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  1. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Would it be possible to use a SATA ---> USB 3 Caddy enclosure, so everything stays permanently in place and you're just swapping out drives?
  2. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

  3. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    If I'm understanding this correctly it actually sounds quite interesting. Are you proposing a strap or sling that would alleviate arm fatigue in a hand-held (or, I suppose, chest rig) setup? Got a diagram?
  4. Does anybody have any experience / info on the battery life of the GH5S compared to the GH5 and GH4. The GH4 has *insane* battery life, but the GH5 has significantly less, which we were told was largely due to feeding IBIS. How does the GH5S rate on that scale?
  5. Panasonic GH5S 14.6 Stops of Dynamic Range

    Any chance you could explain in simple terms what the difference between the two methods is?
  6. Panasonic GH5S 14.6 Stops of Dynamic Range

    The author admits that his resolution calculations are speculative. That won't have affected the outcome of his tests though.
  7. Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I don't have time to go back and like all those posts, but just to let you know - I like all those posts!!!
  8. One thing to note about Mitch Gross is that he's the *cinema* production manager at Panasonic, and as such has no responsibility for the GH5 or GH5S. I don't know what the context of that comment is, but I've very rarely seen him drawn into comment on the consumer range. He is someone who would likely know what they're talking about on this topic though. I believe he spent the previous while working for atomos on their recorders.
  9. What flavour DNxHR for 1080i?

    I don't think you do. Never used the codec, but as it's fully supported I imagine you can just import the files like any other format.
  10. What flavour DNxHR for 1080i?

    As far as I know ProRes is not supported in Windows via any properly licensed means. There are a few apps that convert or support it, but I don't think they use an official licence (from Apple) so it's all a bit dodgy.
  11. What flavour DNxHR for 1080i?

    No, I think you were right first time. It's ProRes that is difficult to implement on Windows, not QuickTime files themselves (which work just fine in Premiere). I'd learn about DNxHR flavours if I were you, as it is no longer just an Avid-facing format as far as I am aware. I use CineForm as an intermediate codec, which works very well for me, but would add a transcode to your workflow that you probably don't want or need.
  12. GH5S Sample Footage and Reviews

    I'm excited by the GH5S to the point that I'll probably pick one up this year. But one thing does trouble me a little... Somebody on here a while back (sorry, I have searched but I can't find the post) was ranting about the noise reduction leaving a soft, waxy image. I kind of dismissed this, as I'd seen, and am continuing to see, so much excellent footage from the camera. However, some of the images that I see that have been marked as being 6400 ISO and higher do seem to suffer a bit from that 'noise reduction smoothness look'. Any thoughts or experiences?
  13. GH5S Sample Footage and Reviews

    The original comment that I thought was debatable was that FF has more impact on picture quality than bit depth (8-bit compared to 10-bit); that's what I found contentious. But I do think it's become a bit of a derail at this stage.
  14. GH5S Sample Footage and Reviews

    I agree there's a dip. I've never done a side-by-side, but the little I shot, and watching others footage, I'd say you lose around a stop. BMPCC footage in Prores easily bests GH4 / GH5 for DR in my experience.
  15. GH5S Sample Footage and Reviews

    It's also based on my practical experience of using Sony, Panasonic and Blackmagic cameras over the past few years. There are definitely areas in which the FF bodies have had an advantage, but I'm convinced that people have become seduced by the 'bigger is better' hype, and lost all sense of objectivity. I hear and read people tying themselves in knots trying to convince that sensor size itself bestows advantages that it does not.