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  1. Did you hack this? Footage look so good! I felt mind had terrible moire and only had to look at the footage and it looked blocky...
  2. That's genius!! You can, on this occasion keep a hold of your webcam I do love the fact you have fitted it to a rail mount, I say you build a shoulder rig for this! Extra points for rigging it up haha! Now I loved the image quality on this, for me it looked very filmic, granted its not terribly sharp but much sharper and better looking than I remember from EOS M footage. I guess that is down to a decently sharp lens which works wonders on the Canons. I was half thinking this was shot on a Sony of some kind but the skin tones and colours were just too good Had you said this w
  3. Hey folks, selling an unused Tilta wooden handle (model number TT-0511-R) with cable for Panasonic GH4, GH5 & GH5s. This should work with most other Panasonic mirrorless camera bodies. Include with the sale is a SmallRig Arri rosette fitting. Although both are unused I unfortunately do not have the original packaging but everything is in as new condition and only been used to test that it is working and never used out in the field. Looking for £150 + £10 posting within the UK, for international buyers I will check shipping costs beforehand. Any questions feel free to ask!
  4. Got lucky with the weather yesterday out filming my piece! Definitely a challenge using my chosen camera body and was wary of it's pitfalls. In keeping with the rules, I'm not revealing my choice but the only thing I will say is that I use the latest version of this model in my professional work and boy do we have it lucky now!! The technology has definitely moved on considerably in a relatively short period of time. Looking forward to the results from the judging phase!
  5. Spent a whopping £25 on shipping to get it here in time!! Now to go shoot ?
  6. Right folks, I have been a follower of the blog for a number of years but only just became a forum member to take part in this challenge. When I seen the blog post i was pretty interested but then became busy with work. Im now keen to enter and looks like I have three days to find a camera, shoot then edit and upload the video. I know Andrew wasn't keen on enforcing too many rules since this is a bit of fun but I just wanted to know what the consensus would be on using Speedboosters? This would not necessarily be used to improve the low light abilities of my chosen camera body but
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