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  1. I appreciate the additional detail. Do you have any links for the Cinema5D claims? I couldn't find anything myself.
  2. I think you @deezid should link to support your claim that Cinema5D identified the same problem as you. All I can see is stuff about how native 10-bit GH5 files were not supported on release, nothing about the general processing environment. Unless there's been a wider discussion of this, then there's not much to support your claim except your say so. In which case you should elaborate on your workflow and methodology (perhaps in another thread as it's a bit of a derail).
  3. I don't see how ETTR would affect highlight roll-off. It's just a non-destructive shifting of data towards a different part of the curve.
  4. Mmmbeats


    The Voigtlander MFT lenses are very popular, but I never hear anyone talk about their other lenses. Which of their range can be adapted to EF mount cameras, and are they worthwhile lenses? I'm looking for a characterful and elegant rendering.
  5. Because I made a mistake with the title 😖. Though in my defence, you seem to be the only person (including myself up till now), who has spotted it. I've been sizing up a bunch of cinema cameras for a possible future purchase (all the usual suspects), including the FS7, but, yes, this query was about the FS5.
  6. I'm being lighthearted! It's whatever gets the job done, eh? 👍
  7. This is like one of those back and forward fashion things, where everyone would once be eager to show how big and complex their rig was, now everyone wants to show how simple and barebones their setup is 😅.
  8. Yeah, but it's 7-inch. This is the problem. Those monitors (all of the compatible Atomos and Convergent Design products) are huge compared to the FS5 body and look like they will make handling a little awkward too. Here's the camera with the Shogun Flame and the sun hood: 😮
  9. I'm leaning towards thinking that the Ninja V cannot process the RAW signal from the FS5 ii, even with the SDI module unfortunately.
  10. Quick question, probably not worthy of a thread, but I couldn't find a home for it. I know that the Ninja V can't record RAW from the FS5, but can it record a 4K 10-bit signal at all from the camera? Either via HDMI or the SDI adaptor. Is there any 5-inch recorder that would enable 4K 10-bit? I know that for RAW you would have to step up to the larger recorders. Cheers.
  11. Mmmbeats

    Zoom F6 - game changer?

    The new mark 2 Mix Pre's also have floating point I believe. Any useful comparison between the two?
  12. If they haven't had an Apollo 13 operation running on this for the past 96 (or however many) hours, then they may as well start selling taffy (whatever taffy is).
  13. I was making a lame joke about 'feedback'.
  14. You want feedback on them? Place a linked output channel speaker within range of the pickup pattern, that should do the trick 😛. I'm here all week (unfortunately).
  15. Matt Allard has given a pretty underwhelmed first impressions piece on Newshooter. Yikes! https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/09/09/panasonic-s1h-footage-first-impressions/
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