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  1. If anyone is curious, I just finished up a piece shot about 50 percent with the pocket. This was graded by a colorist. The other half is Super 8 and there's maybe 4/5 shots with the GH5. This might not make sense if you don't live in Seattle but maybe relatable. Anyway. Shot with the OG bmpcc. "An experiental piece about a population coming to terms with a rapidly changing city."
  2. No Sony will produce color like that.
  3. I just finished a short piece that was all Super 8 and the bmpcc. We had a few GH5 inserts and the colorist said they looked “glossy” compared to the pocket camera. The small size was perfect for what I was doing and I have always loved the look. I think the S8 and bmpcc is a good combo. I completely agree as well. Flat film scans are the same way. A beautiful look can be had with a simple three way color balance.
  4. If you bought a C200 and the pocket was even on your radar, then you probably bought the wrong camera regardless. The benefits of the c200 are the ergonomics, auto focus, battery life, Internal NDs and reliability. The pocket can probably get close strictly image wise, but it’s a lot harder to get there.
  5. The most intriguing part to me is the larger S35 sensor and EF mount. I hope they did something to improve battery life. 6k is cool. Lots of talk about “adapting to the future. ” It is an interesting time with a lot of commercial work literally being shot on 16mm and 35mm film right now. I am curious if the resolution war even as big of a deal as it was even a few years ago?
  6. Think of all the great movies everyone can make with those extras Ks! Two things for sure - The battery life will still suck and the OG pocket will still have a nicer looking image.
  7. Adorama has them. I ordered mine last week and it looks like they are still in stock. interesting. That is very reassuring. I haven’t used the GH5 extensively but it looked nice in CineD with the contrast down.
  8. Finally picked up one of these cameras. The menus and touch screen interface are really nice. 4k 60p output is really impressive. I am also really blown away by the sharpness. Using the P4K, really shows special the colors and skin tone out of the original bmpcc and bmmcc were. The P4K looks really nice, but doesn’t seem that far off from the GH5. I am also a bit shocked to discover they managed to release another camera with poor battery life. I used it for a day before I ordered an external battery solution. Does anyone know if the battery life is better when running CFast vs SSD?
  9. Works great with the C300ii and a 70-200 as well. You could say it performs as if it is parfocal, but there are situations where it won’t work
  10. XC10 or XC15 is great if you're shooting outdoors and need a compact camera. I would shoot C-log or Wide DR. If you're shooting over 1250/1600 ISO, I would just shoot a baked in profile, avoid log.
  11. Working on a new project currently in post. This was a few stops over and shot at 15000k! It was my first day using the camera and something happened with the settings. I am having a colorist grade it. Here is what he was able to get this out of the frame.
  12. Really beautiful images with the worst song possible. I thought a window had popped up in the background somewhere. The original bmpcc can be made to look like a Arri or Red at 1080p.
  13. Same here. 35mm F2 and the 24-105 or 100mm Macro IS if you’re indoors.
  14. More importantly, you’re completely screwed on location if you don’t charge the only battery available. Do they have an auto shutoff like the updated rode vmp did? 5 hours is also super limiting if you have a full day of shooting...
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