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  1. I agree, I haven't pixel peeped or nitpicked because it gets me nowhere. My tip is to choose the tool that suites you the best over all. It's not rocket science and should be fairly obvious. Endlessly going over minor details kills creativity for me. Anyway, since I no longer own this camera I will leave the thread for those that do.
  2. Again not my experience. The new sensor is tricky to get different looks on because it behaved very weirdly compared to other cameras Ive tried. Just a personal experience. I guess they are simply different and suitable for different styles. Simply not my cup of tea and others milage may vary.
  3. Not my experience, I got better looking footage with the older sensor in all lighting conditions. Specially in dim light (I shoot a lot of murky interiors and lights is not an option). But its great that others like it and I'm happy for you The more that gets to enjoy the Blackmagics the better. I might buy one again in a year or so when they can be had cheap on the used market. One really positive thing I can say about the new sensor is that SOOC with a in camera LUT looks very good.
  4. Wow! The camera stores here sell them used with warranty from time to time, but they never ask for 572 euros.. that would never sell.
  5. Yup, same experience. I wanted nothing more than to love the BMCCii.. cough.. I mean BMPCC4K. And there was a lot to love like handling, controls, screen, braw, window mode, slowmo, I can make this list really really long. But there was one single thing where it imo lacked compared to my Micro: Image. I spent several days shooting side by sides. Then hours in Final Cut and Resolve tweaking and grading. The image from the newer camera is nice, no doubt. But the old sensor was just so much better in my eyes. I could spend an hour grading pocket footage to get it good looking. And then on the corresponding Micro clip I just threw on one of my custom presets or even just slap on Filmconvert and it was spot on immediately. It kinda reminded me of the A7sii. Everything was perfect on paper, handling it was fine, footage looked great on the back display but then.. meh.. I packed up the bmpcc4k and shipped it it out to its new owner yesterday. The extra cash went into some more parts for my Micro. Will make a few different setups that I can flip between depending on the shooting scenario.
  6. Im located in Europe and the NX1 is practically for free here. To fetch $540 it needs to include the S-zoom or a couple of nice primes.
  7. $540 for a NX1.. must have been a gold edition.. The prices on used stuff in some countries is just crazy imo.
  8. It's all about the mage. I've shot side by sides all weekend long and the Micro consistently comes out on top. Both in raw and in Prores. A shame since using the BMPCC4K is an absolute breeze. Love the handling. The window mode and slowmotion is also sweet. (But I do really enjoy the SOOC image from the BMPCC4K when baking in the built-in LUT. But this camera is not meant for that type of shooting within my arsenal.)
  9. I'm pretty happy with the SWIT cm55. It has Waveform, custom LUTs, etc. But my favorite features is that it accept both Canon and Sony batteries without using any adapter and can power the camera as well. Downside is that it's very plasticy.
  10. Mattias Burling


    I have the 7artisans 28mm f1.4. Definitely in the same league as their 50mm. I like it. Have used it a little for video on a Fuji but will give it a go on my BMMCC or BMPCC4K soon, just need to find my adapter. Will order an adapter for the EOS-R as well.
  11. Same here, the separators are super thin and snap. Bummer when Ive had so good experiences before. On my older Class 10 thats been with me since the BMPCC days have had their lock-button fall off, making them permanently locked. But given the years of ware and tare I am willing to accept that. Will look for the Sony cards in Sweden. Im 95% sure I will be selling my BMPCC4K and invest further into my Micro. So the cards will be needed.
  12. Thanks for the info. I've had most of my SDs since the BMPCC release and they have started to fall apart recently (literally). I do have a 512GB that was included with my Micro, but definitely want more cards in case something happens. SandDisks newer U3 cards that I use for the EOS-R and BMPCC4K have been a bit sketchy as well. Two physically broke within a week of normal usage. So I'm happy to switch brands after years of using SanDisk only.
  13. No it was the original BMCC that had that.
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