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  1. @Andrew Reid we are getting close with these tests, but I think the final way to test is what others have mentioned. We need to absolutely blast the R5 with cold air while the physical backing of the camera is removed and then placing the camera in a fridge/freezer/cooler the entire time. This would mean heat isn’t getting trapped inside and cold air is blasting the components. I would suggest no usage or recording at all before the test, so it’s a truly fresh start. Hit record, place it in an absolutely frigid condition with the back of the camera open, and we watch what happens. If it shuts
  2. My thoughts exactly. Fix the issue and I honestly won't give a shit. I prefer RF mount, I prefer RF lenses, I prefer Canon colors, I prefer their dual pixel autofocus for video and I just prefer how canon footage looks compared to Sony. So like you said, me putting my foot down and going to another brand to "teach them a lesson!" only screws me over, since I would be switching to a camera that I personally do not want and in my eyes is inferior compared to the R5 as a true hybrid 50/50 photos and stills camera. Though to be honest, if they just leave the external recording at near unlimited -
  3. That point is valid and I also want to clarify my other point. I am in no way bashing the A7S, I have owned every single Alpha series camera minus the A9. They are great, but they are great for what they are. I don't think you could ever replace a true cinema camera that has internal ND, a fan, great pre-amps, XLR, etc. That is what you need for high end shoots and no mirrorless camera can replace that. On top of that, the new C300 sensor is REALLY good and the images out of it are on another level compared to mirrorless cameras. But, like you said, it will be interesting what else it comes wi
  4. Some of these comments are just hard to fathom. These comparison on spec sheet vs spec sheet are getting a little out of control. The C300 absolutely destroys the A7s3. One is a cinema camera, the other is a small mirrorless. The R300 at $6,299 Is a steal. I’m assuming people here have never used a canon cinema camera, because visually and ergonomically, it’s night and day. Add XLR, ND filter, better color, better actual DR (not spec sheet DR), a cooling fan, etc. On top of that the new sensor in the c300 is absolutely fantastic. Not everything can be compared in a spec sheet. There are phones
  5. I might have an extra micro package for sale, as I have a couple laying around. The one I have for sale is a more premium kit though. It comes with the micro, smallrig cage, metabones speedbooster "T" version, rawlite OLPF (already installed) , NPF battery bridge, and sandisk SD cards that work with the micro (all tested). PM me if interested.
  6. The new C300 has 16 stops of dynamic range, to go with that raw internal, so I think it will hold its place with the folks that it is targeted at. I thought the R5 sounded too good to be true as a hybrid shooter, but it ended up living up to the hype for me. Yeah I know, overheat gate - but that does not affect me as I only shoot in bursts for video and when I need longer I can do regular 4K or 4K HQ unlimited to an Atomos Ninja. But if this new camera has killer DR it would be awesome to pair with an R5, especially with no need to buy new lenses or batteries. If its similar quality video and
  7. Was not autofocus. It was clearly a manual focus lens with a horrible focus puller. They would have been better off using an auto focus lens.
  8. You nailed that on the head. If this is an actual issue that is not performing as advertised...how could you NOT reach out to Canon? Wouldn't you tell the company that just handed you a pre-production camera that something is wrong with the unit so they can fix the issue? If it performed as advertised, then why did it overheat and at what point of pressing record did things fall apart? Everyone loses with articles like these and they spread like wildfire.
  9. It is funny how someone that describes themselves as a professional filmmaker in Japan filming something that they claim is important would rely on a pre-production hybrid mirrorless camera with no back up. All of this while not having any sort of concrete statistics of what went wrong, how long, which mode, etc. in an article and video labeled "review". How can you be a professional site and review something without "stopwatch" tests or some sort of record of when and how long things went wrong? Isn't that your job to do the tedious work for people who want to spend money? His excuse of it no
  10. A new tweet by canon rumors, who I find the most reliable of all rumor sites, says that Canon is open to adding BRAW to their R series cameras. This would be the biggest company to add BRAW to their cameras other than blackmagic themselves. It doesn’t matter if you care about these Canon cameras or not, every single person should be rooting for this to happen, because if Canon adds it, it forces the hand for Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, etc to add it as well. And when that happens, we all win. BRAW is our only choice for some sort of compressed RAW, because of REDs patent ruining the party
  11. That C5D article is one of the worst professional “reviews” I have ever read. It reads like a blog by a college student. He goes into zero detail about what actual mode he was using (hq?, etc), how long he was shooting or if he even reached out to canon to see if it was normal. Not to mention the writing skills are just plain bad.
  12. If they are bringing their new color science and it shoots full frame with actual high dynamic range, not bullshit marketing dynamic range, and the footage actually looks like fx9 - this exceeds expectations. It’s crazy to me that all we are hanging on is specs. The footage is what should exceed expectations - isn’t that all that matters? If the a7s3 and R5 shoot amazing looking video that get close to their big cinema brothers - we all win. In fact, with these 2 cameras we are all winning no matter what. It’s amazing the kind of tech we are getting in hybrid bodies.
  13. I’ve been going back and forth on that 28-70. I’m assuming the size and weight isn’t an over exaggeration? Can you compare to another lens? Is it bigger than the 70-200?
  14. You guys mean the camera that isn’t out yet? Canon has historically had horrible videos promoting their cameras. But if those first two videos Kino linked don’t look “filmic” or at least good to you, I’m not sure what to tell you. Blackmagic is using a Sony sensor and it’s filmic look is color science and being raw, which allows better color grading. Canon has a great color science and can also shoot raw, so once it’s out in the wild I’d expect the same mix of great and shit, same as blackmagic. Don’t forget the first 2 months of pocket 4K footage was horrible. Everyone was complainin
  15. Going to agree with this as well. I have never really seen a Blackmagic camera on a legit shoot. It's usually always Arri, RED, or Canon. At my old job Canon c300 was the go to for eng/documentary footage. In all other shoots I have been on its RED or Arri (mostly Arri at this point). Can the ursa line shoot fantastic video? Yes. Is it better than Arri or RED? Definitely not better than Arri, but I do think that the ursa mini with Fairchild sensor looks better in many cases than some RED cams. But their is a brand problem for sure. I have to go back to my previous point that their plasti
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