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  1. Does fuji offer a similar feature to clear image zoom? and is that something that could be added in firmware? I find this a very useful feature in sony and panasonic cameras.
  2. I remember looking into this mic when it was released. Forgot about it until i read this thread. A build in audio recorder with a shot gun mic. Might work for ya. https://tascam.com/us/product/dr-10sg/feature
  3. I always wanted the edelkrone, but could never justify the price. I then saw this knockoff on indiegogo (ismartta.com) that was half the price, and actually better thought out . I got mine for 259usd. It is now up to 399. Still cheaper then the edelkrone though. Pretty good reviews on youtube.
  4. Carz

    G7 as backup to G85

    The GX85 with the cine d hack is tough to beat as a b cam. Same sensor as g85 as well, so an almost identical look.
  5. The sony fdr-x3000 sounds like it has what your after. Better low light than go pro, image stabilization, very nice picture. Only negatives I see are no screen and you need a case for underwater use. Worth checking out though.
  6. Carz


    Curious how the black pro most filter would look with either the 30mm or 16mm sigma.
  7. Carz


    What else do you miss out on with olympus glass on panasonic bodies? Does the ETC mode still work? Or the focus transition mode? I am leaning towards the 12-40 because of the focus clutch.
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