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  1. Thanks for that feedback MaverickTRD. Yeah, I am leaning in that direction for the short-term. With the advent of EM5-III coming soon, and rumored to have at least the equivalent sensor of the current EM1-II, a new processor, not to mention the wide availability of lenses not only from Olympus, but Panasonic, and 3rd parties, I reckon I should stay put with what I have for the interim. If I make any move it might be on the E-M5-III once we know more. Oh, and good point on Canon's version of APS-C sensor size (1.6 vs.1.5) I never even gave that any thought.
  2. Thanks much for your feedback Andrew on this just announced M6-Mark-II. I was about to get rid of my existing (and very humble) Olympus E-M10 Mark-III and 'upgrade' to this M6 Mark-III as my first foray into the Canon world. I thought, double the megapixels, a larger sensor (m4/3 vs APS-C) DPAF vs CDAF only, etc. But now, your insightfulness has created pause to rethink matters. Now, I am thinking to either wait for the upcoming Olympus E-M5 Mark-III and stick with M4/3, or to go full frame and consider A7-III et el, Or perhaps I should venture into the Fuji camp and consider X-T3/X-T30,
  3. I can relate to this situation in Japan. As a U.S. citizen permanent resident of Japan for half my life now, the population is in a decline and increasingly they need to import foreign labor more then ever before. Personally I don't like it as with the influx of foreigners from near and far especially not knowing much at all about Japanese society and culture, I feel there is going to be similar problems with demographics in Japan as there are with middle easterners moving into European countries and the U.S. having it's demographic issues with Central / South American countries. On a more
  4. If I am not mistaken, I think a dongle is no longer needed to run the paid version of Davinci Resolve Studio.
  5. This is on my acquisition list. I hope Panasonic is watching. This is going to give both Panasonic and Sony a run for their money. I notice however there is very little information related to it's image shooting capabilities. Just like Panasonic's GH5, although the focus is on video it still is very much an image camera. To what extent can we regard the 4K Pocket Cinema Camera as a capable camera with controls, to take images.
  6. Oh, oh, oh....in short, I want one! I will have to talk with Peter at the InterBEE Show in Japan later in the year.
  7. I also have a very similar setup to your own as you described here. I have the LG 31MU97-B, and I also have it connected to a late 2013 Macbook Pro. Using the monitor in conjunction with the Macbook Pro closed lid and externally with BT Keyboard and Magic TrackPad is just so awesome! I also have the iMac 5K Retina as well. I love the LG 4K because for one, it provides 31" of display versus 27" of the iMac. I purchased mine here in Japan for just under ¥120,000 which is a steal in comparison the USD prices which is current stonger versus the JPY. We use 50Hz and 60Hz in Japan, with Tokyo
  8. " I’m very tempted to switch from my iPhone to the CM1, despite liking the Apple operating system far more than Android. " I sure the heck will not. The iPhone is fundamentally a communications device for myself and not a camera. Further, as an operating system, I prefer and trust iOS versus Android in terms of security and range of other issues I won't belabor the matter here. I won't give that up just to try and suddenly make a phone a camera as first priority. The new LX100 can satisfy the lust of 4K and compactness on the go if such features are desired. Besides, it is also
  9. Thanks for the heads up on this setting in Handbrake. I use Handbrake in OS-X, but I am unfamiliar with most of these cryptic video specifications and settings except for the most common. I've always accepted the default of 20 as being OK at least if that is what Handbrake's developers have set as a default. I would have been clueless as to whether to go to a higher or lower numeric value and what it does. Your explanation clarifies and clears up some of the fog in at least what is the better (best) setting and which direction to go (higher / lower value). :-) BTW, I just now loaded a
  10. Thanks much for that clarification on the AA filter.  Given my limited knowledge on some video concepts, I am not sure of what you mean by your second statement about impact on moire in video mode.... and to throw in the bin to get down to 2MP for 1080p.    Anyway, I will trust your reviews and that the A7r is better for video versus the A7.
  11.   Political issue,  rather then a technical issue.  It is a requirement demanded by the EU  (European Union) from what I understand, for those living in Europe.  I might be wrong, but, that's what I heard/read somewhere.
  12. Personally I disagree with the assessment of A7r is the top (best) choice for video.  For one, it lacks AA (anti aliasing) filter.  For another, it does not have PDAF (phase detection auto focus) only CDAF.  For those only interested in landscapes, portrait photography of the like (and no video) then A7r might be the better choice.  If you want to have any thing to do with video, well then, A7 is not only the better choice, it's cheaper.   RX10, yes, it will be good for video.  I plan to get the RX10 and A7 when they release 11/15.
  13.   Perhaps too late already since you already invested into a Hackintosh.  But I reckon this is one (of many) trials and tribulations one encounters when cutting corners by going the Hackintosh route rather then using equipment that the OS is designed to be used on.  Sooner or later one will run into little irritations and tweaks maintenance.  Brings back memories of the Windows era of plug and pray.   :blink:
  14. I also would plump down for the iMac.  For one, I don't like buying into aging and/or obsoleting technology.  If it were $500 to buy some thing from years ago and  really wanted or needed it that bad for some specific purpose,  maybe.  But, to invest 2 grand for resurrecting dying technology? No way!    As nigelbb points out though, the new iMac with AppleCare for 3 years protection (want it for that big screen) and worry free computing, a quad core i7,  32GB of RAM,  1TB Fusion (a quasi-SSD)   USB3 and thunderbolt for I/O to expand on that 1TB
  15. It real boils down to 2 issues: 1. Objectives: What do you want to accomplish with the machine 2. Budget:  Do you have the budget to buy it?   Again, I prefer to stay with current technology.  I also prefer to stay away from that era of large beige boxes (grey in the case of Apple's MacPro).  I came from a PC environment of days gone by.   If I want to get the most power nowadays,  it will be a max'd out 2012 iMac Pro 27"..... which, ironically is not quite yet even available yet on the market. :-)
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