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    Always vertical for Instagram stories. Come on now.
  2. Anyone with F3 and Video Assist? Need help setting it up.

    use with the video assist, set the f3's sdi out S-Log 4;2;2 Use SDI output A, not the 'Video Out' bnc connector. Just an FYI, the color you get from setting the camera to video out / s-log PP is much more accurate colorwise than locking the camera to S-Log out with no profile. The difference is very obvious in the greens. It is a lot closer to the FS7 in a bad way. A member on DVX User tipped me off to this. Clearly this is a flaw because the two profiles shouldn't be different. I agree, the menu situation is very annoying on the f3. I have owned the F3/Black Magic Recorder for a while now and have been extremely satisfied with the images.
  3. Filming movies on one lens (30mm-ish)

    I would guess because that's the look/perspective they wanted. Shooting at one focal length and moving around to get different frames makes the edit flow really really well. Can be limiting, but cutting together a scene shot with one lens is very seamless. Bottlerocket I think was shot almost entirely with the 27mm. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SmFDafzmklA&time_continue=138&ebc=ANyPxKoh07rN7RiODXTQ4Ij3itG2CGkFHeLIrVC7UwjQ2XZssJXaVuLRkVU4S2l5RYOgi6GtoXAfeoDEn2KbqhilIsWcjr2slg
  4. Swapping the FS5 for a........ GH5?

    The C500 is definitely nicer on the skin/highlights, but the GH5 looks pretty nice to me.

    I owned this camera and loved it. I needed XLRs for some shoots and didn't care about the size so bought an F3. Would love to own one again soon. I would say number one, figure out a good battery solution to power the camera + monitor. I would buy one of these as well. http://store.mosaicengineering.com/VAF-IR-Filter-for-Blackmagic-MFT-Cameras_p_44.html The small HD 502 monitor is pretty rad to have for LUT support, wave form, and other handy features.
  6. Going back to CaNikon for Photography

    The 5D3 is really cheap used at this point.
  7. Editing 4K on a Macbook Pro

    If the files are local on the SSD, you shouldn't have any problems with the 4k. Thw worst thing about the new MacBook is the lack of USB ports. Performance is there from my experience. What type of editing experience are you expecting? Full quality 4k timeline with effects applied? Do you mind editing at a lower viewing quality?
  8. C300 vs F3

    1500 for both? That's a great deal. It is the 444 version?
  9. C300 vs F3

    C300 would be so much easier, plus there's auto focus... F3 is kinda long. What is the price on the F3 + VA?
  10. C300 vs F3

    Thanks, my work has C300ii but I do person work and random freelance jobs with this camera. Workhorse for sure. Highlights roll nicely.
  11. C300 vs F3

    Yes, I own that setup and have used it for about a year. I am working on a long form project, but have done a few random freelance jobs with the setup. I some b-roll here. The first 15 and last 15 seconds have some examples. There is one flaw. The bottom line of pixels flickers in 60p. You have to zoom in to 100.5 to remove it. Other than that, the 60p is not much different than the C300ii in 60p.
  12. C300 vs F3

    Black Magic Video Assist works great if you have the 444 model, 7Q will do 24/60 with dual SDI and the 2016 7Q firmware.
  13. GH5 all-i 400Mbs vs ipb 150Mbs frames comparison:

    Depends what you're shooting. The way a camera looks when it jitters and shakes will change as well. Running with a bolex or a digital bolex looks awesome, looks absolutely horrible on a 5D. These are all obviously extreme settings but DSLR shake is gross.
  14. Best super 35mm camera?

    I agree with this. The F3 is truly a beautiful image. The FS700 has excellent features, but from a purely image standpoint, the F3 looks much better. Depends what you're shooting 4K/120p is pretty awesome. If you shoot a lot of interviews, you may regret the FS700.
  15. Aronofsky's Mother! 16mm Genius

    Agreed about the close ups. Any smaller scale formats really shine in this setting. The extreme being Super 8 or Polaroid film. Portraits on polaroid look like they've already been airbrushed. On the discussion of 16mm. Stuff I have shot with the Bolex has just been the most rewarding for me. The colors, skin tone, and overall feel are very hard to replicate. I think someone saying they can easily copy the 16mm look with filters, is the same as saying the GH5 can look like an Alexa or a F35. I suppose there's different traits that people would to copy. To some people that would mean analog inconsistency; film burns, grain, jumping gate, etc. There is a huge difference in the film stocks alone. These first two frames are 1080p scans on the Shadow. This is a 10+ year old scanner. The 3rd frame is a 4k scan from a Scan Station. This is just cheap c-mount glass. I've n ever used Zeiss on a bolex, but I am sure the results would be very nice. I've never seen this but the trailer looks good. I'll be checking that out this week.