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  1. I know the exact vibe you mean. It's rampant in highly sentimental low to medium budget pieces with docu- type (but still an artistic piece) video portraits of human subjects. I can already see the examples I recall in my head, a person standing there (not speaking) in their house or other environment of theirs, with their "sleeves rolled up", the camera gently swaying. All very "candid" and ~authentic~. There's a strange sense of 'canned vulnerability' about it at this point, but I suppose there's a reason for everything, its only guilty of being a bit overused really. Often shot at
  2. My only complaint about this was that you actually dropped the bit at the end. Please do more like this! The music & sound was perfect as well, jesus christ I swear I've heard that exact stuff in 50 videos
  3. Are the DOF and the compression not tied together quite a bit though? I'm suddenly not understanding, what you've said here
  4. sorry, old quote here - you mean the GX85 color profiles hack or some other one? That hack was what first brought me to this forum haha. I have to thank you. Did I see right you guys are also based in Ireland?? This device looks fantastic btw. Excited for the Oct 26th thing you mentioned also...
  5. Okay, I do see they've maybe highlighted a use case for hands-free focus (aka autofocus) with that bit in the promo video where it's like mounted to the outside of a car or whatever and tracking another car passing by. Pretty professional high-production-value looking use case to me though where you'd maybe just be able to run with a wireless focus puller solution instead
  6. Have only skimmed the thread and the details on this gimbal so far but, my main question: If you're already all rigged up holding a gimbal in your hand and with a gear motor attached to your lens: Why would you not just use a wheel on the gimbal to manually pull focus? Remember the whole point is you're almost certainly already holding it all in your hand. Follow focus add-on motors on the last gen (Ronin S/SC, Weebill S, Moza Aircross 2) all offer totally usable follow focus already. Why even invite the uncertainty of an autofocus system... These gimbals look awesome t
  7. I think an even closer analogy than SRT subs is just how different cameras RAW photos, slightly different though each manufacturer's type of file may be, can all be opened in an editor app and uniform corrective edits (the usual stuff baked into a JPEG like where to reduce Chromatic Aberration etc) applied based on profiles known from each camera model
  8. Yeah when I started to understand how the SteadXP achieved it, I started wishing the actual cameras would make it possible without the middleman by recording the data. But they won't see much of a viable demographic in people who are willing to go off doing that "extra" step. (Not really extra at all in my view of course since I know I'm forever at the mercy of whether my footage needs NLE-based stabilisation in post) Each brand's more professional cameras will be aimed at people for whom this is redundant because they simply shoot with professional level solutions i.e. fixed shooting on
  9. dgvro

    Fuji X-S10

    yeah I'm just here looking at the fact that is has the XT4 sensor and wondering "ok, how long til they could give h.265 in a later firmware? otherwise nah" 4k60 I don't need, if I have a strong 1080p60/96/120 etc Lack of any time limit in 4k24/25p (8-bit I suppose...) I would love. Almost a great b-cam to the XT4 if it had it. Really cool little 1080p240 + IBIS rangefinder though that I'd be all over if it was slightly cheaper and I didn't already have an XT4
  10. Off topic from the thread but since you mentioned it, how do you find the S5 IBIS? Compared to say gold-standard-y current gen Olympus bodies or GH5 performance?
  11. Hmm. Fair enough. I have my gripes with the Fuji XT menu system (and to this day still don't know if I can truly even set up a Custom C1 C2 etc) but the physical ergos and form factor I really love. That's coming from using GH5 too, but if I was literally *only* doing professional work (i.e never day-to-day carry or travel/personal use + stills) then maybe I'd prefer the bigger GH5 grip etc. But other than that I really love the rangefinder form. GH5 -> GX9 -> XH1 -> XT4 was basically my route here. I haven't felt like I'm missing out on anything at all in terms of video codecs (
  12. Enjoyed this a lot, pretty satisfying choreography! Dark haired dude basically had him in an armbar though and just rolled back out of it
  13. vaguely related / don't know if there's any real other thread for this: I'm about to have a Ronin SC and try squeeze as much electronic control of Fuji XT(4) out of it as possible. I think Ronin is still the only gimbal that does full control of electronic focus pulls etc (no external motor) for Fuji cameras, with the gimbal wheel. Let's hope it works out better than the Moza gimbals I used to have.
  14. as much of a success and comedy/culture touchstone as it is (alive and well in reaction gifs and memes even now), If I saw another comedy show doing similar zooms, I'd maybe think "c'mon... The Office did this to death..." If I saw a serious documentary of any kind doing zooms I might almost inappropriately infer it as an optical laugh track at this point for similar reason But like I said above it works pretty well in some other cases like the chaotic/fast/heavy live music docu stuff. I'm also a big fan of slow-crawl-speed push-ins for adding a feeling to some stuff but I sup
  15. If these are your criteria and you're a bit flexible on IBIS, surely the XT4 is already perfect? I felt the same way as you, I was (and am) really hung up on wanting the small rangefinder form factor, plus really strong video codecs, plus I.S. and so I switched directly from GH5+GX9 to just an XT4
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