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  1. BenEricson

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Curious what you shoot with these? Just picked up a pocket with metabones EF for 600. So many deals on the eBay kits. I also own a few of those SSDs. So good.
  2. BenEricson

    Spin camera 360 to follow a kickflip

    Good call. I’m not sure you’d see a huge difference if they did or didn’t do it that way - the lines are so straight. Like you said, it would take a ton of tries to trigger at the right time. The super wide fisheye is what really makes the clip from Colin Reeds video look cool. You can also add that 4:3 is much better for this effect, since the rotation is nearly symmetrical and center focused, rather than the slightly awkward 16:9 rotating frame.
  3. BenEricson

    Spin camera 360 to follow a kickflip

    I think it was more the idea that he did it handheld in a line that made it cool. Vx looks awesome. I can't tell if this was done in post or not, definitely done way before the Colin Reed video though.
  4. BenEricson

    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    If you shoot a lot of interviews, definitely a good camera to own. The Canon series is so good in low/mixed lighting. Great cameras but I feel like the need for the external recorders puts them in a different category. Internal ND and auto focus is a BIG 10 percent... Of course all depends on what you typically shoot.
  5. BenEricson

    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    The lowlight at the time was probably quite a bit better than the RED offerings.
  6. BenEricson

    Video Compression Kills Grain :(

    Sorry, not trying to derail this thread. I just want to mention that it is neither THAT expensive or difficult to shoot film. Grain holds up fine on Vimeo. @kye - Thanks for the kind words. The WB was done in post. Half of the footage was summer and half was winter, so I wanted to separate the footage with color. The entire project was scanned to flat log 2k on the Scan Station Scanner. The rig was just the Bolex 16mm with the gun/trigger grip. I have a Super 16mm version but we went with the 4:3 because of the wide lens look and choices with that ratio. I've been skateboarding for about 16 years, so just me rolling down the street. I did a bit of warp stabilize here and there to help it out, (which works way better on film because theres no rolling shutter jello.) What you get in a bolex is pretty amazing. Slow motion, single frame, long exposure, internal slot ND, etc. The camera was really built to be used for quick setup and just getting shots. The pan up from the water was done deliberately, but everything else was just made in the edit. Thank you again for checking out the project.
  7. BenEricson

    Video Compression Kills Grain :(

    And on the topic of web compression, banding. No banding when there's grain.
  8. BenEricson

    Video Compression Kills Grain :(

    I always hear comments like this, but I’ve never heard an actual story of anyone having a “it was all blank sorry” moment. This seems like the modern equivalent of forgetting to load a card into a digital camera. You’d have to either have very serious mechanical error, severe under exposure, or be uneducated in the process, all of which are preventable... especially since the room for error with negative film is extremly high. I recently shot a short piece on a Bolex Rex 4. The scanning prices have dropped recently and the 4k scans available now are really nice and affordable. ProRes LT to Vimeo has worked pretty good for me in the past. Film grain holds up really nice in my experience.
  9. BenEricson

    Tips for achieving this style if cinematography

    I’d be vanilla. The typical drone and overcranked GH5 kit. Probably not the right look for a wedding film, but at least this was interesting. Seriously it is okay to clip highlights in natural light if it benefits the shot and gives realistic contrast. The OP asked a simple question, only to get a dozen responses weirdly questioning the shooting style of the footage. Weak. Yes.
  10. BenEricson

    Geoff Boyle: "F**k The Numbers"

    Honestly, it sounded to me like he just loves the way film looks. I agree, but that’s what I took away. I mean going from that Sony a7s or FS5 interview to motion picture film alone sells that fact.
  11. BenEricson

    What Was This Shot On? - Oh Nevermind

    Nah, a hobbyist would have used a slider, drone, and some sort of other unnecessary tool. This is well shot and very intentionally feels candid and on the fly. Any cuts would also ruin the feel they are going for.
  12. BenEricson

    Canon C300MkII vs C200

    I've used the C300ii extensively. I don't really do any work where a C200 could work for me. I want the ability to push images, shooting in natural lighting/small LED panel setups, so would need RAW or 10 bit files, but the file sizes are huge. The C300 is a work horse that has never let me down. We shoot 1080p probably 90 percent of the time. I haven't used the C200 and the 8 bit does look pretty nice from what I have seen.
  13. BenEricson

    Best used setup for filming ff dslr on a really tight budget

    Would recommend a view finder for the back. I really dig the Canon 35mm F2 IS if you need to shoot handheld as well. These guys did a lot of really really nice work with the 5D2.
  14. BenEricson

    Canon 5d ii vs 5d mark iii

    Speaking of the 5D2. This company Lucid did a lot of really nice work with that camera. It is crazy what that camera can do with such small files. I know the DP got into using filters to raise the black level to eliminate noise. I think the 5D2 was sharper, but also had problems aliasing and moire. I don't know much about the color either, but I still think the images are so beautiful.
  15. BenEricson

    The Canon C200 is here and its a bomb!

    I agree. This is what prevents me from buying a C200. The C300ii is much more suited for the work I do. Recording long interviews and mic'd up b roll for 30/40 minutes at a time. You can buy a recorder, but that takes away from what makes the C series so awesome. Raw seems suitable for the hobbyists and the top pros, but not the in between. This depends on the scenario of course.