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    Fuji X-S10

    I understand they don’t want to undercut their premium line cameras but this is a complete Canon move it has the same sensor and processor as the XT3 and XT4 and they can’t give us 4k60....and they won’t give an update for us to have 1080p240 in the xt3 sigh
  2. I’d hold off on canon apsc as their sensors are technically smaller than Sony and Fuji apsc so the size difference between it and what you have isn’t really that huge. Especially once the canon crops in (if it does in 4K) i imagine even a speed booster on ur current body would generate better imagery
  3. I traded my a6400 and sigma trio for the xt3 16-55 and 35 1.4 2 months ago. I’m truly blown away been following this thread for over a year just never had an account I’m a noob so the wealth of info and knowledge in here is great. Mom excited for new models solely so I can afford a second body xh1 or similar hahaha
  4. Example of the licensing fees from 2011-2015 for example (h264 specifically) there is also no reference of separate fees for 24 vs 30 vs 60p and if for some reason this doesn’t directly relate to canon devices their other fee structures are similar
  5. I’ve never had an account in here. Just lurked. But I finally had to sign up. Some of us grow so tired of reading your repetitive assumptions, theories, and misguided opinions. No one in their right mind thinks canon removed 24p to save a bit of money. Furthermore the license fees fees have an annual cap. Once a company hits that cap it can’t cost them more. I imagine big companies that manufacture video equipment using these codecs hit that cap regularly please stop repeating the same terrible excuse every page
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