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  1. One of the more striking changes that the smartphones brought, is that the 23mm-ish FOV is now the new "normal" and everything above it labeled at "tele".
  2. The new OnePlus and Huawei P50 look like they will have very good sensor specs. That takes care of the UWA and WA modules, but to tackle the telephoto lenses, someone will have to bring the extending lens design back and bet on a (very) thick camera hump. With every company just drowning in the dozens of models they offer, one should be a premium photo-first device.
  3. I'd like to see Z9 and R1 adopt the regular body like the A1 is sporting. If they won't (looks like Z9 won't), they better blow A1 out of the water.
  4. A Nikon A1 clone has all the chances of being the better (selling?) product: 1. Sony bodies has always been criticized for subpar ergonomics, menus etc. 2. Compete on price, Sony is very expensive. 3. No cinema line to protect, so lots of video features. 4. Nikon colors may suit some people more than Sony's. 5. Make big claims about weather sealing. 6. AF should be reasonably good, it doesn't not need to be every superlative ever conceived. 7. The market is in no rush for 8K, so take the time to make a really robust implementation. 8. Do some A1 user res
  5. For a cinema camera, a tilting-screen would make sense or is vertical video production really that important?
  6. Why would a vent be needed when a7S already has no overheating? Maybe a sensor with more mp and oversampling?
  7. The sensor seems to be coming from the a1 or at least this is a similar, 16:9 version of it, so the price could be quite high? Would the ventilator allow it to process 8K with a single BionzX processor to keep the cost down? Will the drone specs be revealed along-side? Will it have e-ND, IBIS and no mechanical shutter? Where does this leave the a7S line successor (in the dust?)?
  8. https://www.gsmarena.com/sony_xperia_1_ii_receives_the_external_monitor_app_from_the_xperia_pro_as_part_of_the_android_11_upd-news-47654.php
  9. @BTM_Pix Could it also be that the kind of people that buy cameras according to YouTube reviews are really not the target audience for A1? I would consider the R5 the rich consumer amateur territory, a lot of sales to be had from them.
  10. Bony got used in the 90s by a skateboard company called Blind: https://i2.wp.com/movingparts.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/josh_blind_ad_18630503_o.jpeg
  11. Yes, the 30 fps is LOSSY compression not LOSSLESS. That is the compressed RAW that all Sonys did until now (A1 is the first with LOSSLESS compressed RAW).
  12. 30 fps is lossy compress raw. Seems like they could've done RAW video in some limited form. I wonder why they even designed the sensor to capture 8.6K and not a simple 8K image like Canon did. Seem counter-intuitive.
  13. I won't, this is not a mass market product.
  14. Dpreview showed an impressive multi-frame stills capture at 64mp. Does anyone know if the same can be combined with the panorama (so making a pano of 3x3 stacked 64mp images)?
  15. @Andrew Reid Here you go: https://www.gsmarena.com/antutu_scores_suggest_iphone_12_chipset_is_downclocked_gpu_is_slower_than_on_the_11series-news-45835.php
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