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  1. How stills killed casual video for me

    I completely agree. Limitations in general can be helpful in the creative process.
  2. Anyone Recommend a Variable ND Filter

    I used to stack a vari with a IR cut and started getting green vignetting with the pocket camera. It depends on the situation, but for run and gun it can be a workable option. I hate any sort of external NDs based on the negative experience with even 400.00+ NDs. It's a shame to have to worry about vignetting on a 24-105/11-17 Etc.
  3. Canon 5D mark iii RAW video 2018

    That last frame looks like a RAW still from the 5d. Wild. I can't remember the program, but isn't there a paid version that lets you bake out c-log footage? You can preserve highlights there. Edit: Also the straight REC709 out of that program looks amazing as well. You can't really use it in extreme lighting scenarios though.
  4. Tips for getting the best out of the XC10?

    Wasn’t there an issue with lack of detail from noise reduction? Using a non log profile for the ability to shoot at the lower ISOs is really a huge bonus. Baked in profiles are majorly under utilized these days - especially with the Canon cameras.
  5. Tips for getting the best out of the XC10?

    Shoot 4k. Use a fader ND. Shoot c-log. Expose to the right. I’ve found the compression is much much better wide open/nearly wide open. Maybe this is the lens, but the f11 stuff I shot came out mushy. It is good for what it is. If it had a 2.8 constant lens, this camera would be a beast.
  6. Thoughts About Skintone?

    This is more what I was going for. I'm on a 2015 iMac monitor now. I think playing off the gold/yellow rather than the red. Based on this Carol frame. Shot on 16mm film.
  7. Thoughts About Skintone?

    I think the image overall looks smoother if you can reduce the tint caused from the orange furniture. This is what I came up with. Pretty close to the original - a bit more golden. I'm mainly just looking at the skin on memory colors and reducing the red.
  8. C200 - some thoughts

    I literally could get better color out of the XC10 than my FS700/7Q. I'm not saying the FS700 can't do more and look better, but the Canon compression is really really nice. The main problem with the XC10 is the lens - not really the 8 bit codec. I would imagine if you know the limits of the 8bit/c200 codec, you can do really really nice work. You just need to stress test it like any camera.
  9. Thoughts About Skintone?

    Looks good. Are you mixing daylight and tungsten? Mixing two different colors of light on the face is pretty stylized but maybe it works for what you're doing. I think the tone is good but maybe you could reduce the amount of orange on the left side of the face/arm.
  10. C200 - some thoughts

    Price has come way down. Could be purchased for under 4500 with a recorder. The highlights clip so hard on the C500. The newer sensor on the c300ii and c200 is much smoother.
  11. New, Yeah New Kodak Super 8mm Camera.

    It is what it is. It is a small gauge version of a true cinema Kodak stock. To me the small format texture looks beautiful and real. I don't see why anyone would want their music videos/short films/etc to look like a Google commercial. The right camera for the job. I wouldn't right off anything completely. The Ronin is completely overused but it has its place.
  12. New, Yeah New Kodak Super 8mm Camera.

    The 16:9 aspect ratio, lcd, and 24fps/sync sound (if that is the case,) add up in price. Pro8mm sells wide gate Super 8 cameras with sync sound that arent cheap.
  13. New, Yeah New Kodak Super 8mm Camera.

    Bummer that they couldn't produce a better reel to accompany that release. Super 8 is a really fun to shoot and has a unique look to it. This camera is overpriced.There are a lot of really nice S8 cameras for 250-1000. This is 16:9 but still overpriced.
  14. Best cinema camera for me?

    If you're coming from the F3, any of them will disappoint you. You can shoot clean at 1600 ISO on the F3. The noise is filmy too. I'm not sure what type of lowlight performance you are looking for/expecting. The C300ii will be better than the F3, which is already very good. The URSA will be worse.
  15. Best cinema camera for me?

    C300 Mkii I shoot with the F3 and the C300ii a lot. You don't need a external recorder. You can strip the camera way down for run and gun. You can also use the new C200 screen that allows for touch screen auto focus. It will fly on the Ronin MX. The URSA Mini will disappoint you in lowlight. The EVA1 and Sony cameras won't have as nice of color as your F3. What about the F5 used? That camera is a beast for features and the color is more comparable to your F3 than the FS5 or FS7. Seems like the only one that checks all the boxes.