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  1. so for the ml to be useful in any capacity you have to pixel bin anyway lol?
  2. PPNS


    Mr Stevie Ray Vaughn, please just post a video you have made at some point in your life. Discussing minute technical details about different cameras gets very boring quickly. It would just be easier to recommend something if we knew what you would like to achieve yourself.
  3. PPNS


    Fairly simple, if you dont like going through menu systems and having annoying settings in the way of your work, you can only choose BM cameras.
  4. Aka the most noise reduction we’ll use in a camera that you can’t turn off
  5. They just call that s cinetone
  6. - i think its hard for me to believe that the software hack gives you superior image quality to anything now - its hard for me to believe that the 14 bit readout would give you any discernible difference compared to the 12 bit readout
  7. its pixel binned since that sensor isnt natively 3.5k, so you should actually be missing quite a lot of info right?
  8. that is probably a better way to look at it. phones are good for convenience, and they will allow you take the shot. but if you rely on them to give you actual good image quality, or whatever expectation you set for 8K or any other of their promised specs, and you'll end up terribly disappointed.
  9. well good camcorders had 4:2:2 color sampling more than a decade ago, and often had insane versatile zoom lenses, so the sensor size argument is kind of moot. The 8k out of a phone will still probably be worse than hd out of a camcorder from 10 years ago. an original bmpcc will probably resolve more detail than video coming out of a phone with an 8k sensor. its a waste of anyone’s time.
  10. and the image quality happens to be ass as well
  11. PPNS

    Pocket 4k or 6k?

    the pocket 4k is probably the best video camera you can buy for the money. however, it is annoying. the pocket 6k is more expensive, with image quality that is about 3% better at most imo, but every annoying bit about the 4k is extra annoying (especially battery life) on the 6k. the 6k pro is more expensive than the 6k, but fixes many faults of the regular 6k with its quality of life upgrades. So imo its not even worth considering the regular 6k. Even though i have really liked using it due to its NDs and bright screen, you are kind of stuck with an annoying mount: canon photo lenses arent particularly pleasant to work with, and cine lens wise you're most likely gonna have to rent, because your selection is pretty small, and Sigmas or Zeiss CPs aren't particularly affordable. If you're looking for a B cam for a more serious cine camera, you could just convert the mount to PL permanently. Lens wise the 4k just rocks, Olympus photo lenses are good for manual focusing, and the MFT cine meikes are insanely good for the price. Since everyone is so convinced that MFT is dying out, this means that they are insanely cheap on the second hand market. I myself hate speedboosters, but you can find some qualitative PL and EF adapters for a bargain occasionally online as well. This means that your selection of viable lenses is basically endless. I can basically live with most of the grievances with this camera, because the footage you can get out if it is so good, and it costs nothing compared to anything else.
  12. 2 years ago, they announced the 6k pro after their atem switchers too, so i presume its a relatively small update. either way i’m interested!
  13. i've seen so many of your posts where you're unable to decide on which camera to choose. i dont think suggestions are of much use to you tbh. Just show an example of a video you've made, and show 1 example of a video that you would like to achieve, maybe it'll be easier to help you that way.
  14. thanks guys, very nice of y’all!
  15. did another short with this camera, feel like showing off some stills again. the short itself is not yet finished.
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