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  1. Thank you all for the suggestions. I'll go with EM1 II.
  2. Love the 16mm film look from my original bmpcc but really would like better battery life, good video autofocus (when I need it as I will mostly shoot manual focus using vintage lenses) and IBIS. Any great alternative for under $700 body only?? I'm thinking about the OMD EM1 mark ii.
  3. Between these Z6 with RAW vs S5 10 bit 422, which will give you a more 'cinematic' image? Will the Z6 RAW be much better? I know S5 can? will? do RAW as well but if I didn't have that option and only 10 bit 422, which is better?
  4. I haven't seen any footage from a hybrid camera that can match the filmic look of BM. Yes Fuji's have nice color but BM just has the most organic look. Plasticky?? nope.
  5. Andrew, when will you have the review?
  6. Sorry unfortunately I sold the Nikon Z50 and didn't have time to test it out. I'm definitely interested in Andrew's review. Wondering about the video quality. Anyone know the 4k bitrate on the Z50?
  7. Thank you all for the suggestions. I am now looking at something smaller with IBIS for video. How does the GX85 compare to the OMD EM 10 Mark III when it comes to video? I like to play with Luts and grading just a bit.
  8. My main concern is the X-T3 files on an my late 2017 i7 iMac and if they will work fine. If I shoot at 200 mpbs will the files work nicely? I might get the X-T3 and 18-55 since it has OiS so should be good for handheld video. If the above two items check off, I will get the X-T3 with 18-55 and 35 f2 for photo work. thx
  9. I'm wondering how the G9 compares to XT3. I'm looking for an all around hybrid camera. I love the G9 controls but it's a tad bit heavy and large. XT3 looks to be a good size and weighs less. Are the 4K 10 bit files from the XT3 a pain to work with if you don't have a super computer? Are there any other cameras like the G9 in terms of ergonomics but with a larger sensor? Thinks that would be nice to have but not must have - IBIS, 10 bit internal for video. I know XT4 fits the bill but that's out of my budget.
  10. So a question on G9 vs X-T3 in terms of 4k 10 bit 4.2.2 files. Do you need a super computer to handle the files from the X-T3 and the G9? I see the mbps is 400 on the Fuji and 150 on the G9 - does it mean G9 won't be as much of a system hog? thanks
  11. Thanks. I actually did just buy a G9. I'm just afraid that it might be too big and heavy but reading all the reviews, I really would like to give it a try. I'm looking for an all in one hybrid. Would love the XT-4 but it's way out of my budget. So if G9 won't work out maybe I'll look a the EM1 II.
  12. Thank you for the info. I'm liking this camera but also wondering how much better the EM5 Mark iii might be and if it's worth paying $500 more. Would the video be much better? I know photo wise it's a 20mp sensor vs 16 but for me 16 seems enough.
  13. Thank you for the explanation. More questions. Is this only for M43 lenses or any lens I mount with adapter of course ? This is where I'm a bit confused as M43 has a crop of 2x so a 12mm lens is 24mm. Are you saying for 4k video M-IS 2, the view will be 12mm if I put on let's say the Olympus 12mm F2 ? Also, is the no crop in 4K mechanical IBIS available only in Olympus M43 cameras?
  14. I bought the EM10 mark iii to see how I like it but have a question on the following: No crop in 4K with mechanical IBIS. - WHAT DOES THIS MEAN AND WHAT DO I SELECT IN THE MENU? I TURN OFF IBIS IN MENU FOR VIDEO (M-IS TO OFF) AND IT STILL WILL HAVE IBIS IN VIDEO? 2.3x crop with digital stabilisation but no loss of detail - IS THIS WITH M-IS ON in the Menu? 4x crop in 2x-extender mode with minimal loss of detail when recording 4K video (second focal length to every fast prime without dropping to 1080p!) - THIS IS WITH THE ZOOM BUTTON??
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