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    Fuji X-T4

    Definetely do teh metabones review. There is lots of cheap used EF glass with great quality, so it may be worth the investment.
  2. If you had an understanding of the actual camera in question and Fuji's Acros profile along with actual use of the said profile compared to Lut's etc I think you would reconsider. Your advice is sound in a general manner but it is not applicable in this case. Acros (with its four variations) is that good. You can dismiss it as a "baked look" but I have not seen anything better in B&W . Since he wants to use B&W it is the best option in his case. I am currently shooting a short film that includes B&W scenes , and with all the testing we did compared to f-log, Acros came on t
  3. I actually have an X-T3 and shoot B&W so this is not from the horse's rear end (sorry tupp ,could not resist the joke ) Acros will be great if exposed decently. You are not going to get the same result with a lut. Fuji's secret sauce is especially strong with Acros. Even in photography, Acros camera-derived Jpeg's are not the same as files exported from raw into acros jpegs (que long discussion and people saying otherwise ) I could add a lot of pretentious paragraphs about highlight rolloffs , curves and other technical mumbo jumbo but it just is. The rest is silliness
  4. The new 84 year old president will now deem that 720p line-skipping is more than enough for the R5 and will give relevant firmware instructions... Is it really health problems or a means to save face? My best wishes to Mr Maeda nevertheles..
  5. I completely agree with you there. Fuji needs a mk ii version of these lenses but they came up with a 27mm mk2 instead... Unbelievable. There is a 50mm f1.0 coming and possibly another mk2 lens of some focal length we do not know yet. They have a huge problem with firmware updates the past 18 months as well so it is a very mixed bag at the moment
  6. Hello once again. Do you use automatic exposure a lot?? You can do a lot with iris control . I concede that this is its biggest shortcoming if you use auto iso but i personally work around it. As for recording limits, if you do weddings and stuff like that you are better off with dedicated video camera I think, you must have noticed all the discussions about the R5 :). X-T4 ibis is still not up to par and I do not think it will be. Fuji has shot its foot as far as firmware development is concerned for its cameras... Good luck with whatever you are buying!
  7. You do understand that they have the best 4k in the market for their price range and very comparable to much more expensive offerings? And it is recorded internally as well? Why the fuck do you need IBIs? Trembling hands? Panasonic has a much smaller sensor to deal with, Canon R5 IBIs seems to be a major technological advancement compared to the tv/video look of panasonic ibis... Aps Lenses weigh fuck all and Fuji has the best glass for APS since it was not created as an afterthought to their Full frame equivalents. You can very easily grade h265 400mbps footage in a 1080p timeline wi
  8. Fuck the full frame "look" (Respectfully) . That is for conceited brides and bokeh whores that cannot stage a photo to save their lifes. I(f he buys a 35 1.4 with the X-T3 he has all the bokeh a whore needs, let alone a 56mm 1.3 or a 90mm 2.0 if portrait is his thing- The 35mm 1.4 can be found reasonably priced secondhand, has magic pixie dust and is the most versatile of teh three ). The X-T3 can take great pictures and Fuji colour science is at the same level or better than Canon's... The video is comparable to a pocket 4k unless you are a "I only shoot raw snob" and has better "filmic" co
  9. Let me correct that for you. "Can your camera filter my pimples, make me more beautiful and the groom less drunk? - What do you mean No - it has 8k though"
  10. You tubers and would be "content-creators" with fat parental credit cards.....
  11. What ridiculous campaign would that be? Not believing reviews that corporate has ordained to its stable of paid youtubers ? A careful examination of the released specs of both R5 and R6 , coupled with a modicum of actual field experience and what else is on the market and technically feasible, show many severe shortcomings for both cameras that could have actually been avoided, and may indeed be rectified via firmware if Canon's cripple hammer is put to rest. Healthy discussion with solid arguments is always good. Blindly kneeling to the altar of Canon,Sony, Fuji etc, is not..
  12. The last 2 on whether you have a 4:2:0 or 4.2.2 will probably only make a difference when using a green screen. And it does not detract from the main core of my argument. 10 bit or 12 bit 4:2:0 is way more important than having 4:2:2 and it certainly has nothing to do with what the R6 turned out to be All intra is quite different to lesser approaches but I suppose its perception may vary from eye to eye (or rather from the way one brain perceives what it sees compared to the other). I have not found h265 difficult to edit if using proxies correctly in lesser systems and we should p
  13. Μy Χ-Τ3 has been a rock. I am now filming a short film at 35C+ ground temp weather, lots of direct sunlight, powered by an external usb-c power bank. It warms up but it works great and the video is just lovely... P.S I do not do 30+ minute shots so I cannot comment on that...
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