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  1. I actually bought one rather than whine about its perceived "shortcomings" (not a dig at Andrew's article). If there was an X-H2 that could record raw, I may have bought that instead but Fuji is apparently listening to clueless pensioners at fujirumours that cannot comprehend even the basics of what is needed for good video capture, while shouting "I do not need video". Now, I almost sold all of my fuji glass. Apart from the trouble of licensing a new mount (would Canon licence its rf-mount? Or Sony? And what it would cost), I think the EF mount is still a good choice for the budget this
  2. In as new condition with its pouch , barely used. Spotless optics. Shipping from Greece to all Europe. 350 euros
  3. What would be a respectable power option for the new 6k pro that would feed the 12v needed? I have a power junkie that outposts 7.4V so that will not cut it. Can someone suggest a tried and tested combination that could power it and does not break the bank, now that dummy-battery solutions are out? (it uses a np-f battery) Thanks
  4. Now at 800 Euros
  5. Fuji copying Sony in its bodies? You are way out of touch with the reality there and I am trying to be civil. Also, there have been lots of new lenses for the x-mount either available or under development. Good for you in getting an FP, Sigma is a great company that deserves our support, but let's not go about badmouthing the ex for no real reason.
  6. Fuji X-T3 for sale in great condition with all accessories and box. Included are four extra patona batteries and an extra usb charger I can ship to everywhere in Europe. I can accept PayPal and bank transfer.
  7. Ridiculous pricing. You can get another great camera for that kind of mine along with a decent monitor
  8. 20Κ and pay for raw output whenever Canon feels like including it...
  9. Is the video output from the fp-l worse, better or same than that of the FP one? I noticed that the FP-L has a lower "high" native iso (smaller pixels etc) than the FP but the segment from the Canadian that talks too fast is not that clear. Then again this was definetely not a review. A shame form Gerald who has done good things in the past but then you tubers... Can anybody commend on the video output?
  10. I will disagree with MRSMW a bit , I think x-t3 makes much financial sense when in essence you are buying the same camera as the X-T3. If you use either of the models for video ,power junkie will be your friend and I would not rate the X-T4 ibis that much. But horses for courses etc..
  11. With the latest firmware autofocus is almost the same if not the same between the X-T3 or X-T4. You have to dial in the focusing settings withe the glass you have which is a bit of a black art with fuji. In the long run nothing that matters is that different between the two cameras. They have the same cpu and the X-t4 has a slightly different variant of the same sensor of the X-T3 The x-t4 ibis is still not that good I think.
  12. Unfortunately taxes would be out of this world plus the infamous DHL handling tax. I am not looking for a full blown rig but yours is great. Hope you sell it soon
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