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  1. I get it. Never getting rid of my 5D iii
  2. Ah the ol’ reach around from down under
  3. They need to ditch this ridiculous "pocket" design. I hope they release an updated 4K version of the real pocket camera. Also, a Komodo-like, modular box design w/ built in NDs. 6-8K. I don't expect autofocus or any cutting edge technology, but they can make these relatively simple changes.
  4. Would be interested in how the image stabilization is on non native lenses, i.e., EF lenses with and without optical stab.
  5. Looks like DJI is releasing a RS3 Mini
  6. What windmills are you aiming at? I just said some camera designs are butt ugly. It’s an opinion. Enjoy being a martyr about nothing. Nobody cares.
  7. You know there’s a design team for these cameras? For your laptop? Nevermind, you probably have a Dell
  8. Man, Panasonic and Sony cameras are just butt ugly (aside from FX-3)
  9. I like this. Apple might be completely offloading FCP resources to Blackmagic. Resolve is industry standard. Apple's path to continued growth is cloud and digital services, and I can see Resolve becoming a subscription service for pro users, packaged with cloud storage from Apple. They worked together before with the BM eGPU, and I think it's a sign that they have been working together behind the scenes. It makes sense for Apple and Blackmagic to collaborate on a large sensor camera with the most efficient workflow from acquisition to delivery, equipping the masses with professional tools for content creation. The studio film industry will justify itself with $100K Arris, but for everybody else? Somebody will come for Canon, Sony and even Red's lunch. Throughout the backdoor.
  10. Let’s not get carried away, if production gets to that level, the fx3 will be used, not the fx30. It doesn’t matter what the marketing lit says, no real production would ever use the fx30 over the fx3 because the cost difference is nothing compared to the compromises. Sony is diluting their cinema line to sell more cameras to influencers and casuals. So what? Not sure what you’re getting worked up over. Canon has been doing the opposite for decades. Just get the camera that’s right for you.
  11. To be fair, I don’t think the main demographic of this camera would require DCI standards. Nobody aiming for cinema release would be using this camera. Much better options. This is for influencers.
  12. Love this FX3/FX30 body. Best of any mirrorless. But the dynamic range and roller shutter will definitely cause some limitations. Also, the lack of EVF is reflected in the price. I'm not sure it's a great deal, but it makes sense if you're a Sony shooter and need a B cam... But...this really undercuts the FX3. Too much of a price difference. If you're really on a tight budget, you'd just pick up two FX30s. If you have a bit of a higher budget, a FX6 and a FX30 makes a lot more sense instead of two FX3s. If you're a hybrid shooter, the A7Siii is a no brainer over the FX3. Actually, all these mid-tier 4K "cinema" cameras all seem pretty overpriced now.
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