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  1. Andrew Reid, what do you think of the 4K video functionality that finally appeared for the X-Pro2 in December?
  2. Andrew, thank you for writing this, the very first article about the X-Pro2 I have seen from someone who really knows their video stuff. I have not been able to try out an X-Pro2 to shoot video or stills yet but this article has given me even more incentive to get my hands on one again soon. Cameras and lenses continue to be in short supply here though. I relied on Leica M cameras for commissioned work for more years than I can count, built my stills photography style on the unique features of optical viewfinder cameras' window into the world, and have missed that terribly during the digital hybrid stills+video era. EVF-only and DSLR cameras don't cut it and cannot deliver what I most need, an OVF deep-space window on the world. Like you I want 4K and full control over video in the X-Pro2. I am not going to be an X-T2 buyer - I already have EVF and DSLR form factor cameras. Please apply all the pressure you can to Fujifilm to improve the X-Pro2's capabilities if it is technically possible.
  3. I attended a Fujilfim Australia-organised event on Saturday, discussed the X-Pro2, X-Pro1 and 4K video with one of the senior Fujifilm staffers, and he believes that firmware update switching on the X-Pro's 4K video ability will appear after the X-T2 is released. I told him I want 4K capability in all cameras I buy from now onwards, regardless of whether they are primarily for stills or video, as I can only carry so much gear at any time and need to respond to opportunities as they arise with whatever I am carrying at the time. I see certain advantages to a 4K-capable hybrid camera with OVF and EVF. For me at least, the way I shoot stills with OVF is very different to how I shoot with EVF. I want the choice of either when I shoot video too. -
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