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  1. josdr

    Fuji X-T4

    It is good news of course but watch this space when people start complaining that the camera is too big now :) Fujirumors , which is the defacto site for official fuji leaks is adamant that this is not the X-H2 and X-T combined and that the two lines (X-T and X-H) will remain separate, but it sure looks like a good effort for a new X-H2. Androidlad do we have any idea about the bitrate used. Will its still be Hevc at 400mbps ?
  2. @@@@@@@@@@@ Thank you for that!!!! I remember blackmagic throwing up a stink for not making this available. Just found it. You are welcome. Thank you for the exchanging of views.
  3. Hello and good morning. I can only presume that the medium of the internet loses some of the intended message between us. So let me start from the bottom. I am not bashing macs, I have been using them for almost two decades. Nevertheless they have some glaring shortcomings when it comes down to video processing, in the case of the mini the absence of a dedicated gpu, which for such an extensive product should have been there. You are of course correct about the need for huge external ssd's and a raid filesystem to keep everything in order As far as Premiere and Resolve are concerned when used in my mac mini configuration (resolve being better in that regard) , footage shot at h265 All-Intra 400mbps stutters and the timeline is not smooth. As for exporting said footage, it does take a lot of time.Granted, Premiere does need to update its codebase but it has certain characteristics when sharing projects between team members and organising lots of footage that other editing software lacks. I like resolve but why the monitoring screen cannot detach and be used separately in another monitor is astonishing. I work with a mac mini at home and with an Asus Rog and a pc rig (both with ge-force cards at work). If you can afford it I would suggest that you get an external gpu case and a compatible gpu to use with your mac. The difference will be spectacular. Have a nice day!
  4. Lol....No thank you, i will not be using that POS. Premiere is way better suited for team work. As for its timeline..... I grant you there was an extra 0 at the 400mbps bit, but as I wrote I neither shoot long gop or at 200 mbps so what is the need for this "direct quote"? My original assertion stands. You need an external gpu for serious work and transcoding with a mac mini.... Timeline stuttering and ludicrous export times is all you can expect
  5. josdr

    Fuji X-T4

    Will the X-t3 get any of these modes? I presume since the sensor is almost the same and the cpu should be the same (very expensive to produce a brand new one) some of these modes could be passed to the X-T3.
  6. Just to make it clear, I am talking about h265 4000mbps All intra files, which stutter. I never use long gop/200 mbps so cannot comment on that
  7. New model MAC mini i7 64 gb ram. Premiere will do it with stuttering, resolve a bit better. Mac's are worthless for this kind of work.. You would need an external gpu case _ gpu i for macs in order to edit with ease. Or convert the h265 to prores that works great for editing.
  8. Hi guys, I am thinking of getting an Atomos Shinobi for use with my X-T3. I do not need external recording. Has anybody used this combination or the Shinobi at least and can comment on it? I also had a look at a SWIT CM-55 C for a cheaper option but was not that happy with its build quality/interface
  9. Apart from citing worthless wikipedia grade stuff which do not really concern this forum and reams of your "professional" sob story how about stop attacking people? You have already done it thrice now and back-pedalled twice in this thread.. Instead of having a discussion of the a6500, you are constantly polluting this thread and some others with fantasy stories that seem to be a cross between Gulliver's travels and drunk on retsina stories, blaming everybody and everything for a tough market. It is tough for everybody, you have a huge holiday market, find ways to tap it. If you are not good with the business side of things try to educate yourself in that regard... I will nevertheless give you a slight pass on that one since your countrymen have voted for a communist government with some real hardcore stalinists in power.. Such idiots are not conducive to free enterprise .. Nevertheless this detracts from the original purpose of this thread. Citing cherry picked links with irrelevant facts to 8-bit s-log derived footage from an a6500 and its suitability to grade, manifests a huge chasm in understanding the purpose in replying relevantly to a thread.. And therein lies the true problem, where you believe that whoever disagrees with you is clueless, and should be educated by you ,while you are not too busy fighting off imaginary destitute doctors moonlighting with Alexa's and Cooke lenses trying to steal the share of "your" video market...
  10. Kisaha you are taking these fine people through a fairy ride.... You sound like you are the only film maker having trouble making ends meet and taking care of the business end of things.. Everybody is after you and your job while all the sony's you have used were made out of chocolate...... Olivier was kind enough to share some stills and some technical details about what he shot and base his opinions on that.. Tone down the histrionics , most of us are here to share and learn from our betters, not insult everybody in sight while blaming everybody including the local butcher, the milkmaid, the security forces and the men in black for loss of income....
  11. Chipzilla will soon put AMD in its place... Yes they are arrogant and full of avarice but IT pros would never bet on a non-Intel platform and I suggest that fellow EosHDers looking to build a sweet premiere system should wait until Intel's response.
  12. You look good in green!!!
  13. Cinema5d took down its gh5 review? At last, they did something decent for the community.... On another note "wolfcrow" has a great video on youtube talking about the GH5, 10-bit and the release codec.. His conclusions make much sense
  14. Hi, I thought we were talking about £800 wedding packages not 5000 euro ones. Even then I hardly think that they do need so much time in post no matter what they say. I do think that both photographers and videographers ,with the former being the main culprits ,are very out of touch with what their output really costs. Doing two working days work for 2500-5000 euros is quite a lot of money. If it wasn't for the sentimental value that photographers/videographers take advantage of , the cost would be way down. Nobody employs a photographer for a friday night pissup with their mates since alcohol will provide them with all the sentiment they need.. Sure you can spend too much time in trying to nail something that will definitely not be noticed by non experts. Brides like the shallow DOF, colour me like a princess look.. It can mostly be achieved by the right light gear off the camera rather than tons of post processing. Photographers are much lazier in setting up favourable lighting since they have so much latitude in post and if push comes to shove nobody looks bad in B&W . The layman in the street cannot begin to fathom the amount of lighting required to shoot proper video. You are very correct in saying that we should always work with people that you can learn from and never stop the process of learning.That is a great attitude!
  15. No.. You process one and then mass copy the settings you chose for the next 50 you took in the same place with the same light conditions. (a little tweaking may be in order but not that much) Photographers are lazier compared to videographers. The end photographic result is a product of sentimental value that will not be dissected technically by professionals or people measurbating about pixels ..
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