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  1. Great first hand report, Andrew. And many thanks for sharing the video samples. This was also very helpful!
  2. Slashcam.de is a very trustful resource for anyone interested in videos. For years I use their unbiased knowledge in matter cameras and other stuff. There is an English version of their site, but all tests come first in German. See in their careful test that the 10 bit file works fine in comparison with the 8 bit (look at the forehead of the doll on the adjusted image - last one): https://www.slashcam.de/artikel/Test/Panasonic-GH5---8-Bit--10-Bit--4-2-2--V-Log-L---alles-OK----Die-GH5-in-der-10-Bit-Praxis.html#Die_G
  3. Have got very good results with Logarist. Tried it with my GH4 (cine-d) both in Vegas 14 and in DaVinci Resolve 12.5. The instructions are also very clear. I can only thank the people who took their time and effort to develop this tool, and made it available for free!
  4. I also preferred the picture taken with the Sony camera in that particular example. Sony seems to have a higher resolution and the red color in Canon is too strong (to my taste). Andrew's comment regarding the US election was unnecessary. By the way, the majority of people in the US voted for Clinton.
  5. Souto


    No, I did not, Asmundma. And you are right: I should have done it and put images side by side, both before and after adjustments. However, the 60d has been an "old" companion of mine, and the EOSHD C-LOG seems to give a more flexible image (just the 8-bit codec is a nightmare in some situations). I am aware that highlights are burned in that particular image (should have been more careful). But please see the video as a whole. Shooting inside of a tropical forest is incredibly challenging in terms of light conditions. Even taking pictures, and pictures have a much better dynamic range than video in popular cameras, is not easy when you have direct sunlight on leaves, trunks (some covered with white lichens), while parts of the scenery is immersed in dark shadows. That is why I took the unpretentious 60d with EOSHD C-LOG in this walk to see how it could handle it (pretty good to my taste). Thank you for your input. If I find some time next weekend I will do a comparison test, as you suggested. See my post with a 60d. The t2i (a.k.a. 550d) should have the same video characteristics of the 60d.
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    A quick test with the very good EOSHD C-LOG on a Canon 60D. The limiting factor in some situations: the 8-bit codec.
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