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  1. Fantastic news! I was afraid the mount would die off since Leica would take ages to offer lenses for the mount. Sigma has quite a collection to choose from and pairing off the news they're official partners, the current staple of lenses Sigma has may communicate just as well as a native lens.
  2. That's weird, I get the full 45 bitrate on my 60D although that will be soon be obsolete once my 5D Mark IV arrives. Heard a lot of rumours it'll gain 1.3x crop factor for 4K along with C-LOG from Canon. Maybe roll back on a couple iterations of ML since the latest nightly builds do have hiccups
  3. screen grab of something I shot today at my friend's bbq. I didn't check for exposure nor white balance prior so color correction was more of a pain since I had to use some reference of what I remembered seeing that day. Then added a m31 lut from vision-color. Gear Used; Canon 60D Sigma 18-35 F/1.8 SLR Magic Variable ND MKII 82mm
  4. @Andrew Reid actually I didn't . I did however used your cine3 lut first since I was able to color correct it faster than tackling the log profile. You have made a bold statement about Canon's colour science being standardized, and guess what, I do agree with that statement. Shot it along the 6D and all I did while shooting was white balance and make sure my neutral grey ire was between 50-55. There the look I got was very uniform and only the slightest hint of more shadow detail with the bigger brother. I was set on getting the GH5 with the 60D being my dedicated stills since I have quite a bit of glass on the Canon system, and now I'm going to still buy the GH5 if the rumors are true but continue to use my 60D if I want to carry minimal amount of gear, like location scouting.
  5. Good job on color correcting my screen grab. @Andrew Reid, I have no idea how you managed this but you've breathed life into older Canon DSLRs.
  6. Tried this on my Canon 60D w/ Sigma 18-35, and I didn't check for focus. Sorry please forgive my rookie mistake. Shot internally and it held up quite better than I imagined. Remember using CineStyle when it first came out and never got the look I wanted consistently.
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