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  1. josdr

    Fuji X-T4

    fuji should release a decent update for the X-T3.. It is getting ridiculous by this stage... And with so many new cameras incoming, it will buy them a lot of goodwill, when new Fuji bodies come...
  2. https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-decode-gpu-support-matrix nvidia 1660 forwards has a chip for h265 decode/encode
  3. josdr

    Audio Recorders?

    I use my dr60d mk2 with a powerbank tacked with scratch tape on its back. It works for hours running an ntg-2 (And you can easily replace the powerbank. )
  4. What a great idea Andrew!!! Footage from the X-T3-X-T4 vs BM. I am still amazed at the latitude the Fuji footage has in Resolve comapred to what I was used to my a6000 and X-T2
  5. Andrew, do mention in your interview with Fuji that they should do the decent thing and give us a firmware upgrade for the X-T3, especially for AF/video improvements. It will buy a lot of customer goodwill when the X-H2 comes along... Customer choice will also include new Canon and Sony cameras at that point so customer goodwill will matter. Thanks!
  6. #no_connection Thank you very much for your answer. I am not really into youtube "reviewers" and so I wanted to ask fellow enthusiasts that have experience in the trenches. #rawshooter. I have never read about the black nylon bag trick. I will do this test and report back. Thank you very much for the idea P.S i would presume it turns out brownish rather than actual brown?
  7. Hello Eoshd community. i would like your experience regarding the use of a UV filter along with the Variable ND's I am using to shoot footage with my X-T3. Would a UV filter be something that will help the quality of footage or should I not bother and save the money for something else? I will be shooting outdoors during the summer. Thank you in advance.
  8. A belated thanks for all your help! Sound is a difficult theme to master!
  9. Nope, that is censorship Andrew, do not delude yourself. Respectfully.
  10. Your last two paragraphs are very true. Usually you are alone with one or some actors and/or have a technically ignorant helper/s who you have delegated to the sound department after setting everything up and entrusting him to hit the record button. Adjusting gain on the fly, moving the microphone to a better position outside the evolving shot or caring about wind noise picking up are usually (and rightfully) beyond his understanding. It is a paradox but the 32 bit magic is more needed for OMB's and their illustrious helpers rather than seasoned pros that know what to do. Your recommendation about the blimp is good, (lol the pricing for the other ones) so I will get one as soon as I can. Are they really that much better in squashing wind noise than the cat-fur? (do you also use the cat fur inside the blimp for better results?). Lots of questions but I think we have touched subjects that should interest a lot of people in the long run PS. I got a shock mount and a mic crane, yayyyy!
  11. Thank you for your very helpful advice . I got caught up yesterday on reading on this 32-bit float magic and the F6- mixpre-3 ii implementation of it.. It was fun reading... The funny thing is that such kind of features are probably more useful for hobbyists rather than seasoned sound engineers that know how to record keeping post-processing in mind
  12. I am quite sure that my tascam has hardware related noise that exhibits itself even in very quiet environment so it is getting the chop one way or another. I got it second-hand and it is not behaving as it should.Even if this was not the case I understand that mic placement is paramount of getting better sound and thus welcome your advice. I did not know about the boom buddy for example but we make do with a wooden broom handle etc . The amount of sound gear you need in cinematography if you record dialogue is unbelievable. I have learned to appreciate how difficult it is to record clean sound but I do have to draw a line due to cost. It is a hobby after all for me. The cost of the rode blimp is ridiculous but in the long run I will have to get one . You do pay through the nose for these things. I have a c-Stand, the magic wooden broom handle and lots of duct tape
  13. Yes, I have the WS6. I try to follow guidelines as per mic placement but 90 % of my shooting is outdoors so wind is always a hassle. Thank you very much for your advice , I now understand that the Zoom F4 and the mixpre are a giant leap ahead for my amateur needs and should serve me well for the years to come. I will put the blimp in the want-one list. Thanks to everybody that answered.
  14. Thank you for this KnightsFan. Your experience with the F4 and you kindly commenting on its use is something that I am interested in. I will strive for a used zoom F4 I think since sourcing a mixpre-3 mk1 will be way more difficult. Thank you. If I may a last question. Is the zoom F4 easy enough to use on the go or does it take too much fiddling through its UI (hunting around for a low limiter cut for example in submenus ). P.S As for the fact vs opinion I am always weary of people just quoting numbers and proclaiming as undisputed facts... I see that all the time in my professional capacity and also see the resultant retractions and mental gymnastics in trying to defend a rapidly sinking ship.. Snarky comments are easy to make, making a well structured case for something less so.
  15. Providing uncorroborated numbers as "facts", whose source, independent test settings etc are not provided along with them is hardly a help. Even if they stand they can never be the sole precursor of truth and in explaining an inanimate object or the interaction between its user and its functions. Something which matters to me and to most people . Your sole contribution in this conversation is a personal attack against another poster. You are not the sole purveyor of "facts" and surely your job cannot be one where bad manners are exhibited.
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