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  1. As far as sensor go, there is a simple rule of thumb - the less pixels you have, the higher the readout speed, the lover the RS. Until there are global shutter sensors in these bodies, the compromise is always going to be there. CPU heat becomes an issue with downscaling i.e. 6K to 4K, but reading 24mp at 120fps is just not going to happen in a fan-less body with usable RS at this moment. So, as a no compromise video-centric body, there is little choice but to have 12mp if you want to offer very high framerates with no crop and possibly RAW. Now, the pricing can still make or brake this camera. It shouldn't be priced as an do-it-all hybrid.
  2. The fact of the matter is that in 2020, 4K RAW with no overheating would be much more useful for many professionals and the high resolution sensors should be given to specialty lines and not the workhorse FF body. Now you have a superb stills camera, that will suffer from sub-optimal 4K modes and a "halo" 8K (RAW) mode that is going to be to burdensome for a lot of users to take full advantage off.
  3. How is this even a topic of conversation for a GM lens? When have 1st party top of the line lenses ever been affordable? Just be glad that Tamron, Tokina and Sigma have improved immensely since the 2000s and their lenses are now a top notch alternative at a reasonable price. We could also debate the big difference in 12mm vs 14mm and also the (not) needing the extra stop over the excellent 12-24 f4 lens, but E-mount users are now spoiled for choice in wide angle lens department.
  4. We all know Sony has all the ingredients to make a killer body if they just add a fan and not intentionally cripple it. Hopefully, COVID-19 and R5 lit a fire under their (management's) ass. But I remain highly skeptical - this interview reads more like "don't jump ship to R5, please!".
  5. JurijTurnsek

    Sony ZV-1

    Yes, I want a 1" sensor smartphone, but that is a casual imaging tool not a cinematic machine.
  6. JurijTurnsek

    Sony ZV-1

    Ok, let me rephrase my statement: Is anyone expecting a cinematic image from a fixed zoom lens 1" camera combinatoin that has been around for ages and we all know exactly how it performs even before we see a sample video?
  7. JurijTurnsek

    Sony ZV-1

    We are discussing a piece of camera gear and it was criticized for the "look" it produces. Is anyone expecting a cinematic image from a 1" sensor? There is a lot of content that does need anything more than this and you've probably watched without giving it a second thought. The tool should be evaluated in the context of its intended use.
  8. JurijTurnsek

    Sony ZV-1

    The EODHD forum's toughest pill to swallow: even the best image quality, the best low light ISO performance, the best AF, the best lightning, the best sound, the creamiest of bokeh cannot sell shitty/niche content. You need a good story/performance or at least a gripping reality soap opera (which can be told by a workhorse HD camera, that has been forgotten by GAS).
  9. The timing of this change is pretty weird as well - you'd think that stock footage/images use would rise during the lock-down.
  10. Moving a vast catalogue is a time-consuming task, that takes away your time to create new content. And what if the next service does the same shit? Losing time again.
  11. My bad. So Sony really doesn't stand out from the crowd specs-wise that much to justify the price. It just has software tricks and those tend to be inflated by PR.
  12. The specs are there, but until a reputable reviewer makes some sample studio scene shots, there is still a lot unknown. Sony smartphones have been famously producing not-flagship-level photo IQ. As for 20 fps - most flagships have reliable DPAF in video, which is 30-60 fps. Not much an achievement, until you factor in the big 12mp sensor that has shallower DOF. Which brings us to the S20 Ultra with the same size sensor that has been plagued by AF issues. So again, a review is needed. And then the question is, how many times are you doing 20fps bursts with 24mm lenses (don't know if other two modules support this mode).
  13. You are overreacting here - huge screens like this will eat through batteries like butter. HDMI cable is the least of your problems, you need to also power it and also ignore anyone trying to reach you while you shoot. This would be a good solution for amateurs, but it is too expensive for that.
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