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  1. GH4 is simply a great camera. It has massive usability with all the customisable buttons and menus. The 4K image is really nice. The battery life is simply insane. Use genuine batteries and it is actually difficult to go through two in a single day. Some shoot days pass without a battery change. I've never owned a video camera of any kind that managed power like that. Unfortunately the GH5 has not carried on that aspect. Only downsides - 8-bit internal only, and low-light performance, which is decidedly meh. Any other omission is just a matter of need / taste / luxury really.
  2. Mmmbeats

    Exposure tip

    Been doing it for years on the GH cameras. Always have Monochrome Live View toggle allocated to the top right function button (Fn2 I think it is).
  3. I feel the same way. The classic EOS C body suits me much better. I'm thinking the C200ii might fit right into the right spot (fingers crossed).
  4. Well if they had an Oscar category for tallest camera utilisation, it would have done pretty well too.
  5. Well the C200 is already taller than the C70 before you add a monitor, SolidPod, etc.
  6. I thought I was quite okay with C300iii RAW, but now I can't seem to find any really nice examples of it. Seems C200 and C300ii RAW is much nicer (creamy, organic, whatever). Are there any examples of C300iii RAW films that anybody particularly likes? Thinking in reference to a possible C200ii mainly.
  7. Some good ideas there. This person has gotten quite organic footage by piling on the filters!
  8. Firm rumour now of a C200 mkii incoming! This line-up is getting extremely hot. I'm just wondering (if true) how are they going to differentiate the C300iii? Presumably the C70 will be cheaper. C200 (mk i) might become a steal soon (both new and used). https://www.canonrumors.com/the-canon-cinema-eos-c200-mark-ii-will-arrive-in-april-cr3/
  9. I agree. I also wonder if digital camcorder design had not taken so much lead from digital stills camera design if the form would be completely different, not just for ergonomics, but for cooling air flow as well.
  10. I think the C300iii RAW looks really nice. The C300iii is really the camera I want. It's well out of my price range, but maybe I should just pull out all the stops and aim for it. Apart from price (which I don't have too much complaint about, just can't afford) it ticks every box I can think of.
  11. It's labelled as C70, but it might not be. Lots of people spoof early-release cameras for clicks.
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