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  1. It's available for pre-order at my local camera store as well as on eBay with world wide shipping. The price is $359
  2. That was not my intention. Sorry if that's how it came of.
  3. The waiting list for new orders here is only one week, so stocks around the world will probably be filled soon. No need to rush the decision imo.
  4. I think it's a bit bigger than 90mm. Haven't measured. But for the price it's forgivable.
  5. I had the 90mm f2. Great lens but this bad boy is just so darn affordable. The new firmware cleared up all bugs and as a bonus increased the focus speed.
  6. Not sure what it has to do with the post you quoted but that is good news for the a6400 users indeed.
  7. It would need a lot more than usable AF for me to choose it over CaNikon for video. But as always I am rooting for it to get there.
  8. What goes around comes around. I think a tiny little thread to balance the thousands and thousands of trolls and paid commenters is ok. It can be a place for us camera agnostics to ventilate a little frustration
  9. They have nothing better to do while recharging the batteries for the seventh time that day
  10. Mattias Burling


    Today I got a message from Viltrox saying that a firmware fix is indeed in the making. Not that I doubted they would, but still reassuring. Also, I saw both the Auto Focus version for Sony and Fuji available for preorder at my local camera shop and this is one affordable lens. As a comparison it cost less than even the 27mm.. Straight from the source online its going to be even cheaper.
  11. Mattias Burling


    Imo there is so much more to a lens than aperture.
  12. Mattias Burling


    These are HD frame grabs with the Mamiya 80mm and 55mm + Medium Format Speedbooster. My current favorite lens to use is the 150mm f3.5. The crop factor ends up at x0.7. Still working out the shipping details but it looks like I will test it on the MAVO soon.
  13. A little update. The AF with the X-E3 is as expected much faster and more accurate. The beep still comes a little quicker than the actual focus so its best turning the beep off (I have it off anyway). Sadly, still no aperture control.. Ive emailed Viltrox so hopefully I will have an ETA on a firmware soon. I have however talked to another user who claims all is well on the X-T3. PS. The lens is really, really sharp edge to edge with creamy bokeh.
  14. I'm testing it on a XE3 this afternoon so I can report back tonight about the AF.
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