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  1. I found a good skintone comparison. Left side shot with a Sony sensor. The right one with a Canon.
  2. I just bought a 1dc ...addet 2 128 GB CF cards, a 35mm IS lense and extra battery .....paid around 2000 € for everything. Dont regret it. Great lovely colors....great ergonomics. If i need good sound ill use it with the Røde NTG on top. Not too bulky like the bigger c line cameras. In my opinion sony doesnt deserve 1 euro for what they have done to humanity, harassing us with those greenish skintone colors in the past. I also see lack of colorquality in the neewer models. Simply not buying it.
  3. Not 4K but it shows that ull need skill beside those 200$.... filmed on a Canon 550D + 50mm f1.8
  4. Hi, i read that it should be possible to use any Card as long as it reads and writes 100mb/s? Is that true? Would this card work? (120mb/s) https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07M5M5KYZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_VH7KHXQBGFRAVK6311DJ Sincerly yours Matthias
  5. Hi, are there any noticeble differences in image quality by using different framerates? (NX1/NX500) Thank you.
  6. Where is the livestream?
  7. My NX1 also started drifting since yesterday.... i'll never buy any samsung products again. My Tv had an common Issue with the wifi module such as my Samsung Note 4 wich also had a unrepairable common hardware problem. Now my Nx1....cant belive it
  8. thank you .... does the hack allow it to run the focus peaking on a manuall lense activated after a camera restart?
  9. Thanks a lot.... that helped. Strange...it did not work with the lumitri included curve
  10. Hi. What is the "main" download Website for those hacks? Is there also a improvement in the usability of the menue?
  11. Hi, sorry...a stupid question: i tryed to add this lut on my nx1 footage with Premiere cc Lumetri. I like the colors but it blows away the highlights and i cant bring them back. Ís there a way to prevent that? The Lut: http://www.eoshd.com/2013/11/introducing-eoshd-film-lut-5d-mark-iii-raw-resolve-10/ thanks
  12. Hi, how does it perform with the nx1 and a heavy lense? THX for the review. I subscribed
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