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  1. Best super 35mm camera?

    I agree with this. The F3 is truly a beautiful image. The FS700 has excellent features, but from a purely image standpoint, the F3 looks much better. Depends what you're shooting 4K/120p is pretty awesome. If you shoot a lot of interviews, you may regret the FS700.
  2. Aronofsky's Mother! 16mm Genius

    Agreed about the close ups. Any smaller scale formats really shine in this setting. The extreme being Super 8 or Polaroid film. Portraits on polaroid look like they've already been airbrushed. On the discussion of 16mm. Stuff I have shot with the Bolex has just been the most rewarding for me. The colors, skin tone, and overall feel are very hard to replicate. I think someone saying they can easily copy the 16mm look with filters, is the same as saying the GH5 can look like an Alexa or a F35. I suppose there's different traits that people would to copy. To some people that would mean analog inconsistency; film burns, grain, jumping gate, etc. There is a huge difference in the film stocks alone. These first two frames are 1080p scans on the Shadow. This is a 10+ year old scanner. The 3rd frame is a 4k scan from a Scan Station. This is just cheap c-mount glass. I've n ever used Zeiss on a bolex, but I am sure the results would be very nice. I've never seen this but the trailer looks good. I'll be checking that out this week.
  3. Best super 35mm camera?

    That's a great deal. Another really nice piece shot on the F3. Cooke zoom I believe.
  4. Best super 35mm camera?

    Same here. I think I paid 1600 for mine.
  5. Don’t forget about Digital Bolex!

    Love this frame. Definitely looks like film.
  6. I had thought about doing this in the past, kinda figured the 7Q would generate too much heat. I always found the fs700/slog2 to be very difficult to grade. I kinda wish you could have the option to get some sort of cine profile to output. I do miss the sharpness and 4k/120.
  7. Best super 35mm camera?

    Agreed. The F3 is awesome. It really depends what you're shooting. The Canon C100/C300 looks really good on skin. My work has the C300ii, I love those cameras, but they're in a different price bracket. I wouldn't trade the F3 for anything else at this price level for what I do. You should be able to get the Sony F3 and the Black Magic Video Assist for under 2500. the 444 version will output 60p to the video assist, the 422 will not.
  8. Nikon PR nightmares

  9. My guide to buying a cheap Hasselblad medium format camera

    You could buy a lot of film for 3k.
  10. Sony's new full frame CineAlta camera is announced: VENICE

    Nope. I have used the F3 for over a year now and sensor and image is excellent. I assume this new camera will be the same. The FS700/S-LOG2 was garbage. Using the 7Q with a LUT preview is not that hard to expose correctly. The image was acceptable and the 120/4k is excellent, but not what you would expect with the bitrates and resolution the 7Q pumps out. I had no problems with the Black Magic Pocket, either. The FS7 is supposedly better, but the large majority of that footage looks orange, dull, or the greens are off. C-Log 2 and C-Log 3 are not available on the 8 bit c100 or c300 you're referencing. I'm talking about 10 and 12 bit files from the C300ii. Do all of the Cine Alta cameras also have "'pseudo-log?"
  11. New BMPCC is Not Happening any time soon!!!

    For strictly image, no. The F3 produces one of the best 1080p images, similar to the Arri and Red. The c100 is great in the right lighting but the F3 can produce some seriously cinematic stuff. I love the 5D3 raw image, but the pocket/micro cinema is actually a useable tool. 5D3 raw is very unreliable. All camera have their downfalls. I personally prefer a larger camera that takes one battery and has a mic built in. The weight is good for camera movements anyway.
  12. Buying Canon XC10 in 2017.

    You should be a big step up from S-LOG2, but really depends on the situation. This camera is perfect for outdoor shooting, but not so much indoor. The baked in profiles do include noise reduction which can effect the image. I recommend C-LOG, exposing a stop or so over to make sure you get clean shadows. You shouldn't get noise or macro blocking if you're exposing correctly.
  13. GX10/XF405

    Good secondary cameras for a doc. Wish they would make a camera like the HPX170. Those were CCD sensors. Really nice color and motion. I can't tell how good the color is here. It looked pretty videoish to me, didn't have the Canon EOS look... I'm assuming the product video was mostly shot with a C300?
  14. Sony's new full frame CineAlta camera is announced: VENICE

    The FS5 - FS7 cannot produce what the CineAlta can produce. I wish the FS7 had the F3 color. I own the F3 and love it, but have yet to see any FS7 footage that I have really liked. This is more like what an average person actually gest with the FS5 and FS7. I remember my studio going from the FS700/7Q S-Log 2 to the C300ii. The difference in color is absolutely insane. I would do HSL adjustments, tons of masks, etc, still couldn't get close to what the Canon can produce with just a LUT and a quick three way adjustment.