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  1. Well, don’t forget the locations, wardrobe, and cast. That trailer would look like a YouTube camera tests without those. It looks really good but I am not shocked it was shot on a GH5, those cameras are clearly super capable. Interesting they went with a super fast shutter. Seems extremely budget to make that call based on a broken filter?
  2. Depends on your market. The C300 is way more popular in Seattle. Lots of corporate work with Amazon and Microsoft. I would imagine FS7 is really popular for TV.
  3. Just curious, have you ever shot with one? The C300ii produces beautiful images with ease. The reason the C300ii is so popular in mid range production is because it is a single operator operator camera. The Alexa or Red in that situation can be a burden. At the end of the day, the canon images at least hold up next to the red or arri in color space. The FS7 can’t compete in that space. The new FX9 looks better but the color is still not better than the original C300.
  4. And everyone wants icing on their cake. The F3 is a great camera. It really does have an extremely rich color output. The slog files also really handle over and under exposure very well. Like the other Sony’s I have used. It looks amazing outdoors and okay in mixed lighting. (From my experience.) I was using a Sony Swit with a dtap to power the Black Magic video assist. This was a super compact setup that worked really well.
  5. Really interesting stuff. I would be curious what this would do with cameras like the HPX or older VHS-C cameras. Maybe a way to sharpen up those older cameras with really organic looking images.
  6. I would have to disagree. “The kids” are the ones shooting tons of actual film right now. Largely driven by millennials it seems. There is so much 16mm and 35mm being shot right now, I would imagine 10 times more than what was being shot 5 years ago. Nothing beats the real deal if you can afford it.
  7. Personally I would shoot baked in on some sort of neutral profile. You’d wanna shoot 10 bit over 8 bit 4k. Always shoot at higher f stop so you can pull a clean key on details like hair or the shirt / jersey. F8 if possible. Make sure you have enough light and make sure they’re far enough away from the screen so you don’t get green kickback on the side of the face / hair. As far as lighting, I would kinda think you’d want a little more backlight or a little falloff on the face. The frames you posted feel very evenly lit. Are you shooting waist up?
  8. Thanks man. This was the Rokinon 8mm I think? It's been a while since i've used that setup. It worked really well at the time though.
  9. :46 is with that setup. I believe this was 1080p / 60p mode. 4k might crop a little more? You mean the 8mm 3.5mm, correct? No vignetting. The black Magic pocket looks better but there was no fisheye option at the time.
  10. Christopher Nolan used 65mm a ton in The Dark Knight and even more so in The Dark Knight Rises. The option has always been there, it’s just easier now so suddenly everyone “needs it to help tell their story.” I’ve often heard everyone loves the texture and the film like noise of the Alexa Classic. I would wonder if the intense DI / coloring on all of those films mentioned is a way of negating the gloss from the added resolution. It seems like too much resolution / sharpness in digital formats has always been where the magic starts to go away. The lust after 1080p CCD sensor cameras are a great example of this. I mean a digital bolex and an Alexa Classic are getting close to the same price these days.
  11. Don’t forget some fill under the chin can be nice too. It may happen naturally depending on the color of your floors. The wider you plan on shooting, the more lights you will most likely need. If you have budget, Canon cameras do such a good job in these types of settings. Even a C100 I would imagine would be better fit.
  12. Have you made sure you’re exporting to 59.94 and not 60? That will cause drift. I haven’t heard of it in a while, but the drive speed could potentially slow it down. Maybe try going to 422 or LT and see if you have the same issue? Just to trouble shoot. Is it happening on all of the clips?
  13. The sensors are tiny. My iPhone XS looks only okay in lower light with anything but the widest lens. It’s great in the right conditions, but that’s always been the case. Even the phones now seen good enough for most consumers. I should mention that the skin tone and color is actually much worse on my iPhone XS than the 6s that was made 3 years earlier. This might have to do with improved high ISO performance. Historically that always seems to be the problem with all lowlight cameras. Portrait mode is also so dodgy and kinda works well sometimes?
  14. Yeah, but the audio from the vx and soft desaturated highlights still compete with what is available now. It's just such a good all in one package. I also think that skateboarding undeniably looks better in 4:3. Agreed. All of the hip ad agencies are all shooting 16 and 35. The amount of labs and the price and demand for cameras really reflects this as well. A bit of nostalgia and I think the resolution battle has slowed down, as the search for better looking texture and color increases.
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