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  1. Here is the final edited video of that screenshot posted before. I must say that I've tweaked the selected Reid's LUT quite a bit to get the look I wanted. Some of the shots as you will see are a bit overexposed but the theme was black dresses and I wanted the dresses to translate onto the screen better so I overexposed on purpose. Also tried making the highlight roll-off as smooth as possible. Grade was done in Resolve. Comments are welcome!
  2. Hey! I recently shot a fashion event with a 7D mkII and a 60D and used your C-log pack! Here is a quick comparison of c-log ungraded and then graded with CINE 2 LUT (with a bit of tweaking). More screengrabs to come when I finish grading & editing. I'll also post a link when the vid will go public. For now not finished yet.
  3. Hey all, I need some advice with buying a camera and the choice between a Canon 70D and Sony RX10 MKII. Now I know all the differences between sensor size, recording resolution, ISO capability, limited Sony lens, workflow, etc. What I am interested is colour; How does the Sony handle colour vs. the Canon? I've heard Canon is quite the master, when it comes to colour, so I'd like to know about Sony and how it stacks up. Any and all thoughts are going to help me! Thanks, Matej!
  4. Anyone of you people know anything about the focusless versions of the Kiptars? I know they exist, because a friend of mine has 2 of them. They look similar to these ones:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/sicovdplas/   PS: Sorry for that double ''A'' in the title, accidently forgot to delete it.
  5. I see, very nice, though I have the focusless versions thus the ones without any rings on them! But with a diopter, would close focusing be possible on the one that you have?
  6. How are they mounting-friendly, when it comes to DSLRs? And how close focus can they go with a diopter? I have a chance of buying a 68 and an 80 version of them, but they are big ones, big glass, so I'm not sure what to do. I also have 2 Isco-gottingen anamorphot kiptars 2x (focus-less and focus-ring versions) for an option to buy but they have dust inside and I'm not sure if they can be cleaned and if so, if that will do any good.
  7. How is the focusing on them? With a diopter, is it focusing prime only or both of them? And how is the image quality?
  8. Yes I do, but I don't really have access to buying anything on ebay atm, since I can't have a paypal account yet. Have to wait till April.
  9. My friend has the 48/2x and 80/2x versions. The 80 one is really huge. They are quite sharp from some tests that I did, but I haven't really played that much with them, since they are so heavy.
  10. Hey there! Also posted this here to get others opinions on my situation!   I'm Matej, a filmmaker from Slovenia, and I am slowly trying to get into the anamorphic video shooting, since I love the classic cinema look, that can be achieved. But since no one in Slovenia is actually shooting anamorphicly, it is almost impossible to find any anamorphic lens here in Slovenia. Somehow, luckily, a friend of mine, who collects vintage lenses, happens to have some anamorphic lens which he is willing to sell some of them to me. Now here is the main situation: He has some rathenowers 48/2x and 80/2x, and the 2 versions of Isco Gottingen Anamorphotic 2x kiptars, one with the focus ring and 2 of the versions without one.   One without: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sicovdplas/ One with it: http://cameramate.com/images/s_15909.jpg   I am now asking for advice, which one of the 2 versions would be easier to use with a DSLR (in my case 600D and a 7D)? I suspect, that the focusless version is easier, because I can just focus with my lens, if I get a couple of close up filters.   Another problem is that the 2 focusless versions have lots of dust in the lens itself so I'm wondering if that is a huge dealbreaker or can it be cleaned?   Cheers!  
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