sizes, etc. Also for a company that always wants to protect its cinema line, 8k raw just seems so odd and out of left field. I have a couple of initial reactions - one is that Canon want to get the specs leaked to scare Sony, but some of the specs are misleading. The second one is that they are actually accurate and Canon does not want to mess around anymore and they realize in order sell the expensive new RF glass they have, they need to go nuclear and drop a camera with such insane specs that everyone and their mother wants to switch over. All I know is that 2020 is about to be an insane year - XT4, A7S3, all these new Canon cameras, possible GH6, Red Komodo, possible new Canon C400, and who knows what Blackmagic has cooking. Start saving now, it is going to be an expensive year.
  2. I’m right there with you. I’m holding off on any big purchases in hopes of a Komodo and a new Canon RF body. I really like what I see from the RF mount and I think that’s what I want to invest in. Both cameras mentioned would share the same mount and make things much easier for me to manage. I’d have a great video camera and hopefully a great hybrid in the Canon, tho even if the canon body is at least high res stills, its video specs don’t need to blow me away since I’d have Komodo. I would sell my Sony kit, possibly sell my Blackmagic kit (UMP, though I do love it, it’s really heavy) and I’ve already sold my S1H. The only current system that I own and would want to keep is my Fuji, small light and I love the jpegs.
  3. Yeah I love his channel. His contax zeiss episode was one of the best things I’ve seen on YouTube in our genre. It’s refreshing to see someone put in actual effort and not clickbait bullshit over and over. The video/photographer cliche videos are comical at this point “don’t buy until you watch” or “I was wrong about this camera” with the same style thumbnails and the same style videos with horrendous color grading because they used a horrible LUT that blows out their highlights and over-saturates everything. Hopefully we can see more channels like the one you posted. Sorry, I had to vent.
  4. I think the important thing for all of us is that this camera has good specs for video - which may not seem like it matters if you are not buying this camera, but it is a good sign for other canon cameras down the road and the industry in general. We need Canon, Sony, Red, Blackmagic, Panasonic and whoever else to continue boxing in the ring, the more one company one ups the other, the better it is for all of us. Wether you like Canon or not, they are a VERY important player in the game (if not the most important due to their marketshare) and if they bring good video specs to more of their cameras - all other companies will have no other choice but to continue and push the bar as well in the consumer/prosumer markets. A big reason why Sony got lazy with video specs (it is now 2020 and none of their cameras do 10 bit), is they really did not need to from a market perspective. I know many have chimed in that Sony needed to make a move to compete with the S1H, well maybe from an ego stand point, but not from a sales standpoint. Panasonic isn't even in their rearview mirror sales wise. Canon on the other hand, they are a company that can make an impact big enough where Sony and all companies have to get even more competitive. So my point in all of this is that yes, this is expensive and most of us won't buy it - but don't lose track of the importance of this camera. This is the first time that RAW internal video is available in a DSLR outside of a magic lantern hack. I am not sure what category Sigma FP is and the blackmagics don't count as DSLRs, so I am sticking with this as the first one.
  5. At least the Komodo has pictures of itself in the wild and (loose) specs attached to it. When it actually gets released is anybody’s guess, regardless of what Jared says.
  6. Sony isn’t the one to beat. Sony have the worse video of the bunch. I think we are all giving Sony way too much credit - with their garbage 8 bit codec. They are dead last until their mythical A7s emerges from the belly of the Loch Ness monster. I think the 1DX is for serious hybrid users - which there are a lot of. I don’t think there are any other cameras that come close to compete with it, in the context of hybrid. The S1 line doesn’t have the kind of autofocus to compete on the photo or video side - nor do they shoot RAW internal. The Sony A9 doesn’t have the kind of video specs to compete on the video side. Now, if you were to look at this strictly from a video perspective and you don’t shoot fast paced action stills - then I would agree with Andrew. I’d rather get a camera with a compressed RAW format more catered toward video. Though at that point I think we are all forgetting one camera in particular that is around this price range and that is the Komodo. I know Red is a sore subject and I know I have voiced my anger with them. But, if video is really all one wants and if the Komodo specs are actually what they claim at 16 stops of dynamic range, RF mount, autofocus, cfast cards, and red raw and all in a really small body - then I believe the Komodo is going to be the one to beat at the sub 10k price range.
  7. I think gt3rs nailed it. It’s some sort of raw, but it’s not their rawlite. Even the newsshooter articles says they wish it had rawlite.
  8. You’re mistaken. This camera does not have rawlite. This is full on raw. It seems they are keeping rawlite on their cinema cameras. The product page and all articles say it’s full raw. Where as c500 and c200 product pages mention rawlite. Thought the container (crm) seems the same, nothing about this seems “lite”.
  9. I do wish they offered their rawlite - these video files are going to be massive. Also very curious how much dynamic range this camera has for video.
  10. Ok. I am going to come out and admit that I am floored by this camera. I have been a Canon hater, but this camera is an absolute beast. To have a pro body and amazing photo capabilities - which most already know the 1D line has and then on top of that have internal RAW and amazing DPAF?! It has dpaf autofocus and shoots internal raw and I think the most exciting part for me, is it FINALLY has focus peaking. That was the one thing that was going to make this a non purchase as I use a lot of vintage manual focus glass. Though this prices a lot of people out, if you are a serious hybrid shooter - meaning you do a lot of both - this is a dream camera for you. Obviously there a few downsides, such as the screen for video - but most have external monitors.
  11. I just purchased the 35mm and 50mm summicron. Looking to get the 90mm next. My serial numbers aren’t all in the same years - are yours all close in years and if not, have you noticed a shift in colors, etc?
  12. Will this camera finally have focus peaking? Not everyone will use autofocus, especially those that adapt manual focus lenses. The last 1D cameras have not had focus peaking.
  13. That $200 fee isn’t because of Apple or Red. That $200 fee is because of bad oversight on hardware and not planning hardware design properly from the get go by Nikon. The need for a $695 Atomos Ninja V is because of Red’s patent and the same goes for the S1H. But the S1H does not need hardware modification, because they planned properly. Regardless, neither of these things are a fault of Apple. Apple was actually fighting for us in a way - believe it or not - since they were disputing the patent, claiming you shouldn’t be able to patent shooting internal RAW. So in conclusion, this is 100 percent on them. It’s the Ninja V portion that isn’t on them or Panasonic.
  14. You’ve settled it - cinelux is it is, def want more flares. Thank you, you made that easy for me!
  15. I am definitely leaning toward the rapido all in package. I just dont know the quality of the schneider lens and there are not many examples online
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