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  1. I was told it was the same sensor as the FS7? I guess they were misinformed. I kinda think something like a C300 Mk2 Or C200 might make sense at that price point. (Unless you want all the high speed stuff.) I haven’t seen another model of Sony camera that has the magical quality of the F3, besides the F35.
  2. Looks pretty good for a phone. I'm having trouble seeing any improvements over the XS or iPhone 11 though. Is this the one with the supposedly larger sensor?
  3. No, a friend of mine was on the (very small) crew and mentioned they used the P6K.
  4. I guess the camera does actually matter!
  5. Yeah, the OG pocket cam is S16 and also has a similarity in the highlight sensitivity. Ergonomically though, beyond terrible, any of those cameras mentioned are like Fisher Price toys compared to the Eclair. Nobody ever even bothered to create a modern zoom lens that could compete with the old S16 ones. Maybe the Canon 18 - 80 on a C300?
  6. Fair enough. I didn't realize you were talking about reversal film or film prints. Reversal was extremely popular at that time. The Dark Knight was shot negative but done with a traditional film print work flow and saying it has poor dynamic range and is comparable to ML is a tough sell. The roll off on highlights is just so damn pretty! From my experience with color negative film, the amount of range and especially highlight detail far exceeds what you would ever need to pull out in post. An exposure needs to be set in the grade, but like you said, you have a ton of leeway. It is quite r
  7. Just going to bump this and mention you can watch this for free if you happen to be subscribed to HBO max. The bmpcc still delivering. Looked great streaming on my TV.
  8. That rig works way better than it should. I haven’t used it in years but had great results with the OG black magic packet.
  9. Not sure where you read this, but you're misinformed. I would echo what others say and mention the C300 or FS7 as their modern say replacement. The NPR is very much a single operator camera, just like the C300 or FS7. The comparison in image quality is probably not worth mentioning... It was the film stock flying through the gate that and the glass that determined the look, not the mechanics of the camera. It didn't matter if you had a Bolex or a SR3, both can look great with the right glass. I'm still curious how someone could think a EOSM is comparable in any way...Have you g
  10. Yeah but that is literally the C300 Mk3 and the price is 6k more.
  11. I think just the fact that the baked in profiles on the Canon looks so damn good, is a huge selling point. No fuss image. You're getting the image from the 11 thousand dollar C300 Mk3 sensor for around half the price in a small form factor. I do wish it had an EVF and full sized XLR. There are way to work around those, but you gotta wonder if the C100 or C300 would sell as well as it did with no EVF. The answer is most likely no.
  12. I'm guessing 4500USD. Does it have a rear screen?
  13. These are my favorites. 35mm F2 IS, 24-105 4 IS, 70-200 F2.8 or F4 IS, 100mm 2.8 Macro IS.
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