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  1. Have a look at this thread: https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=24933.0 It's been a while since I shot with ML. But I remember that when the lower bit depths were introduced I used them, as the slight image quality differences were generally unnoticeable to me.
  2. Woah that's nasty! I've never seen it that bad. Here's a clip of a lit tail light from my camera for reference.
  3. What's the story here? Is the red channel clipping above or below and is it encoded as V-gamut or only when converted to V709? I have noticed that reds are too dark and saturated with the V709 conversion.
  4. Exactly! And sometimes you wouldn't even need to open the link. The answer is in the search result summary. If it's a video, even a short one, you have to click past so much irrelevance from someone who's in love with the smell of their own farts before finally finding the answer (if it's even correct in the first place). Honestly, it's getting harder and harder. I was reading something a while back on Reddit where someone said they usually skip to the second page of search results as the first is just trash!
  5. Maybe they figured they would prefer people to read reviews on amazon.com instead of dpreview.com
  6. Wow! I guess site founder Phil Askey got out at the right time. His Insta profile describes him as "now travelling and eating around the world". Here's a recent interview with him. https://www.dpreview.com/interviews/5323285840/phil-askey-founders-interview The comments towards the end are a little ironic now "Amazon are giving the site everything it needs to continue to be the leading voice for everything photography related." ...until they pull the plug! The forums will be gone. I still have esoteric questions that a dpreview thread will answer. Are FB groups where it's at nowadays? They suck because they're insular, hard to read, and search. I imagine in the future, when these words are also gone, I'll be telling my kids "once upon a time there were internet boards and forums".
  7. Are you talking about the default Adobe Color profile in Camera RAW / Lightroom? If so, then I think all new cameras suffer from a slightly desaturated palette. If you use a ColorChecker to create a custom profile for the S5ii you should get results that are a lot closer to the Adobe profile for 5D3. If you're comparing Canon's own profiles (Standard, Neutral etc) versus Panasonic's - or Adobe's reverse engineered ones - then, yes, they are a lot nicer I think.
  8. Ha ha! Even 6 is enough for most uses. During lockdown, to give myself a project I bought a few 300Ds and 400Ds on eBay and sent them around the country, asking people to take self portraits which I then edited.
  9. "a much more satisfying and crunchy shutter mechanism" @Andrew Reid the most fun shutter I've experienced is the superb whack of the film EOS 1 series. It's a proper belter!
  10. Ha ha! I've done a couple of photo shoots with my S5II and it works pretty well. But shooting with the 5D3 is like wearing a second skin. And one thing I've noticed is that the Adobe RAW profiles (Color, Standard and Neutral) for the 5D3 give almost perfectly realistic colour reproduction, unlike the profiles for newer cameras. I think in the old days the Adobe guys who designed the profiles worked hard to get accurate colour, at the expense of sometimes getting colour warping or banding in extreme coloured lighting, like a stage show. Newer profiles seem to err on the side of caution in that regard, but are a little less accurate, and certainly slightly lower saturation.
  11. hyalinejim

    Panasonic GH6

    Well, will a new camera allow them to do something that they can't do now?
  12. Hopefully Panasonic will include a -1 sharpening option in firmware update like they did before. I haven't seen it yet in any of my footage. To be honest, if someone regularly underexposes their footage by 4 stops they probably have more pressing things to worry about than what camera body they're shooting on 😂
  13. You could load this up on your monitor in a dark room and shoot the screen! It doesn't need to be accurate to the actual values of a ColorChecker, it's just to make a comparison between cameras.
  14. I would love to see a colour chart shot with the same lens, lighting and settings on each in V-Log. There seems to be considerable variation in colour between some Panasonic models (GH series) and I'm wondering if the same is true for S5 and S5II
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