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  1. True. I own a Bolex Super 16 with the pistol grip. The weight and 3 point contact make for extremely nice handheld footage. A pistol grip / EVF / would probably work really well on this camera as well. The weight should be good as long as the lens is heavy enough.
  2. The BMP4K weighs less than the mag on an SR3! A 105mm with no shoulder rig and multiple points of contact won’t end well. The balance, weight and ergonomics of the rig are huge factors to how smooth the shot looks.
  3. I paid 400 for the optitek or whatever it is. (Since then I have sold the whole setup.) That’s kind of a lot if you’re paying 900 for the body. It’s just nice to have image stabilized lenses as an option. Not sure what they go for these days
  4. I’ve used both the Fs700 and the F3 quite a bit. The F3 is in a different class with color and skin tone. The image itself is also quite a bit cleaner. I remember having to over expose by two stops constantly with the FS700. The high frame rate features on the FS700 are amazing, but if you’re shooting primarily 24 and 60p, the F3 is great. Keep in the mind, the F3 uses a different mount. They do make an adapter for EF, which can be found for a reasonable price on eBay. Also, to get the most out of it, you’ll want an external recorder. The black magic video assist is cheap and works w
  5. I’ll add to this. I own the C70. It’s a great little camera. Really fun to use. The BMD color looks great but I think the Canon gets you there a bit quicker and easier. The Canon seems to do better in mixed / poor lighting conditions. Battery Life (7 hours with the a60) Dual Slot record. Dual slot to proxy or duplicate backup. Full frame FF with adapter RF to PL lens options Reliability. (Some trust BMD 100 percent. We know many of those people exist.) Matching to other Canon Cinema Cameras. Netflix Approved (whatever.) Noise. The C70 is REAL clean in th
  6. I wasn’t kidding before, you really need to go shoot a roll of 35mm stills! Reading about the stuff will only go so far! It is clearly incredibly difficult to explain why film is good, especially when it needs to be explained in a very analytical way. Deakins just uses the regular Arri LUT that Yedlin seems to hate and it looks amazing. Sicario looks better than knives out, no? They both look “filmlike.”
  7. You could easily say the same about VHS or Hi8 in the 90s and early 2000s...
  8. You should try shooting a roll of 35mm still. The skin tone, color, and look are you get from film are absolutely amazing. It just looks right. I would imagine the guys on that colorist forum are likely a lot of veteran colorists that most likely value work flow over everything. I know this dude grades a ton of stuff shot on 35mm. Beautiful work. https://www.company3.com/artists/stefan-sonnenfeld/
  9. Right. I would also wonder if everyone's financial situation / the lack of traveling might explain an even further drop. Any used 35mm or Medium Format gear right now is $$$.
  10. I’ve kind of noticed the same. The Canon provided LUTs still need a little additional work to get the image to a nice place. Where are you getting noise? From my tests, I wouldn’t consider it to be an offensive amount of noise, but I am also not seeing a huge improvement with the DGO sensor, when compared to the C300 Mkii. I felt the Rec.709 straight out of camera looked really really bad on skin. Can you post some samples?
  11. Availability. They’re really hard to get ahold of. I just got one of a few from a local shop here in Seattle. Seems very good so far. My vintage Olympus and Nikon glass with adapters also hit infinity perfect, meaning the flange distance is properly calibrated (this was an issue with the metabones right out of the box.) my 35mm F2 IS works great with the speed booster and AF. I don’t really have much to say besides the adapter works as it should.
  12. Interesting that you say that. I own the 24-105 RF and I can tell you that the EF version has a stabilizer that is smoother for video work. The EF version has more of a pleasing sway, while the RF version can feel jumpy. I will be selling and purchasing the EF version that is better for video and half the price! I also find the third "control ring" to be incredibly annoying. This wouldn't be as much of an issue with a prime lens, but when there's 3 gears on a lens, it becomes really difficult to operate on the fly.
  13. You are correct in your research. Let me rephrase what I said. I believe that if you're after that overall softer / filmic look, the bmpcc will get you there easier and quicker. There's no sense shooting with a GH5 if you can get that look with less work. A colorist friend of mine often says, "the least amount of moves wins.
  14. I have to disagree. In my experience, even the ProRes HQ offers a very unique and pleasing unprocessed feeling image. IMO a lot of the magic is in the highlights.
  15. I wonder if lack of a need for upgrade is a factor. A 5D Mkiii from 8 years ago is obviously much better than any cell phone, but also pretty comparable to a DSLR bought yesterday. I think cameras have been good enough for a while. This is obviously the case for video cameras... My partner takes photos for her business with a Canon 60d and an iPad. That camera is 10 years old and still more than enough for most quick product photography shots for the web... Why would she upgrade? The film market is pretty decent right now. Tons of people shoot film, but all of those cameras already e
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